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3 The Jesus Code

The Jesus Code


 Proof of God 

By Tom Barrera

Big Bang and Evolution False
Gods or Aliens who are the real estraterestrials

 The 3 Books of  T Theory

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It features 3 books with 3 interrelated titles Joined as One.

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3 The Jesus Code - Proof of God 
How Jesus Christ Proves to All Mankind He is God.

Unified as One 
The Grand Unification of Science Religion and Politics.
The Biggest Puzzle In The Universe. 

A Masterpiece of Spirituality Thought  Science Religion.

Gods or Aliens 
Who are the real Extraterrestrials?

My God Needs No Chariot

Busting Ancient Astronaut Theory

Book of T Theory Author

 Author Tom Barrera Shares His Experience and Discovery of The Jesus Code
How Jesus Christ Proves to All Mankind "I Am God" !!

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