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The Jesus Code Web Book

 How God Created the Universe - The Biggest Puzzle In The Cosmos. 

A Masterpiece of Spirituality Thought  Science Religion.
T 3 Theory Author
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 Author Tom Barrera Shares His Experience and Discovery of T3 Theory.

This is His Story of the discovery of 3 The Jesus Code.  How Jesus Christ Proves to All Mankind He is God the Creator of the Heavens and the Earth.


This discovery of the Jesus Code # 3 leads to the Writing of the Book of T3 with Metaphysical Help from 5th Dimensional Realms of Existence. His journey of inspirational discovery leads to how God created the universe in 6 days by intelligent design, not a cosmic accident. The Trinity of God proves to me there existence, again. This work will present summaries of the most recent scientific and spiritual thinking about God and the mysteries of the universe in layman's terms.

T3 Theory replaces the big bang theory and evolution with one Uniting Religions together with Science Disproving Stephen Hawking's No God or Afterlife Theory. 

T3 Theory proves we are not Wormfood but have a heavenly destiny. 


“This is how and why I started out to disprove Stephen Hawking.

Never in My Wildest Dreams Did I Expect What Would Happen To Me Next.

I Was Given A Mission.

Make Known and Show Plainly the Truth of All Things Together as One.



Morally !    Spiritually !!   Politically !!!

3 The Jesus Code leads to heaven.

So let me get this straight Lord. You want me to write One Book Joining Religions Together with Science and Enlightened Politics written by me as a go between to translate, make known, complex truths of existence plainly and sensibly. So the 3 most contentious subjects in earth's history?


Me? Right at the Start of www 3 you say? 
That's right my son! You have been prepared !! We will assist you !!!

Ok! Seems they know of my lifelong interests in these 3 subjects. I can succeed at writing and completing the work, I never fail at what I put my mind to creating. But from my experience marketing it to people of knowledge and influence is going to be a long shot at best. The internet is a blessing and a curse. It is a money sucking machine on auto pilot I can't afford to feed. Everyone wants to be seen, noticed, and appreciated for what they think not what I may offer them? It's information overload. So, time to go to work anyway. Lords will. I'll just write it as commissioned to do for whatever purpose he only knows. For now I will do what the lord asked me to do, not sell it, but make it available for free on the information super highway. But I can accept donations. 

I think you are really going to enjoy this Web Book. It's like no other. You are at the beginning of a wonderful journey to the answers of many of life’s most deepest questions. It was written and produced multi-media style to enhance and express complex thoughts and concepts. Some you can run in the background (music) while reading.  This is going

to be one of those books you wont want to put down visually speaking. Come back often.

Be Sure To Click Blue Links >>>  Here’s Why. 

Life is like a box of chocolates you never know what your going to get. 

The linked sources include photos, informative video clips of supporting science, even

syfy clips that help tell the story like metaphors that convey a better understanding of the complex thoughts in this work. Plus there are some doozies of fun and entertaining clips to


I also took the time to index and include links on all the pages to navigate easily.

Best of all there are - No Ads - No Pop Ups - No Email Phishing - No Sign Ups.

You can Come and go to read and view this multimedia web book at your leisure. Just remember the page number you left off at in the detailed index pages. 

Because this is a 3 Part Story that was all connected as one from the beginning, 

I couldn’t keep them separate without my readers getting the complete context of it all.

It covers so many different yet related sub categories plus my personal story inter woven into the writing. So I kept them connected in 3 books, 3 titles, all connected as 1 web book,

T1 Unified as One, T2 Theory of the Gods and  T3  3 The Jesus Code.



I first starting writing to Prove Hawking Wrong. To try at least with real intent but for what purpose or why didn't matter. Those writings were before my personal signs and wonders received and recorded in the hospital. I start with the assumption God exists.

I Use new and current science concepts to explain alternatives to Evolution and Big Bang theory. I am a mere amateur with no experience in the math of my thought process I am receiving. According to Einstein that doesn't matter. Cool !!!

Timed sequences of events in similitude form came to me getting my attention and using me to produce this work as an additional witness for his purpose. 


Part 3 More Proof of God for the doubting Thomases, agnostics and atheists has been given us in the language of simple mathematics across 5 D time and space.

It has gone unrecognized by science and theologians because the answers and clues were in encoded in the scriptures themselves. This in and of itself is more proof of a religious spiritual revelations and scientific connections. It exists. It is real, quantifiable. 



5D to 4D Communication,  supernatural correspondence with humanity.
A Medium of Spirit / Thought / Energy /  Transmission and TravelName it (Te 3 / Tm) to communicate metaphysically and meta spiritually. Simply put it is how God talks to people and gets there attention. It's happening to me now. 

MY Experience Was Recorded at St Peter's Hospital, Albany NY as it happened starting at 3:00 PM.  Remember this number !!! It is a A Key to proving God IS GOD.

I started out to disprove Hawking. He has a right to his viewpoint but;

I was really pissed off when I read of his claim there was no God.



"There was No Time and Space to Create the Universe so No God or Afterlife."

Basically we are all wormfood!
​This book started out to counter those beliefs. 
I know there is a God so that's where I'll start.

But How Do I Prove it? 
The Ultimate Biologist of DNA with Universal Mathematics, 
or put simply, Intelligent Design.




The Truths in this Book are from Multiple Science and Religious Sources incl LDS Authorities and Bible Scriptures. This is a Work of Personal Revelation, Not Presented as New Doctrine for My or Any Church. Although the Light of 1 Father !  2 Son !!  3 Spirit !!! 
is Truth and easy to discern no matter who speaks or writes it. 

My Contribution:

Condense and Compile Proof of God and a Realm of a Spiritual Existence.


Offer a New Very Deep Theory Explaining 
How God Created and Organized the Universe 
in 6 Days.


Attempt to answer the age old question, 

If God created the Universe, who or what created God?


GOD's Religions + Science TOGETHER = PROOF.

When you see Red  !  !!  !!! 

These exclamation points represent personal revelation to me from

God the Father !   Jesus the Christ !!   Spiritual Thought Energy !!!


Are We Spiritual Beings Having a Human Experience?

Are We Spiritual Beings Having a Human Experience?


This Can Only Means One Thing !

We All Lived Before Being Born to Earth.

 Chapter 3

Would Proof of God or Aliens connects us all ?

Ask Ronald Reagan

Short Clip from UN Talk 


What would Unite Us All ?  

Example 1, 2 or 3 ?


1. Contact from Another Star System /  Same old Same Old? Who cares? Or would the world and its people wake up and take notice and become more enlightened?

2. Alien ships land at the white house. We are not alone. What happens next? In Sci Fi it usually doesn't end very well.  Only 1 really earth friendly hero emerges. And he is Fiction.

3. Remember when we all stood together as one. For at least a little while.


Which event, 1, 2 or 3 would unify everything, everyone all together as one?

I won't answer but offer this thought. There is only 1 right and true answer BUT...


It is likely that all 3 answers will be chosen as correct depending on how that question is spun, distributed and reported OR NOT REPORTED!

Satan's influence is the main cause of deception that pumps division throughout our country and the world for that matter.

Page 4

My original goal has not changed, Include God In the Science! 

Prove Hawking wrong. But it seems I am also being called to Unify the Truth of ALL Religions together. Far more important to God.


That will be a real challenge Lord. Every Faith thinks they are right. Plus pure traditions of all the faiths keeps them separated one from another. Show Them They Are All Fathers Children !! Interesting. So all paths lead to an afterlife? Yes and No !!! That's profoundly heavy Lord. But I understand...Same with the Politics of the Left and Right! How can I possibly unify them? Rush Limbaugh can't even do that and he has Talent on loan from You Lord? You both will, but only to those that listen. The rest won't change!! Defeat them with Principles in the 10 Commandments and the Works of Jesus Christ !!!  

I am but one of millions that believe we are in end times now. The evidence is overwhelming. And if so, it's becoming clearer that there are Supernatural Forces at play here both good and evil and many but not all are oblivious to it. 

The challenge will be knowing the difference between those opposing forces.

Which side are you really on?


12 Religions. So many peoples of most religions are trying to understand different versions of the same messages for thousands of years. But it's information overload now. No one point of view or perspective of everything in context of each other has come together. And why? Communist countries, Separation of Church and State? Or how God is not included in the Math or Science? T3 Theory Joins and Links Everyone and Everything Together by proving God is the God of ALL RELIGIONS although not know as such.

The purpose of my mission is like focusing a telescope. 

Organize everything in context of one another to see it all clearer.

How did my journey of discovery of the Jesus Code happen?


I got a phone call the 24th reminding me of my surgery at St. Peter's hospital Albany NY on the 25th 2018. I was given instructions on how to prepare, and time to arrive before surgery time. The house was in complete disarray, my three cats + Paris, scarlet the bird, my macaw were cared for but minimally so.


Day 1  September 25th, 2018. I had no clue I would be a similitude of Jesus last days in such a way that would demonstrate to me and through me to all doubters and disbelievers how and why he died for all of us and prove mathematically it all happened just like the Lord Told US in the Bible. That there is a God To All Religions to All Peoples throughout History. Most every believer agrees that the Lord sometimes works in seemingly mysterious ways. I am at it again with you Tom !!


I set my alarm clock for 5 a.m. It didn’t go off. Next thing you know I get a call at 6 am asking me if I am enroute to the hospital. Oh man !  I’m out the door, be there soon. Not bringing my eye shooter smartphone holded or journal to write in. I arrived nervously late for my PVR test. But the spirit whispered comfort to me that God is well pleased with me for the work done so far and that he has a grand purpose for me ahead if I stay the course.



MY Personal Genesis 1-3 beginning; My stay at St Peters, I was on Floor 1, Room 2

Before surgery I asked about dreaming being under anesthesia while being operated on.


Totally out of it. Nothing, Zip, Nada.  I wake up after surgery at 3:00 pm

You'll see the significance of all this coming up later. 

Tesla 1,2,3 Code

“If you knew the magnificence of these numbers you would have a key to the universe.”


He Received a Code, Clues, Inspired Meta Spiritually. 

  The details coming up on pages 11, 12.   


Nikola Tesla

3-6-9 leads to Jesus Code

The answer is truly amazing. 
The Tesla Code Has Nothing to Do With Mathematical Properties!
Nor did he get this from other worldy alien messagers.

The Number 3 is how Jesus Proves the Bible and His Godhead Existence.
Tesla was receiving spiritual TE 3 communication and but he couldn't  process it because it was spiritual in nature.

More on that latter.

Page 5

How I Developed T 3 Theory.  I prayed for Help.

CHAPTER >>> 33 - 3 <<<  Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and a shew thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not. The Lord to the Prophet Jeremiah.

I Started out here. >>> Which Came First God or the Universe?

The Chicken or the Egg?  Who organized the universe? How was it organized by what? How was God Created? What came before the universe? IS life on other planets? Do they have a God? Are Aliens the Gods? Or Angels? Premortality and Eternal Life? What is the True meaning of Astrology and Numerology? Is there life after death, a heaven and hell? Did the universe really begin with a NO Bang?  Questions pondered since cavemen first looked up at the heavens. I will offer new insights, thoughts, music, imagery and proof to answer all of these questions, not just ask more is it possible and if so questions...these are the deepest questions of all time...


I can give a hoot about How the Universe will End in a Freeze or a Crunch!

But there is an END to ME and to YOU!  Everyone of Us. What then?

Are we no more than wormfood or do we someday travel wormholes?

My Observations and Conclusions will be Empirical Evidence in Totality of the work presented and derived from the preponderance of all the evidence with inspiration, my authorized Priesthood Authority and ALL the world's available knowledge at my fingertips. It was acquired via our earthly god of information called Google, the internet, with my personal revelations (updates) and assistance from God's Holy Spirit, thought energy and my Imagination ™  I will show that It can and will be a tool of knowledge to find the Highway to Heaven, using today's, INFORMATION SUPERHIGHWAY.

I will show all this evidences for a better understanding of T  (T3 = God trinity in the universal math) thoughtfully here for all to see ponder, then ask, Is This True? The key is to acknowledge, thank the lord and then ask. You don’t go up to a door and not knock on it and expect the door to open. I think of communicating with them, as Lord or God. The term Lord is in reality many together as God, Lord  (like power of attorney) through the Holy Spirit, angels, etc, but mental thought communication is real and lives. I name it Te. Thought energy spiritual communication. Simply put a enlighted Prayer form. The interesting thing is many use it both sending and receiving and don't even know it. 

I will present summaries of the most recent scientific and spiritual thinking about the mysteries of the universe in layman's terms and offer an alternative to the big bang theory that fits into and Unites All Religion, Science and Politics With God's Universal Laws, Authority and Plan for us as a human species. 


“Make everything simple as possible but not simpler” said Einstein

I will show that Science, God, Religion with Enlightened System of Government Can Co-exist.

Science, God, Religion with a Enlightened System of Government Can Co-exist.
Page 6

I will do just that in this web book. Speak directly to and involve YOU in this journey. 

If nothing else I hope you think and use your imagination with an open mind. It is my hope that all seekers of truth and particularly Scientists, Physicists, Cosmologists, Religious Leaders and Politicians will be inspired to take these thoughts and weave them into there current understandings. Agnostics - Atheists welcome with open arms with no judgments placed upon them. To ALL Believers of ALL Faiths, and Religions, please share this with them and those that need it !!! That's why the Lord commissioned me to write this work and share it.

Going Up* The Stairway To Heaven! <<< I Edited This Classic Led Zeppelin 

soundtrack to a virtual roller coaster ride no one can survive. It's a visual metaphor 

of the twists and turns of life death and a one way trip to heaven and through hell. 


The Lord knew of my Video work and montage editing skills and inspired this work to add to My Signature Music Video Tributes. Youtube Blocked it so I put it up on G Drive.

7/23/23 (It's back up for some reason) Cool !


This was and is a total one man show, no assistants, little funds, for no pay, no help or support from anyone with the exception of course of heavenly help. I am working around the clock receiving and recording, documenting, writing, compiling this book along with unexpected communication along a 6 week timeline in 5 dimensions across time and space. What a ride, I am in awe of it all !!!

Up until this point I wrote the first 66 pages in six days and rested on the 7th. True.

I was so into it I lost all track of time although time still existed, it was just perceived differently by me.

They are using ME In Similitude.

I am being played like a Stradivarius by Heavenly Forces blending my talents with theres to accomplish the mission endgame, of spreading truth and enlightenment.


AND to expose the sources of all Deception and How to Defeat it.

All forms of Deception including  THE 9TH: “THOU SHALT NOT BEAR FALSE WITNESS”

This one commandment is the cause of the breaking of many of the others. A big issue for them. It has been since the very beginning and during our premortal existence, and throughout history up to our present time. See the Wars in the Heavens. Page 63 and

a message of warning in binary of that deception in a (Te) made Crop Formation.


Page 7

Be Prepared for New Knowledge and Understanding.


Michio Kaku, What to Do If You Have a Proposal for the Unified Field Theory.

“Try not to use vague expressions that cannot be formulated precisely or mathematically, such as “time is quantized. The language of nature is mathematics. Otherwise, it’s hard to understand what you are saying in a precise manner. Many referees will throw out papers* which are just a collection of words, equating one mysterious concept (e.g. time) with another (e.g. light)."

I hear you Michio, but millions of people seeking answers to LIFE'S QUESTIONS won’t understand it if represented mathematically or in to long of a work. Especially in a Twitter world. Like scripture can’t be understood by so many people WITHOUT A TEACHER. It turns them off. But thank you, thank you, thank you, for making a point about lost knowledge. All the best clues (Throw out papers) were in Books Lost or Removed from Examination, by external forces not wanting us to find them. Like the Book of Morman. 


Blackness Turn to Words >>> Turning Darkness Into  “Let There be LIGHT”  


I am not seeking the Unified Field Theory. That does not include God. I am seeking the BEST TRUTH of EVERYTHING which MUST INCLUDE HIM. So, I will not be sending you a paper but I will send you this page link to T theory presented in this work. I hope you are reading it now. Although I flunked math, the meanings of the math equation expressions were given me anyway because I asked for them with an open heart/mind.  


Continuing forward, we can take these thoughts and use them as inspiration to refine the possibilities you so eloquently can understand and articulate mathematically. Although you rarely describe anything mathematically in formulas when interviewed or when you teach and explain. You tone it down to layman's terms so people have more of a chance of understanding your message and to sell books. To tell you the truth, I don’t need to know the math. God used simple 1 2 3 CODE and did it in a way specifically designed to prove to non believers, evolutionists, cosmologists, scientists and doubting Thomases that he exists and how he created us. 


So Michio, you're not too smart for your Britches like Stephen Hawking was, to extrapolate some new math from imagined thought that Einstein said is just as important as the math, to find it. Please do continue for the sake of all the doubting Thomas’s like Neil deGrasse Tyson. Love him, you both are worthy successors to Carl Sagan. I should have stayed awake in math class,  that's OK because;

“The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination” “Imagination is the highest form of research” Albert Einstein. 

To know, is to know that you know nothing. That is the meaning of true knowledge.”  Socrates

Tesla firmly believed “the day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of it’s existence.” 


This Work compiling Proofs, along with those from Creation Scientists and deep thinkers is Part Fulfilment of Signs, Wonders and Promises of His Return.   

God is a marvelous work and a wonder and is preparing us so we can prepare to receive HIM to progress in enlightenment, recognizing, ignoring or defeating anti forces of deception.

I am that instrument the Creators are playing.

I Kid You Not Like Mozart's Gift of Music <<< He wrote this at just 5. So are many others and they don’t even know it. It’s happening everywhere.


Page 8

Astronomer Carl Sagan  I Loved the way he used to say, Millions and Billions.

 (Sorry Carl but it didn't take that long.)  He stated the following:

“The idea that God is an oversized white male with a flowing beard who sits in the sky and tallies the fall of every sparrow is ludicrous. (No Carl it's wondrous)  But if by God one means the set of physical laws that govern the universe, then clearly there is such a God. (You got that part right my friend.) This God is emotionally unsatisfying… it does not make much sense to pray to the law of gravity.”  What I’m saying is, if God wanted to send us a message, and ancient writings were the only way he could think of doing it, he could have done a better job.”   


OH Really Carl?  Read the red words only.


And In Other Signs and Wonders such as Binary encoded Crop Formations made  

by Spiritual Beings, confirming my pre universe postulation of a slow growth start, not a planck time 1 point singularity. Plus MY NEW Discovery of New Testament Key chapter verse numerical links encoded by Jesus himself and organized by God Mathematically witnessing of himself and his mission, proving he is the God of all the Earth and its inhabitants from the beginning. 

Do we now have missing pieces (3) to connect the dots? Absolutely !!!



The totality of the work, everything we know can now be pieced together.

I sought out and discovered alternative answers to THE MYSTERIES.


Tom Barrera. You can’t put a cosmic puzzle together without all the pieces".

We have just now been given a missing piece and many more clues. Where do we go from here? Inward and Out. Onward and Upward Back to Home. 


Carl Sagan stated; “In many cultures, the customary answer is that a God or Gods created the Universe out of nothing. But if we wish to pursue this question courageously, we must of course ask the next question: Where did God come from?”  

Yatzi !   BINGO !! Blackjack 21 !!!


“If we decide that this is an unanswerable question, why not save a step and conclude that the origin of the Universe is an unanswerable question? Or, if we say that God always existed, why not save a step, and conclude that the Universe always existed? That there’s no need for a creation, it was always here. These are not easy questions. Cosmology brings us face to face with the deepest mysteries, questions that were once treated only in religion and myth.”


(Imajine that, God and Science Joined Face to Face.)


The No Bang. My main focus will be questions and answers about before, during, but not much after the No Bang. Science has a pretty good handle on all things observable to a point post transfiguration or what is claimed the big bang. So I don’t need to include it. They only have clues on everything before. These spiritual insights, thoughts, imaginations and ideas I am presenting here are complex yet simple, but not to simple and I hope expanded on by others.


Some are spiritual in nature but still real !!! Many are going to find it challenging to understand because there focus is not spirituality as part of the mix. Once accepted can lead to a better understanding of both. Before you find something, you have to know what you’re searching for. I want the Unification of Science and Spirituality, the math is secondary and not as important to me but important to everyone else in Science, the process of seeking new discovery. I do present some math expressions that do include God in the Mix. It will be up to others to help me join them together into equations'.

What came before the No Bang? God DID create (organize) the universe, so how do we include him in the big picture, in the math? How did he create it or himself? How do we all fit in and for what purpose? No one is including God in the math expressions of Gods kingdom and the attributes of its spirituality?

I DID!!! Putting them all together into equations will be fun. Need help.

I discovered, organize and present it all, side by side, not seperated. Only in this way can everything be brought to light as the only possible way to explain it all. If Gods exists and he and we are all really one, then that should be provable. But to believers this doesn't matter. As it should be. Pure Faith !!


The Heart of Judaism, God is One, YET 3 in Christianity? What is Truth? God is One (1)

But also 3 united as One. No God = Wormfood. The most important premise of T3 theory.

Page 9

A complete true theory of everything is unlikely if there is no author named and identified scientifically and Spiritually.


So Does a No God Theory or disbelief mean no afterlife? No, everyone of us has immortality.

Where and how we live it after death is dependant on the salvation of Jesus Christ.

Let's figure out why all our current understandings don't fit into these thoughts of God and the Spiritual realms. Like TE - Thought Energy that Einstein, Tesla used. The pre universal SM - Spirit Matter, and its many invisible undetectable building blocks that were made in T5, the invisible 5th dimensional heavens. Science calls it Dark matter and Dark energy. The majority of what makes up the universe.  I postulate it to be made of TE / SM = T3 (God trinity) + 5D S/E/M spiritual energy matter. This brings us closer to understand creation if we can start to include God in the equations. That is worth pursuing my friends.


I wonder if unifying Gods Religions with Science Qualifies for a Nobel Peace Prize? That would be way cool for day dreaming but not my goal. In a dream I did get one, I Gave it to Nicola Tesla Posthumously. Nikola Tesla dreamed of Power to the People. The Greatest Inventor of All Time who helped change and power the world, he never received one. Unbelievable! But Obama did, go figure. Tesla dies alone and penniless.


My mission goal is assembling all the proof that unites and divides us all and a new theory that does include a creator God with eternal afterlife. 


Elon Musk, like him or not. He’s thinking ahead to mars and continuing to follow in Nikolas footsteps, empowering us by adding more power sources to the world. Good for YOU WHO BELIEVE IN HIM. SHAME on you if you don’t. PS I'm writing from my new lakefront property (paid cash) in central florida courtesy of my Tesla Stock.


Because the Book of T3 theory is God Centered !!! we have to start at the NO BANG;

                                     TIME always Existed <<< Play Music in Background                                       

                                                 Then Scroll Pics >>>     OPEN Your MIND.


                                                      (Does not work on Smartphones and some e readers. Best on computer.)

Genesis Chapter 1 “In the Beginning God Created the Heavens and the Earth”

The 1-3 opening verses of the creation story scripture is open to so much misinterpretation the main reason for most religious and scientific strife (young earth, old earth) about God's role in the Creation of the Universe. What if both sides are right and God did create the heavens and the earth is 6 days and millions of years at the same time. How is that possible? IT IS in T3 Theory.  More on that later.


I Need Proof of God? The faithful just believe it. Good for them...But the Bible never claims that God created the universe out of nothing. That he did so is an interpretation of scripture that Scientists and Hawking misinterpret to this day...THE ANSWER IS Wonderful and SO SIMPLE !!! Religion can only express universal truths in ways that seem to be ambiguous at best. But there is truth in All religions but must be interpreted with science not against it, with the inner spirit in each of us that confirms truth. That is what faith is. Think of the Bible and Religions as a Mystery, it already is to many. The clues to solving and understanding the mysteries is in the Scriptures JOINING Together WITH Science !! and the Brightest Minds sharing them with the world.


Scriptures and many myths unless understood from a spiritual perspective within proper context,  can’t be fully understood. To much for science and non believers to comprehend.  


Six days to create the heavens and the earth. Yea right…Well not so fast, it could have been if a day represented a time period, like say “the day of the dinosaur.” Millions of years. Then it’s not so far fetched is it. Or a day is a thousand years. Both of those explanations are UNTRUE according to T Theory and the Bible. So scripture and many myths no matter how far fetched it may seem, has a possibility of being true and false in different ways, but not understood properly in a scientific analytical way with observable measurable facts. And interpretation plays a big part in it all. I will present HOW the 6 days of the creation are literally TRUE with The Transfiguration ! How God Created Everything !!

Now we have some observable proof given to us in signs and wonders. HE said he would.


God and his messengers have and continue to speak to many peoples and continue today, through the Power of MY WORDS !!  Both Written and Transmitted by Thoughts entering their MINDS !!! Many don’t even know it I call it TE  Thought Energy Transmission.


Keep an open mind. “Don’t listen to the person who has all the answers; listen to the person who has the questions” “The search for truth is more precious than its possession.” Albert Einstein. I will do both, answer some deep age old questions and ask new ones.

Page 10

Did We Evolve From Monkeys?

Or Were We Born of Heavenly Parents? 


Let’s start with something a little more down to earth first. Understand this and you will understand and read later how The Lord God was Spiritually Born of Heavenly Parents. And How God the Father and Mother came to be.

Which came first the Chicken or the Egg? Some would say the chicken because that’s the only way to get an egg which carries the blueprint to perpetuate itself. Others would say the egg because of its embryo with DNA instructions had to come first to make the chicken. But where did the egg come from? How can an egg with the potential for life spontaneously come into existence pre programmed? The answer will lead to the postulation necessary to explain how God was born first, before the universe. This may be showing us that solving grand unification of the fundamental forces is not possible in our 4 D space time without God before the Transfiguration from 5 D.


Answer. The egg came first. Why? To make or create (organize simple or complex) you need a plan, a blueprint, intelligent design. The DNA in the embryo.  A fully functioning chicken not born of an egg cannot exist to lay an egg. Unless you believe in a God who could create the chicken whole so to speak. I will explain how this is possible latter. Or it was the evolution of existing life forms that evolved into chickens who could then lay eggs for self propagation through natural selection, Darwinism.  


The Origin of Feces. Darwin's theory of evolution…  Busted!!  BIG!! TIME!!!  

I don’t believe in the evolution of species to other species, it’s ridiculous. It's an insult to our creator father and all of us who played a part in the creation process by Delegation I would imagine. WE probably helped in our premortal life with him. And each Generation born could have sent there heavenly creations (Transfigured them) here before they entered there timeline of mortality. That would explain why so many new life forms are being discovered that weren't here before. Most would say undiscovered.

No heaven sent !!!  Think of them as being transported from the Star Ship Enterprise.  

God Created US    


We Were Not Born in a Little Pond Of Goo.

Starting out as the simplest of cells that took millions of years to evolve. 

This Video Totally Busts That Deception BIGTIME !!

This is undeniable proof of Intelligent Design. Blew me away ! 


It was featured on Praise on TBN. The Return of The God Hypothesis,

by Author Stephen Meyer of Director of Discovery Institute.

Ignoring the Flaws in Darwin’s Evolution Theory.

I, most Christian denominations, latter day saints and many biologists and scientists in general believe in adaptation of individually created plants and animals (after there kind) and all life that can change and adapt as times life cycle moves forward. Changes by adaptation, not evolution. I will prove on this page. So if everything was first created spiritually in spirit form first, there was no need for Darwin's theory of evolution.


Isn’t that much more glorious !  Thank You God, many of us too that assisted him. 

Did We Evolve From Monkeys?


I God Made You Just the Way You Are !

The Bible is True and Right !!

Ask Holy Spirit !!!

For those evolutionist that don't believe Genesis.

 Let’s ask this monkey.  Are you going to turn into a human Mr Ape?

    Well there you have it right from the mouth of a pissed off ape. Can’t argue with that answer a?

11 The Jesus Code
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The following is a Complete Verifiable Account of Toms Journey of Discovery and His Personal Witness of the Power of Jesus Christ.

The Jesus Code



How Jesus Christ Proves to All Mankind He is God the Creator of the Heavens and the Earth.


The Jesus Code

God is eternal. He knows the beginning from the end.

Because of this knowledge, Jesus, through the holy spirit of his word, was able to speak to and inspire all the gospel writers and prophets to pen his words as scripture for all to see, know and believe.


 Jesus used the number 3 in the orchestration of his life, death, and resurrection

3 was used to communicate and encode his word through revelation.
3 is the key to universal knowledge, understanding and belief. 

This is the Jesus Code !  !!  !!!

Exclamation points represent personal inspiration from,

God the Father !   Jesus the Christ !!   Spiritual Thought Energy !!!


It is proof positive of God.

How I came to discover the Jesus Code.


During My Stay At St Peter's Hospital for Arterial Abdominal Bypass, I and The Staff witnessed and were part of dozens of mathematically orchestrated verifiable manifestations and proof of God's communication influencing us through

SPACE and TIME VIA  TM/TE, (Thought Matter and Thought Energy Transmission.)

Tom writing personal revalations.
My Room # 1
Take a photo of the clock.

I wake up after surgery in bed #1, room 2, and immediately was prompted by the spirit to take a photo of the clock on the wall.

It was exactly 3:00 pm.

Time stamped Image >>>3330<<< .jpeg, Coincidence ? No, Planned !!


I lift my head up a bit looking down to my feet. I see a T and cross on my feet where arteries were operated on. Reference for operation. Took the Photo at >>3:03<<<


    Then I “Saw the Light” !!   The Connection !!!


Where Nails Pierced HIS Feet Right On Those Spots.

Where Nails Pierced HIS Feet Right On Those Spots.

 Next I see IV’s on BOTH of my wrists where he was nailed to the cross !!

Usually 1 is sufficient but I had 2. 

Iv's in both my wrists.
Tom Writting in bed
Where he was speared.

My Staples symbolizing the Crown Of Thorns.    Where a spear pierced his side.

                                    (There were thirteen of them)

I was then visited by doctors and nurses of many faiths and nationalities over the next 3 days, and given some new insights inspired to me that I wrote down as it happened. It was way cool in the Spiritual Sense. It was also a Very Profound Emotional Experience I will Always Treasure !!!

At the time before this experience, I was to writing a book to disprove Stephen Hawking's no God theories (really pissed me off) and Darwin's evolution.

I call it The Origin of Feces


This experience was a sign and a wonder to me personally as he promised me as one who chose to be baptised in his name to receive the fire of the Holy spirit. I can only describe it as a Pentecostal type event. It's purpose is to remind me and those that believe and don't believe, of the sacrifice Jesus made on our behalf and that we all can have eternal life. My experience was like a personal simulation of his life, suffering on the cross, death and his Resurrection. Boy did I suffer with that very awful painful catheter in me and I was totally out of it during anesthesia. Then I was born again when I awoke and was directly inspired to write it all down

“If you knew the magnificence of numbers three, six and nine, you would have a key to the universe.” Nikola Tesla  HE ALSO HELPED ME CONNECT ALL THE DOTS.

I watched and recorded the many Signs and Wonders Seen and Recorded by me and the Staff All Caring for me in such a Kind and Loving Way.

This is where and when I started putting 1+2 together with all the clues unfolding before me. Although the 1, 3, 6, 9,12 numbers have special mathematical  and spiritual meanings and properties, he, Tesla, had no clue how they would unlock universal mysteries. He just new they were important in finding the answers. More on that later.

How Did God Write the Bible?


God and his holy spirit have and continue to speak to many peoples and continue today, through the Power of MY WORDS !!  Both Written and Transmitted by Thoughts entering their MINDS !!!Many don’t even know it…I call it Te3 Thought Energy Transmission. This is the way the Bible was written !!!


Another witness of 1-3 code in new testimate. >>> John 1-3 In the Beginning was the WORD  and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. 2. The same, (Jesus Christ) was in the beginning with God. 3. All things were made by him; and without him was not anything made that was made. (Out of TME, Thought Matter Energy.)   T3TME/E=MC 2

Now I understand! THIS IS LITERAL In T3 Theory. Einstein called his experience with it “Thought Experiments” Tesla said his mind was a receiver. All religions tell of some form of it or another. Most near death experience also have in common spiritual communication.

Jesus was the First Spiritual Begotten Being Transfigured from Spirit to Physical Form in the Womb of Mary then Born in Bethlehem. How, through the Cosmic Egg of Mary. Catholics call it the Immaculate Conception and there Spot On RIGHT. Jesus Christ Died and Rose Again to Life. He DID Exist.  Philippians >>>3:21<<<   >>>1 John 3:2<<< >>>Genesis 1-3 <<<

Interesting to note scripure # 1,2 3s of most important events all tie in together. Amazing !



If 1+2=3 then this IS PROOF OF GOD.

The Law of 2-3 Witnesses Applies as it does in our Court Systems.

The number 3 is used 467 times in the Bible. (Coming up next pages) 

This makes the 3 a very special number but doesn't explain why this is so. What's it's deeper meaning. How and why Jesus encoded it into his mission. It is a sign and a wonder that proves his existence as God, the creator of the heavens and the earths.

Jesus Christ's Hidden Mission ? I believe and was shown that he planted the seeds of 3's by Devine suggestion in others, all the CLUES and direction that were woven into the tapestry of his Sinless Life, Crucifying Death and Glorious Resurrection witnessed by 12 Apostles. The gospel was shared and written by all the Participants, 

witnesses and hundreds of million of believers to this day.

There is no other explanation for all this, He IS GOD! If you are not a believer now, I hope this will help you become one. Now that you know all this if you don't, ouch!!!

This can only be explained by Te3.  Thought Energy Transmission or the religious expression Holy Spirit, Inspiration, Revelation, Intuition, little voices in your head. It's all real and Jesus orchestrates it all. I believe that orchestration included personal revelatory direction and devine suggestion to Judas, to betray him, he wasn't all that bad. He was directed to take the fall which takes Jesus to the Cross. I believe he was a silent hero. 

And Peter remembered the word of Jesus who had said to him, “Before the rooster crows, you will deny Me three times.” So he went out and wept bitterly.


Peter received devine suggestion to deny Jesus. Giving him an out to NOT DIE so he could go on his missions. Jesus knew that if Peter were to not deny him he could have been greatly harmed or killed.


There are hundreds of more examples.

If this is all true, Evolution CANT BE TRUE >>> BECAUSE...God exists, the Bible is TRUE so we didn't come from a pond of goo that turned into monkeys that evolved into humans over millions of years. Ridiculous.

42 And verily I say unto you, He hath already come, as it is written of him; and again when he shall come in the second watch, or come in the third watch, blessed are those servants when he cometh, that he shall find so doing;

Page 12

We pick up my story after getting home from my 96 hour hospital pentecostal experience;

Right now I've got 3-4-5-6 things going on through 5 dimensions, receiving Love and Inspiration from the Lord, TE from Mr Emc, writing and transfering notes to computer from paper, onto 3 monitors, one monitor to another, receiving inspiration at these appointed cycles of time, recording them by dictation recordings, so it's seems to be happening to me as I write it down, editing and organizing along the way with source links, Photo-Video-Clips using many Multimedia Tools. I think to my self the gospel writers used parchment and ink.


This IS Proof of at least a 5 D Spirit Dimension ( where UAPs come from) made up of what I name as T Matter and T Energy. Now I extrapolate >>> I Can Identify What this Mysterious Immaterial Substance called Dark Matter, Dark Energy has to be... 

Spirit Matter Spirit Energy, 5th - 9th Dimensional Realms of Existence. Where all real supernatural phenomena originates from. Aliens / Spirit Beings, Guardian Angels, Gods and all there divine messengers throughout time are all one in the same. All Unified as One minus all the fallen angels and anti forces (33%) that were cast out and down to earth with incredible forces. This is what really took out Dino and the Dinosaurs, not an asteroid. Those fallen angels have been messing with us from the beginning. They can also appear and morph as UFOs. More on that latter.


How it All Fits Together Into Creation !!!


Now, in addition to Scripture and according to T theory, we know a Heavenly Realm exists. Many can tear down and repute the whole Bible, all Religions, not understand them or don’t care or want to. Evil forces with a missions are alive and well on earth. 

Evil forces can >   Crucify Him.     Torture them.       Feed them to the lions. 

Chop off their heads.     Roast millions in ovens.      Burn them at the stake.

Watch these clips. Take your pick. If you are appalled and you tear up, welcome, you are human, have feelings and can judge right from wrong.

If you think it’s just movies and entertainment and delight in seeing it, you need to seek help you sick ....... My religion says, My God is God, No my Gods are the Gods, There is no God.


FIGHT OVER IT. How many have died in religious and political wars? 

It’s estimated that between 315 million to more than 750 million people died fighting in wars, or because of war. 

The Bottom Line

EVIL WILL NOT WIN !  Rev 20: >>>1-2-3<<<

1 And I saw an angel come down from heaven, having the key of the bottomless pit and a great chain in his hand.

2 And he laid hold on the dragon, that old serpent, which is the Devil, and Satan, and bound him a thousand years,


3 And cast him into the bottomless pit, and shut him up, and set a seal upon him, that he should deceive the nations no more, till the thousand years should be fulfilled: and after that he must be loosed a little season.


There were witnesses to him and for him who died as he did, real martres for truth.

Why did all this happen then. So much evil to stop something that has NO TRUTH IN IT?

I needed to start writing all of this down, record it all. Nurse, Nurse, I need paper!!! I began writing down thoughts and inspirations just like in The Parable of the Writer, page 36. Hard to do in my condition with wires, Iv’s and stuff all over me laying flat on my bed. 









After His Life, Death, and Resurrection, he needed 3 witnesses to testify !!! or what's the point?

“This is the third time I am coming to you. In the mouth of two or three witnesses shall every word be established”. 2 Corinthians 13:1 As told by Jesus to his witnesses the 12 Apostles who spread his word to the entire world. We apply the same witness principles in our court systems today. 

The number 3 is used 467 times in the Bible.

This makes the number 3 very special but doesn't explain why this is so or its deeper meaning.

The following is presented here as undeniable proof of God and the Bible.

How Jesus Christ proves his Godhood by Planting the seeds of 3's by direct inspiration and devine suggestion in the writing and transmission of the Bible to all of mankind.


There are 27 books in the New Testament, which is 3 x 3 x 3, or completeness to the third power. Even His Mission was three years and began his formal ministry at age 30. 

There is a triune God: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit (1 John 5:7) (Mathew 28:19

God is 1 omniscient, 2 omnipotent, and 3 omnipresent.

Time is divided into the past, present, and future.

Here are a few dozen more examples...


The 3 Jewish Trials of Jesus where Jesus was found guilty. The night of Jesus’ arrest, He was brought before an assembly of religious leaders called the Sanhedrin (John 18:19-24; Matthew 26:57). (1) The appearance before Annas. (2) The trial at the night session of the Sanhedrin.

(3) The examination at the morning sitting of the same court.

The 3 Trials of the Romans.

After this He was taken before Pilate, the Roman Governor (John 18:28), sent off to Herod (Luke 23:7), and returned to Pilate (Luke 23:11-12), who finally sentenced Him to death.

Jesus prayed three times in the Garden of Gethsemane before His arrest.

He was placed on the cross at the 3rd hour of the day (9 a.m.) and died at the 9th hour

(3 p.m.). There were 3 hours of darkness that covered the land while Jesus was suffering on the cross from the 6th hour to the 9th hour. Three is the number of resurrection.


Christ was dead for three full days and three full nights, a total of 72 hours, before being resurrected on Saturday, April 8, just before sunset.

On the Shroud of Turin, the burial cloth of Jesus, 33 types of pollen were analyzed and found to be from plants from Palestine. Of those 33, were unique to Jerusalem. These biological plant details points to April during Passover / Easter as the date of Crucifixion/Resurrection.

One Third / 33 % of the messianic prophecy's were fulfilled on day 1 of the passion.

A third part of the hosts of heaven were punished for following Satan (see Doctrine and Covenants 29:36). They were denied the right to receive mortal bodies. Because we are here on earth and have mortal bodies, we know that we chose to follow Jesus Christ and our Heavenly Father.

3 messianic prophecy's were fulfilled in  1 verse,  Isaiah 50:6.

300 old testament prophesy's precisely identify the characteristics of the messiah

Three sons of Adam are mentioned by name: Abel, Cain, Seth (Gen 4:1-2,25).

All men are descended from the 3 sons of Noah: Shem, Ham, Japheth (Gen 9:18-19).

Both a raven and a dove were sent out by Noah. The dove was sent 3 times. 

The first, an unclean dark bird, the second, a clean white bird. The raven never returned to Noah or the Ark but flew 'to and fro' over the earth until the water had receded. 


In contrast, the dove was sent three times. The first time it just returned finding no place to rest. The second time it returned but this time with an olive leaf. The third time it found it's permeant home on the earth and did not return. 



There were 3 patriarchs: Abraham, Isaac, Jacob/Israel.

Three major feasts were to be celebrated: The Feast Of Unleavened Bread, The Feast Of Weeks (Harvest), The Feast Of Ingathering (Ex 23:14-16)(Ex 34:18-23)(Deut 16:16).

The Amidah is prayed three times on regular weekdays, once each during the morning, afternoon, and evening services that are known respectively as Shacharit, Mincha, and Ma'ariv. The amidah consists of 19 benedictions. These include 3 paragraphs of praise,

13 of petition, and another 3 of thanksgiving. 


Three items were contained in the Ark Of The Covenant: A pot of manna, Aaron’s rod that had budded, and the 10 Commandments (Heb 9:4)(Ex 16:32-34)(Ex 25:16)(Num 17:4-10).

Both the Tabernacle and Temple were divided into 3 sections: The Outer Court, the Holy Place, and the Holy Of Holies (Ex 26:33)(Ex 27:9).

God told Isaiah to walk naked for 3 years as a sign against Egypt and Ethiopia (Isa 20:1-4).

Three men were in the fiery furnace when a 4th man showed up, who most believe was a

pre-incarnate Jesus (Dan 3:23-25).

Jonah spent 3 days in the belly of the “great fish” (John 1:17)(Mt 12:40). When God released Him, he spent 3 days walking across Nineveh warning the people to repent (John 3:3).

Daniel prayed 3 times a day (Dan 6:10.13).

Paul was blinded for 3 days by Jesus (Acts 9:9), prayed 3 times for his “thorn in the flesh” to be removed (2 Cor 12:7-9),  stranded on the island of Malta 3 months after shipwreck (Acts 28:11).

Elijah stretched out his body over the widow’s dead son 3 times,  returned to life (1 King 17:21-22.)

Moses was hidden by his mother for 3 months (Ex 2:1,3)(Acts 7:20)(Heb 11:23).

Three men appeared to Abraham (2 angels and what is believed to be a pre-incarnate appearance of Jesus) (Gen Ch. 18).

On the east three gates; on the north three gates; on the south three gates; and on the west three gates.

And the wall of the city had twelve foundations, and in them the names of the twelve apostles of the Lamb.  Rev 21:13.


God brought a famine for 3 years while David was king (2 Sam 21:1).

Peter in a vision was shown by God 3 times that Gentiles would now be accepted.

(Acts 10:9-16).

Left over meat from a vow had to be destroyed on the third day.

(Lev 7:16-17)(Lev 19:5-7).

God the father spoke to Jesus 3 times, 

1. At jesus baptism. Mat 3 16-17. As Jesus emerges from the water, He sees the heavens open, and the Holy Spirit descends to rest on Him in a dove-like form.  And a voice from heaven said, “This is my Son, whom I love; with him I am well pleased.”


2 At the transfiguration. mat 17: 5-6
While he was still speaking, a bright cloud covered them, and a voice from the cloud said, “This is my Son, whom I love; with him I am well pleased. Listen to him!”
When the disciples heard this, they fell facedown to the ground, terrified.


3. Before the crucifixion. John 12:27-28
Father, save me from this hour'? No, it was for this very reason I came to this hour. 28 Father, glorify your name! ”Then a voice came from heaven, “I have glorified it, and will glorify it again.”

There were 3 safeguards to the tomb of Jesus after the crucifixion.
1. A large stone was placed at the tombs entrance.
2. A roman guard was placed at the tomb.
3. A Roman seal was placed to ward off anyone wanting to steal the body.

Who divided the Bible into chapters and verses?

When the books of the Bible were originally written, they did not contain chapter or verse reference numbering, Were they a necessary part of the gospel or its messages?
The Bible was divided into chapters and verses to help us find and share Scripture much more efficiently. It is much easier to find John 3:16 than it is to find "for God so loved the world..." Ultimately, the chapter verse divisions are absolutely necessary in sharing the gospel to the whole world.  

But what does this mean for the existence of the Jesus code if there was no

numbering system in the original inspired text? Simple, the chapter numbering system was necessary​ for the Jesus code and just as important. It was developed the same way inspired scripture was given and written, through inspired revelation, just like the prophet Joseph Smith. This in and of itself is more greater proof of the Jesus Code.


Was the numbering of scripture a necessary part of the written word of the gospel? No. But it was an additional witness of the divinity of Jesus. This means Jesus really did know the beginning from the end and communicated that knowledge to all the writers of scripture including Stephen Langton, an Archbishop of Canterbury. Langton put the modern chapter divisions into place in around A.D. 1227.

The Wycliffe English Bible of 1382 was the first Bible to use this numbering system. Ever since then, nearly all Bible translations have followed Langton’s chapter divisions given him by Devine direction (T3E) via the power of the holy spirit.

What about the Hebrew Old Testament? It was divided into verses by a Jewish rabbi by the name of Nathan in A.D. 1448. Robert Estienne, who was also known as Stephanus, who was the first to divide the New Testament into standard numbered verses, in 1555. Stephanus essentially used Nathan’s verse divisions for the Old Testament. Since that time, beginning with the Geneva Bible, the chapter and verse divisions instituted by Stephanus are now accepted into nearly all the Bible versions as a hidden code and a witness to bring unbelievers to the truthfulness of the Bible and its ultimate author, Jesus Christ. The 1st presentation of the gospel is in 3rd book of Genesis.

Here are more examples of 3's in scriptural chapter - verse numbering code made possible by writers of the chapter verse numbering system given by inspirational T3 / TE.

Jeremiah >>>33:3 <<<. Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great things you do not know.

300 old testament prophesy's precisely identify the characteristics of the messiah.

Look at how many times the number “3” appears in important events in Jesus’ life.

Jesus’ earthly ministry was 3 years (Lk 13:6-9

He was tempted 3 times in the wilderness by Satan (Mt 4:1-11)(Lk 4:1-13).

He went missing from His parents for 3 days when He was 12 years old (Lk 2:41-50).

He had an inner circle of 3 men: Peter, James, and John (Mt 17:1)(Mk 9:2)(Lk 9:28)(Mk 5:37)

The sign on the cross was in 3 languages: Hebrew, Greek, and Latin  (Lk 23:38)

(Jn 19:20).

He was resurrected on the third day (Mt 16:21)(Mk 8:31) (Lk 9:22)(Mt 17:22-23) (Lk 13:32) (Jn 2:19)

He was crucified at the third hour (Roman time) (Mk 15:25).

He predicted* Peter would deny Him 3 times (Mt 26:34) (Mk 14:30) (Lk 22:34) (Jn 13:38).

"Truly I tell you, "this very night before the rooster crows twice, you will deny Me three times."

* I believe this is an example of Jesus using Devine power of suggestion on Peter to keep him alive so he could complete his mission. 

Later, Jesus restored Peter by asking him if he loved Him how many times? That's right 

3 times (Jn 21:15-17). He said to him the third time, “Simon, son of Jonah, do you love Me?” Peter was grieved because He said to him the third time, “Do you love Me?” And he said to Him, “Lord, You know all things; You know that I love You.” Jesus said to him, “Feed My sheep.  John 21: 15-19 

 “Get up, Peter. Kill and eat.”
14 “Surely not, Lord!” Peter replied. “I have never eaten anything impure or unclean.”
15 The voice spoke to him a second time, “Do not call anything impure that God has made clean.”
16 This happened three times, and immediately the sheet was taken back to heaven.


He raised 3 people from the dead (Lk 7:11-15) (Lk 8:41-42,49-56) (Jn 11:1-44).

He prayed to the Father 3 times in the Garden of Gethsemane (Mt 26:36-46) (Mk 14:32-42).

The sacred # 3 even goes back to the original Passover where 3 sprinklings of blood were placed on the middle, left and right side of the door posts as a sign to the angel of death to Passover that house as represented in the Passover meals 3rd cup of wine, the cup of redemption.


What are the odds of all this being just coincidence?

How many stars are there in the universe?

No, this was all planned by God himself knowing the beginning from the end.

If God can encode DNA, he could easily orchestrate his life encoded in the Jesus Code.

So Teslas Inspired Code of 1-3,6,9 as the key to the universe was true.

But he couldn't put 1+ 2 together.  He was not a spiritual man.

I could and was guided with the help of the Spirit of the Lord.

The Jesus Code !!!

Was Shown to me, now I am showing it to you.

Jesus is: 1. The Way   2. The Truth   3. The Life 

His Atonement Was Universal !!!

Atonement is really three words: At-one-meant, meaning to set at one, one with God.

And YES, there are other planets with life and they to are all saved by His Grace.


All this was choreographed by heavenly forces controlling the timeline of events of the gospel writers and prophets who told and wrote them down by the power of TE3.


Exactly like what happened to me in the hospital waking up at 3:00 pm to Pentecostal 

type revelations !!! enabling me to recognize the signs, organize and write them down.

    All because I prayed for help to unify God Science and Religion.

I Listened !  I Answered !!   I Inspired !!!

Tom writing in bed.

 3 is a Sacred Number That Jesus is Using to Prove the Bibles Truth.

I was tended to and cared for by a Muslim, Christian and a Jew. (3) between 6:00 am to 6:09. Ahmed one of my NAs took my vitals BP 111.74   MR 74 O2 94 Recorded it all to paper*, (now verifiable on Hospital Portals) my original sheets of paper the nurses gave me. I used them to chronicle my experience at St Peter's Hospital where it has been said Mother Mary once visited. *A couple of sheets were on 1 sided address labels paper.  I wrote on the back. 


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