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Let There Be Light

"Let There Be Light" 

By Tom Barrera

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Einstein said, “I assert that the cosmic religious experience is the strongest and the noblest driving force behind scientific research”. So take it from Al.

But in truth he too did not believe in a personal God. See this clip for his views on God.

All of us can learn and benefit from this updated knowledge. Not Just LDS. Because new knowledge is what it’s all about.  89999999999999999999999999999999    My Cat Spunky  just walked over my keyboard. (Swear to God) THIS IS THE INFORMATION AGE. Everything, the entire universe of Knowledge and most everything in it that we know, all at our Fingertips.


I will be referencing the Bible, Christian sources and the advanced LDS knowledge 

base because frankly, they accepted new knowledge the others did not, they reject it now or could not know or were deceived during their lifetimes. Those denominations and religions that reject new LDS revelation from living apostles and all the books (standard works) relating to them, reject God's method of communication to his children.


To all those that do reject LDS teachings, I offer you this question. Why would God call a new prophet to give him well documented biblical knowledge, not new knowledge?

And why would God stop talking to his children?  This in reality proves them incomplete to progress beyond past biblical understandings  or to pass judgement upon those who receive God given new knowledge. FYI the Original Book of Commandments by God to Joseph Smith is very much in line with Christianity. But not the whole of the Doctrines and Covenants that were meant for all, not only for Latter Day Saints. That would be like in modern terms an alien ship lands and presents us with there written knowledge of the universe in a book, then saying to the aliens, NO THANKS. Duh!!! Fortunately that knowledge was not all needed for general salvation as most Christians understand it. So they can relax and learn more from there LDS brethren in Christ and there vast library of spiritual knowledge of mysteries revealed. The written and spoken words of God past present and future.

Signs are everywhere !!! all the wonders that have been prepared for this generation to come forth in glory for all to see WITH OPEN EYES. Not limited to me but to those behind the scenes in Music and Arts and Movies, TV, and the Internet being inspired to all work Together to place the clues everywhere (and not even being aware of it) for me and now for all of us to find TOGETHER. I WILL SHOW YOU. PLUS Recent Crop Circle Phenomenon and REAL Signs and Wonders are totally backing up most of the new theories in this work. So are thousands of NDEs, near death experiences.


There is something in the air. Many are becoming aware of it and able to discern the truth of most things. Most not. Later See How Star Trek fits into it all of this. Sci Fi People, Trekkies,Trekkers are going to Love what I discovered. Gene Roddenberry was in on it. The numbers. I was amazed!!!


My Hospital Experience Continued…NEXT TO ENTER THE TIMELINE of RELIGIONS came Bob a Catholic, a sagittarius, my lost love of my life was a sag. I never got over losing her, her name was Cindy. Followed by a Jewish college writing student aid.


Bob came at 6:00 to get me ups saying” “just 3 steps to the chair Tom” and I get up for the 1st time shooting 9 photos on my Iphone 6  given me by a very special angel here on earth who now I see the light for her entering my life when she did. She gave me 3 T shirts for my birthday 1. You Matter  2. Bazinga  3. Doc Brown from Back to the Future 1-2-3. WOW!!! You will see all the tie ins in my life all working in harmony now !!! The pics show it all in sequence time stamped (on originals) from 6:00 with 6 pictures shot ending in 6:09,

up to and in those 3 steps.  


I was a Professional Photo Videographer and Extraordinary Multimedia Editor having created music videos for decades specializing in Wedding Photo Videography, didn't have my pro gear but I got off a few shots off with Iphone 6 + as I got up from bed on to my feet all wired up. I got shots of the monitor and bed in room where I was laying. 

These were the 6 shots taken by me getting to the chair representing the THRONE OF GOD. Time stamp on the last of 3 photos is 6:09.  Took a nap woke up at 10:00.

Got 3 shots of my bed change all a similitude of the shroud of turin which is real. 

Math Error on there part the Spirit told me. And I flunked math??? Go stand in corner !!! 


The Shroud of Turin image was caused by Christs Transfiguration / Resurrection through the cloth into his new glorified spiritual body after 3 days.

This is Direct Physical Evidence of Life After Death.


Jesus Christ, The First born of God the Father in the Spirit and the Flesh.

The True Theory of Everything Centers Around the Resurrection of 1 Man. 

Without this fundamental truth of God, T Theory would lose to Stephen Hawking’s 

Grand Design No God Theory being correct. If so, we are all Worm Food with no afterlife. This also means, We DID COME FROM MONKEYS.

So eat drink be merry so microbes can enjoy dinner on us.

Proof of Transfiguration of the Spirit  backs up T3 Theory. <<< Clip from AAT 

The Only thing they get wrong is Jesus didn't transfigure to light only but to a Glorified Spiritual + Physical Being. How else could Thomas then see, touch the wounds of his pierced hands and speared side. 


Elder Bruce R. McConkie (1915–85) of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles explained: “Together they view the grave-clothes-linen strips that have not been unwrapped, but through which a resurrected body has passed. And then, upon John … the reality dawns first. It is true! They had not known before; now they do. It is the third day! Christ is risen! ‘Death is swallowed up in victory.’ (1 Cor. 15:54.)


You can think of the image on the shroud like the image of the cosmic background radiation. They both happened in a similar way. Jesus Christ is the Son Of God So T Theory is Probable...

But I wanted a second witness of physical proof. <<< This clip was from the History Channel. The Discovery of the blood type of Jesus. A B a rare blood type found in ( ?  % ) of the population. Guess what the percentage is? >>> Watch short clip for the answer.

​All men's Souls are immortal. But the Souls of the righteous are 
immortal and divine. Aristotle 384 - 322 B.C.


13 Different Resurrection Appearances Made By Jesus Christ.

1. Mary Magdalene: Early Easter morning (Jn. 20:11-18)

2. Women at the Tomb: Early Easter morning (Matt. 28:8-10)

3. Peter: Early to mid-day Easter (Lk. 24:34; 1 Cor. 15:5)

4. The Emmaus Disciples: Late Easter afternoon (Lk. 24:13-32)

5. The Eleven w/out Thomas: Easter evening (Lk. 24:36-49; Jn. 20:19-23)

6. The Eleven w/Thomas: Next Sunday after Easter (Jn. 20:24-29)

7. 500 or More at One Time (1 Cor. 15:6)

8. James and Perhaps Other Family Members (1 Cor. 15:7)

9. Reinstatement of Peter: The Meeting with the Seven (Jn. 21:1-23)

10. 72 Apostles Implied (1 Cor. 15:7)

11. Great Commission Gathering (Matt. 28:16-20)

12. Ascension (Ac. 1:1-11)

13. Appearance to Paul (Ac. 9:1-9)

President Gordon B. Hinckley Give us,’ they say, ‘the empirical evidence'. Prove before our very eyes, and our ears, and our hands, else we will not believe.’ This is the language of the time in which we live. Thomas the Doubter has become the example of men in all ages who refuse to accept other than that which they can physically prove and explain as if they could prove love, or faith, or even such physical phenomena as electricity.”

"Jesus saith unto him, Thomas, because thou hast seen me, thou hast believed:

blessed are they that have not seen, and yet have believed’ John 20:29.

“This occurrence stands as one of the great lessons of all times. Thomas had said,

‘To see is to believe,’ but Christ answered: ‘To believe is to see’ !! But the Lord knew there would be doubter so he orchestrated undeniably proof by encoding the proof in his word

with 3 the Jesus Code. 

DO YOU NEED PROOF? <<< The I Need Proof Scene from Contact.


Is there any other proof of resurrection?

There were  Resurrections as Witnesses in addition to Jesus Christ.

The "9" in the Tesla Code. Also the 9th Commandment, Not Bearing False Witness...

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Throughout the ages where all have asked life’s many questions including life after death, the answers given were based on their ability to understand them.


For example, during the early Old Testament times, God would not have communicated with Moses and the Prophets more than they or the people at that time could fathom.

I gave them 10 commandments. That’s what they needed at that time... We definitely need them today. It was by Metaphor, Symbolism, Chiasmus, Written and Spoken, too broad and open to many interpretations, meanings and translations handed down and altered through the ages. This pattern applies to most other religions as well which ultimately caused wars over whose religion was perceived to be right or wrong. Today many tune out of religion not because they don’t want to learn or believe, they just have; Too many choices like the media and internet...information overload.

You can quote me on this one, The internet is a money sucking machine on auto pilot I can't afford to feed, but I have to, I'm Hooked. Tom Barrera 

Einstein said “It would be possible to describe everything scientifically, but it would make no sense; it would be without meaning, as if you described a Beethoven symphony as a variation of wave pressure.”  

Watch THIS >> Data the android on Star Trek Next Gen, streams 4 pieces of music at

the same time,  Bach's Concerto # 3  Beethoven's 9th,  eliminating 3 ,2 and 1.

Heading back at 0 900. Rodenberry was subliminally inspired by the Jesus Code.

More examples from star trek later.

When I took breaks for dinner I’d watch some TV.  Most of these times I see clues everywhere and I am ready to record them. This will be a recurring pattern. There power to influence is amazing. I would later discover this enhanced conduit of influence that I 

experienced was temporary. Confirmed by a statement recorded in a binary message in a crop formation as " Beware the bearers of FALSE gifts & their BROKEN PROMISES.

Much PAIN but still time. BELIEVE. There is GOOD out there. We OPpose DECEPTION. Conduit CLOSING."

Unification of Everything MUST INCLUDE  LIFE'S MOST CONTENTIOUS SUBJECTS. Religion against Religion vs Science and Political Deception.

Is the Bible finished and complete as most Christians believe?​

Yes and No. Yes all basic gospel truths necessary for salvation are present in scripture. So Christianity please respect and back off the Latter Day Saints.

NO it is not complete yet and may never be. Here is an analogy to consider. Think of what we have in the Bible as a Elementary through High School Curriculum. Add the Original Standard works of Joseph Smith plus truths from all 12 religions and you are now taking advanced college courses. Beyond that are opportunities for even greater degrees of knowledge and enlightenment to those that accepted the Bible AND the latter day revelations and latest instructions from God. Many NDEs speak of attending heavenly learning schools. We will enjoy eternal progression each according to there knowledge and with there rewards earned.  


What Churches or Religions get updates from God and have authority to teach his children truth? LDS Mormons don’t have an exclusive on receiving personal revelation.

The answer...all of them through the prophets. BUT...

1. We share this earth with forces of division sabotaging the lord's plan.

They also sabotage the efforts of governments and politics also.

2. No matter which religion gets this authority, over time, loses that authority. But if the foundation is sound its believers still remains. The RELIGIOUS REALITY of Men trying to do the will of God. 


3. Most Churches Claim God's Word in the Bible is complete. He does not speak to us anymore. That is ridiculous. How can you have a personal relationship with the lord then?

So now in the 20-21st century, we still read and revere these books of spiritual knowledge given thousands of years ago. And RIGHTLY SO. Unfortunately # 1 is still in the picture. 

So God has to set the record straight from time to time……in dispensations.


Why Would I Your Father Stop Talking to YOU My Children !

Not permanently anyway. But he does and has withdrawn from just about every Religion, faith at one time or another. Why? Unrighteousness most of the time. Plus Leaders of Men being influenced by #1.  I like to think of the people of all religions as seeds, if good will grow up fine. Like the parable of the sower. It's men's interpretations of the Prophets that starts most of the sub-subdivisions into many new denominations including LDS. One thing is certain to me and that is Joseph Smith was a true prophet called by God in person. That carries incredible weight to it. The question what happens after?  # 1 again. But of all the Christian Denominations, the Church of Jesus Christ of LDS do have the priesthood keys necessary for performing the ordinances of Baptism and teaching. I invite all to Believe ON Jesus Christ. If you do, Be Baptized in his name. What do you have to lose?

The ultimate authority? Why reject modern revelation through Joseph Smith and from me for that matter? Because of the last scripture in the Bible No Man Shall Add to or Take Away from New Testament Revelations. Funny there are now hundreds of Bible translations that do just that. It is wonderful to believe all the prophets of old but not living breathing ones. Does that make sense? Like all propaganda it can deceive you if you don’t recognize all the minds games it uses. If not this, something else… Few Churches has been so viciously attacked and demonized to this day except the Jewish Nation of Israel. 

I am a Latter Day Saint, raised Catholic and I agree that a few doctrines of Joseph Smith were altered after his death and is a factor in there being spin off denominations just like in the reformation that has multiplied into 10s of thousands of Christian denominations I call them cafeterians. Pick and Choose what you like from each. Make a scripture salad for every taste.


But the facts remain, Joseph was a true Prophet directly called of God and his collective work is true and God sent. Even the spin off mormons accept the standard works of Joseph Smith but not the institutional authorities. I know it's true because if not for the book of mormon, I wouldn't even be writing this. And Bottom Line from Christ himself was to read and get truth from his word with the spirit not just trust and follow only religious leaders. For none are perfect no not one !!

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Why is this so important? Because it more deception on so many levels, just like in politics and in our information media reporting today.  A major issue I was prompted to address.   See Politics of an Enlightened People. Page 64

And it began with war, 3 of them, Quantumly, Spiritually, Physically 

Here on Earth and in Heaven. And that war is still going on NOW. And it keeps so many away from learning new truths. All you have to do SEARCHING is include LDS in the search question...For example, Is Jesus God, LDS.  Todays earthly god ( Google, Bing etc ) will bring up the search results directly from the sources. Don’t type in LDS and you will get Truth Mixed with ½ truths. It’s that simple. Same with Politics and Governments.

Go ahead, try it for yourself.


There can only be 1 truth, one authority when it comes to GOD’s Spiritual Priesthood Authority and Universal Mathematical and Moral LAWS...The Truth…… help me God. Is this really saying, help me to get the answers using his rules? Get the answers from HIM. Soon his complete authority in it's fullness will be returned to the earth as in keeping with God's pattern of restoring his truth to mankind.

BUT it will not be from Aliens sent to enlighten us. Warning...Warning...Warning... Watch out for Anti Beings in Sheep's Clothing. But until then remember these words from Christ himself about religions arguing about the meanings, doctrines and authority.

“Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For you tithe mint and dill and cumin, and have neglected the weightier matters of the law: justice and mercy and faithfulness. These you ought to have done, without neglecting the others. You blind guides, straining out a gnat and swallowing a camel!” (Matthew 23:23-24)

10:59 Shot of me on the chair ( throne ) with a support belt symbolizing justice and the throne of God and his Authority.  My dad used to give us the belt of authority all right !

Try that today and you be put in jail for child abuse.


LOVE your Kids!   HONOR Your Parents!!  OBEY Gospel Principles!!!

Let's say Eric Cartman pulls you over and writes you a speeding ticket. Do you have to pay the ticket? And why? What do you think? If you say NO, you’re Right. If you said Yes, u  r  an idiot.


Cartman has no authority to issue tickets. It’s that simple. Ultimately this is the only way to decide Which Church you should put your faith in... If YOU SEEK MORE Wisdom than just "Believe in Jesus or you're going to hell.


Exactly what Joseph Smith Did. AND Exactly What I Did!!!

Which one has Gods stamp of *approval on it? “Joseph Smith wondered.”  If there are special instructions you need, wouldn’t you want to know them? If you do not understand or believe in the Bible or the Book of Mormon as Mormons do, that’s OK you are not going to Hell. You can and will eventually know the whole truth and be a part of the mysteries of the universe whether you believe in God or Not. Many will wish they did. Some people are just doubting thomases. And that's ok.

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What Church Has Divine Authority  from God to Teach His Gospel


All Churches that bear good fruit by calling all to; Repent, all ye ends of the earth, and come unto me and be baptized in my name, that ye may be sanctified by the reception of the Holy Ghost, that ye may stand spotless before me at the last day.  The lord's plain simple truth of the GOSPEL. Gospel = The Good News.


As it Should be One God the Father! ONE Faith One Baptism !!  Spiritual Truth and Justice !!!

Now the Question is...Who has the authority to baptise? My Church Does ! The CHURCH of JESUS CHRIST of Latter Day Saints !!  By virtue of my Restored Holy Priesthood !!! 

This is the way to the Father in the Highest Degree of Glory through Jesus. Few be there that find it. Most good Christians will go to the Heaven of Jesus Christ in the Telestial Kingdom.

Many to lesser degrees of glory the rest to outer darkness. 

For all the specifics as to why see pages 69-75


Vitals  9 minutes to 12   Lunchtime. Got same meal as before except this tray had a bottle of water on it, nestle pure life. My fingers move the slider from slow mo and time lapse to photo took the shot. Duh, I realized I could use the timer for better photo comp. 


Mysteries are Solvable and We Will Discover Them Together. 

When I first learned from 2 missionaries that, we, as a species, are all Sons and Daughters of Heavenly parents, part of an eternal family created as spiritual beings.

I was amazed at such a wonderful thought. Think about it. Makes total sense.


So it is our destiny and drive is to go back home just like salmon do. 


It's in there nature just like it is ours. BUT Beware of the BEAR.  Insert Edit 10/19/18  

During the 3 am hour, at this point in read through of editing, correcting, adding clips in another complete read through, book getting better and better and better. Making sure all links work etc. Then I see this link at the end of clip. Puna Lava Flow I lived in Hawaii for 7 Years...this is a incredible video of what early earth may have looked like after the transfiguration. 


I Got a notification of My Daughter Tammy posting a video of 9 Birds in a fountain playing. I commented,  There are a 9 birds in the scene. 1, 2 then 3 coming and going... even the clip is exactly 12 seconds long. 


BACK TO THE STORY. Joseph Smith received and delivered this new knowledge from on high in our time so that we could understand his plan for us, I wanted to read every word.

It would seem this generation needs a simpler translation of all Religions in context of all opposition. A big part of my mission was to boil everything down to be understandable to the many. I did not write this book for LDS Mormons. I wrote it for everyone else. To simplify and present truths of all things most important to OUR WORLD TODAY !!! I could help convince those with little biblical knowledge. Or don't know how, why or if they can or should pray to God or IF there is one. To them I offer this;

"When the Spirit of revelation from God inspires you the mind is opened to behold the beauty, order, and glory of the creation of this earth and its inhabitants, the object of its creation, and the purpose of its Creator in peopling it with his children. He can then clearly understand that our existence here is for the sole purpose of exaltation and restoration to get us back home to God."  Teachings of Brigham Young

If it were not for me receiving it, the Book of Mormon, I would not have been able to discover the greatest mystery of out Time. The Grand Unification of Everything IS GOD.


So what true seekers of truth would not want to know our future and the answers to all our fundamental questions of Premortality, Life, Death and Beyond? And all the scientific wonders that we discover. Thank you Lord !!   AMEN !!!

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A Democracy Without Morals Is No More Than a Mob. 

But alas, Joseph Smith and his Beloved Brother Hyrum at the Carthage Jail on June 27, 1844, were murdered by a mob. (of so called christians) They sealed their Testimonies of Jesus Christ with Their Blood. As were most of the apostles and SOURCE witnesses. Several days earlier, the Prophet and others voluntarily went to Carthage, the county seat located about 20 miles southeast of Nauvoo. Just like Jesus going before Pilate; To answer charges of civil disturbance. They were held in Carthage Jail pending trial and were guaranteed protection from mob violence by the governor of Illinois.

They did not get it.  


Whats his sign I wondered? Quick Google Search - December 23 astro sign…..Astrological symbol: Goat. This zodiac symbol is considered to influence those born December 22 - January 19, under the Capricorn zodiac sign. It is suggestive for strength, confidence and abundance.  The Capricornus Constellation is one of the twelve constellations of the zodiac and lies between Sagittarius to the West and Aquarius to the East. The brightest star is called delta Capricorni. This constellation is the smallest in the zodiac spread on an area of only 414 square degrees and covering visible latitudes between +60° and -90°   <<<  HOLY _ _ _ _ !!!


Back at the Hospital...Then I got a facetime call from my Brother Bob's wife Mary.

At precisely 12 p.m. (She said I was prompted to call you” ) It was MY Dad…my earthly one. Bob's wife is mary, see pics and video of him being recorded by me getting the same procedure. First person I saw on the call was my earthly fathers face.  

He had the same operation as me.  I was then facetiming with mary and told her of all the signs and wonders of the day using my 6 + phone. The same one I cracked and had to replace three times.


I commented on paper that I needed my spell-checker. Right now I’m computer typing and by voice like dictation I correct as I go. Quicker and easier than what prophets of old had to do with limited resources. No wonder we have so many misunderstandings and interpretations of scripture through old religious texts. They had to account for every jot and titlle, (I had to be mindful of spacing and overall readability without cluttered photos or ad streams. Keep it book form plus.) As I described in the Parable of the Writer. He is setting the records straight. Got to be a good thing right? I wonder what is going to happen at 3:00?


My Hospital Experience Continued...


1:03   I was visited by a Baptist named Alis who served me breakfast.

1:20 Waiting for test. Time to take a nap for a short spell.

1:37 My monitoring device needed batteries.  BATTERIES? Like the ones Elon Musk is making in  GIGAFACTORY 1 to continue where Nikola Left off. Helping Power the World.

1:41 Vaishali Patel a physiatrist visits me. There is valid concern. Seems word has gotten around about me from witnessing to everyone.  At first I did not want to talk to him I knew I was doing the lord's will. But for MY own good I accepted the opportunity to talk to him on the advice of a head nurse. It was not recorded. I recorded the jist of it here in text.

When he came back I asked him, what is your faith sir? he answered

“I believe in everything”. My heart raced as I knew I could tell him about my theory of everything as ONE. Just what he say he already believes. He did his job asking me all kinds of questions like am I taking taking this or that drug questions about me and my family or whatever and I answered all his questions. Then i got a call from my daughter tammy. He asked to speak with her. She answered his questions and slowly his countenance began to brighton. I bore a very powerful witness to the truth of all things I present in this paper and book. As I spoke I saw his countenance was getting even brighter. He left with a big beautiful smile on his face I won’t soon forget.

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Back to Science….

How God Created the Universe in 6 days. What is T3 theory? 

Now that I have established some undeniable Proofs and Truths of God and Religion, now it’s time to join the two together. Without an understanding of Truth in Religion and a God, no sense in going any further.  Deny at your own spiritual peril.


It starts with the premise that Hawking and most cosmologists and brightest minds are WRONG when it comes to the Theory of the Big Bang from nothing.

NO Big Bang. God could not have been created our universe in that way. This is what I believe Einstein could have been inferring when he said, “God doesn’t play dice with the universe.This is for all those with some basic knowledge of Astrophysics.

Now with T Theory, its plain to see how God could easily have created the heavens and the earth in 6 literal 24 hour days by his word speaking (directing) the process of Transfiguring everything made that was made during pre creation then transfigured it to our 4D space time. But it is conceivable and probable that it was organized outside of space time and our perception of it. It's very likely 10s of millions of angels and believe it or not many of us, helped and took part in this creation process during our pre-mortal existence (home). How long this pre creation process took is unanswerable. We will find out when we get home.

The chronology of the universe is incomplete a period called the Cosmological Dark Ages. (means they don’t have a clue.) I propose a change in the order and exclude Bang, Planck Time and Inflation, which was conceptualized to explain the immense universe was compressed in a singularity the size of a marble. 

You have to be a half brain dead blithering, drooling, idiot to believe it. SORRY BUT

It is written in the Scriptures:

“I will cause the wise men to lose their wisdom. I will make the wise men unable to understand.” Isaiah 29:14

1 Corinthians 1:19–21 — GOD’S WORD Translation (GW)

19 Scripture says, “I will destroy the wisdom of the wise. I will reject the intelligence of intelligent people.” 20 Where is the wise person? Where is the scholar? Where is the persuasive speaker of our time? Hasn’t God turned the wisdom of the world into nonsense? 21 The world with its wisdom was unable to recognize God in terms of his own wisdom. So God decided to use the nonsense of the Good News we speak to save those who believe.

T theory adds a Pre Universal starting point, before the no bang, inflation and then the cosmic dark ages. Kind of like behind the scenes, literally. Everything that happened in planck time ( a trillionth of a trillionth of a second or MAGIC MATH) if at all could have happened spiritually first but over relatively longer periods of time, not a trillionth of a trillionth of a second. In a premortal state of existence there was no hurry. Because the universe was made of spirit first there is no possible way to know even postulate how long it took from our perspective. We do know that it took 6 days during the transfiguration. It is possible that what we see as millions of years could be true because of the pre creation period could have took millions of years but only 6 days to be born to 4D space time.

So young, earth old earth theorists could both be right.

Page 20


The actual birth growth and development happened in 5D space during the pre-universe from one pre encoded Cosmic egg. It developing over GOD time with no speed limit... Let there be light happened 3 times the last being the transfiguration from 5D spirit space and time to our physical 4D space time. It's likely they both occupy the same areas of space all around us.

What is the Great Transfiguration. It is what REPLACES the Big Bang Theory. It has 3 meanings.


1 To change form or appearance. 2. To travel interdimensionally and 3. The transfer of pre created spirit matter from its point of origin organized in 5D space and God Time, then Transfigured (moved) to our 4D space time in the general positions the galaxies and stars occupy at present, not from a singularity. This process did not happen all at once, but over pre universal Time.

These are some of the thoughts and clues that came to me wondering about the following:

1:44 Bubbles (eggs) stationary inside my clear tubing catheter  No Gravity Yet? Until set in motion by going from 5 D Space to 4D by Intelligent Creation Design...beforehand so to speak. Pre Universe.


2:08  Time to go Tom said my orderly,

I said. Let's roll, in my chariot on wheels down stairs for a test of Dr Taggarts handiwork.

A truly blessed surgeon. Passed test with flying colors.  At that very moment I said it, let's roll; I received strong inspiration to pass on to all those that lost friends and family in the September  9-11 terrorist attacks on the world trade center towers in new york city. Let's Roll from Flight (93)




Premortal God came into existence before the birth of the physical universe. (no speed limit or gravity) and twice in spirit and physical form with speed limits after. (3 total). ALL during and after the cosmic dark ages (in the beginning) then being born, not whole, a supernatural being (the chicken) but as the simple basic blueprint for intelligence, the Egg or seeds of intelligence. Bi-tri-nary then eventually (the 1st cosmic egg)


That energy formed out of THOUGHT MATTER ENERGY maybe the Quantum SPIRIT MATTER Building Blocks not yet detectable and maybe can’t be. Maybe where String Theory fits in ?


Not Dark matter, how thought provoking is that? 

™ The neural net that gained BINARY / Trinary Q Bits intelligence was formed.

This clip features Bender the robot from Futurama Talking to the neural net of God. I think it has some merit. Like a quantum fractal n ary computer with spirit matter existing over vast present perspective distances forming connections to this invisible entangled matter. It could eventually grow to self organize basic intelligences, that eventually develops into the first spirit beings God the Father T.  <<< not bound by Our 4 D Universal Laws.

It would have to be so.

HOW WAS GOD THE FATHER BORN? In T1 theory its illogical for God the Father to have always existed as the Father. I know that is going to be hard for many to swallow.

He too had to be born. BLASPHEMY, NO IT'S NOT>>>> His Spirit Matter Was Eternal so in that sense God IS Eternal. It gets interesting here with a Direct Link to Adam and Eve. God in the story is also describing how HE God the Father and our Mother Goddess was Created First Spiritually and how WE were created THERE AND HERE on earth. The Garden of Eden story happened twice, spiritually and physically. 


The Cosmic Eggs Replaces the Big Band theory without changing the end result we see today. It all just started it out in a much different dare I say more spiritual way not imagined yet or put 1 + 2 together to get to T3.  Ask Albert what he thinks about simplicity.

I DID! Somehow he answered me.


So how can any of this be true? An UnknownFlunked math. Quit Highschool. 

DIVORCED 3 times? That’s right, the lord sometimes works in mysterious ways to achieve HIS ENDS. Always Has.

The Heavens Really Do Declare the Glory of God !  !!  !!!

But HOW were the heavens made? The same way as in Mathew 17


The Mount of Transfiguration.


1. "After six days Jesus took with him Peter, James and John, the brother of James, and led them up a high mountain by themselves. 
2. There he
was transfigured before them. His face shone like the sun, and his clothes became as white as the light.

3. Just then there appeared before them Moses and Elijah, talking with Jesus.

Jesus Scripture Code 1,2,3 !!! again...he encoded them into the most profound scriptures. 

Transfiguration can also be a mode of travel, similar to UAPs that defies gravity. I call it STP, Spiritual Travel Phenomena. See Gods or Aliens pages. 

Page 21

This experience is happening to me for many reasons. Mainly I think to wake me up to Jesus. My mind is absorbing thoughts, metaphors and insight I am trying to put in context of my mission. My family thinks I am looney tunes. 

4:41 - 4:59. Dinner time - Premortal galaxy hatched from small black holes maybe? See pics of shape of early formations in these pics time stamped 4:41 - 4:59. They are also a clue that confirms a design idea for the Airflow Generator Nikola Tesla Inspired for me to work on and complete, and with whose help? ELON MUSK maybe? It's easier for me to talk to God than it would be to him.


Dinner is served with these really cool covers.  Is it a HINT ??? Could be! Lets see whats for dinner.


First day home now from my hospital experience.  Working on 3 monitors with my computer organizing these words and he's giving me certain time frames to listen and learn in 5D and he needed somebody that had the skills I have to multitask to make, record, photograph, and edit videos, write and multitask for weeks on end, like editing  Wedding Montage Tributes  Blending Photos & Video into Editing Masterpieces of Memories. 


There Really is a time to every purpose under Heaven.

So he picked me because I'm creative, study and learn everything and I have so many different talents that all needed to come together to put this all together and coordinate from 5 D space and time all needing to come together for this One Purpose.


Zoom out and the physical universe does resemble a brain or a sponge. Doesn’t it?



SEEDS of the TREE of LIFE.

The premortal universe that makes up the dark ages of cosmology with its “thought energies” acted like synapses of the brain that grew and communicated on a quantum computer Q Bits on steroids. This is the period of the birth of all spiritual beings. All future stars, galaxies, clusters and super-clusters would grow out in there fixed positions 

They did not blow out in every direction in a big bang from nothing, they were born out into fixed positions as we see them, no big bang, no inflation and placed all over the 5D space-time continuum by God speaking, the word, and all his spiritual children serving his will. The expansion hubble discovered started after the Transfiguration.

(M / String Theory ) Is this the True Theory of Everything?   Close but NO CIGAR, YET.

Just have to include God in the Math. His Orders ! Not Mine Michio.


This ready to be born universe existed spiritually up to and at the point in the chronological period of the universe's existence they call the Reionization period*.

The time I think that spirit turned into or was transformed, transfigured, call it what you will, into our 3-4D space time. I postulate, I don’t know, but it fits well into T3 theory.  Keep you geniuses up for a while a?


What was extrapolated from singularity logic, inflation, expansion rate and  retracing backwards = 14 billion years. It is so so wrong. That is the main reason for the Big Bang Theory. There was no big bang. There was a Great Transfiguration from the 5th dimensional spirit realm to our 4 D space time.


I have had a problem with that one from the get go. NO WAY!!!  Expansion that we see today started after the transfiguration. Everything it its place first, then let there be light: and there was light. When everything was SET INTO MOTION in the change from spirit made universe to physical matter and relativity. ALREADY in its place in Space and Time, OUR (perspective) mostly as we see when HUBBLE FIRST OBSERVED IT. *


So, there it is... no big bang. Sowwy! As Kripke from the big bang theory would say.


In the field of Big Bang Theory, and cosmology, reionization is the process that caused the matter in the universe to reionize after the lapse of the "dark ages". This is where I believe the transformation of spirit matter/energy to physical /gravity/matter universe that started out from the early Cosmic Eggs with the blueprints of DNA, science, and math instructions inside the seeds that grew and multiplied over x amount of God time during the organization period. No way to know how many years. So first was the birth of Spirit God from eternal spirit matter energy, then Christ, followed by hundreds of million of our brothers and sister spirits, who did whatever God Spoke.  HE DELEGATED the ORGANIZATION of the Pre universe they all co created before, during and after Let There Be Light.


“Jesus Christ is the same, yesterday, today, and forever” (Hebrews 13:8)

Remember the chicken or the egg?  This clip is true & false.

Now that you have some new understanding see if you can put it together.

What's true what's NOT?



Yes The Egg Came First… False... they explain it using Darwinian Evolution Theory.

SEEDS of the TREE of LIFE.

It's mind boggling in size from our perspective. Now imagine this view at this size, not as finished stars and galaxies and superclusters but as just seeds and cosmic eggs of spirit matter that will grow out from and into these positions during Pre Creation then over 6 days, God transfigured it all pre made. You wouldn't see a thing.  Like Mustard Seeds on a

Black Rocky Beach in Hawaii.

Page 22

Who am I? Where did I come From, Where am I going.

Before the transfiguration during the pre universe was eternal spirit matter, then cosmic eggs/seeds, were programmed by binary-trinary intelligence that self organized itself and God the Father and Our Mother begat the birth of x = number of spirit beings or children they created. Every one of us from Adam and Eve forward.

All my children ! All My Brothers and Sisters !! All will come back home to us !!!

Real LIFE many sperm are in a teaspoon.  Answer   500,000,000

Now imagine biology 101 when the sperm meets the egg and a baby is created.

Now imajine that process in the realm of the Heavenly Dimension of 5D with our Spiritual Parents, T3 = the holy trinity. That is who You are and where You came from !  !!  !!!  

Using SEARCH to try and find the Truth? Try THIS The 2nd War in Heaven!

Now Search  The 2nd War in Heaven! LDS  ADDING LDS. See the difference ? The TRUTH...


Bottom Line Truth of All Things? 
The War in Heaven was a Political One!!! Politics. Not a Physical War!  

But the expulsion by God of 1/3 of the rebellious was Physical and may have been what killed off the dinosaurs. More later on page 75 from a witnesses vision recording of her witnessing satan and ( literal fallen angels) being cast out of heaven violently.


Let there be light, has multiple meanings happening three times. 

3 is a spiritual number God is using to convince math guys that Science and Religion via the Scriptures is another meaning of, I am the truth and the light.


The first time was spiritually when the intelligences formed cosmic eggs and went on a creation spree. This is verified by the law of witnesses with other beliefs from China and India. That light of truth is simple basic binary - trinary growth maybe similar to quantum bits or q bits in quantum computing which can use 0s and 1s at the same time, like a human brain needed to begin self organization, to create more intelligences, developing into greater intelligence, then DNA in eggs like seeds to spread out and grow over time throughout 5D.

The second and third time was The Light of Christ's Spiritual and Physical Births (2) took place, God's First Born in spirit, then Born Again on Earth !!! Represented by what?

You guessed it the  STAR OF BETHLEHEM   3 WISE MEN


WHO WOULD THEY BE TODAY? Kaku, Tyson and ME ? Working together as 1 to spread the word? Tried to connect. As usual for me, I get no respect. No Reply.

Tysons is an atheist anyway. 


Or The Institute for Creation Research has equipped believers with evidence of the Bible's accuracy and authority through scientific research, educational programs, and media presentations, all conducted within a thoroughly biblical framework.  I Have included this valuable resource of all their Knowledge and Information. Most of it is all factual but not all... missing a few pieces I have.

Or closer to truth  topics/cosmos/science-and-religion.

The third time was during star formations after the physical matter was transformed from its position in the premortal universe, no inflation needed. Just like our father told us. 

GENESIS CHAPTER 1 Verse 3  I Looked up Images search.

Cosmic Background Radiation

Looks like a cosmic egg doesn’t it.?

It's not a remnant of the big band but of the far

more amazing power of God and how he spoke

transfigured the 5D Heavens to 4D space time.

What we see and call the Cosmic Background Radiation or echo according to T theory developed as a result of the transfiguration of 5D Tm Te   (Thought Matter / Thought Energy (The Word) / SM Spirit Matter Made Universe) to 4D time and space.

Not Dark Anymore. The radiation we see is the result of the spirit universe being transfigured into the physical 4 dimensional universe that occupies our space.


“If you knew the magnificence of numbers three, six and nine, you would have a key to the universe.” – Nikola Tesla  


There is something special about the mysterious number three? Tesla HELPED ME CONNECT the DOTS of SCIENCE AND CREATION UNDERSTANDING TOGETHER AS ONE.  AND Many others played a part in it’s discovery too.!!!  I asked why was Tesla so positive about 1 2 3 being a key to the universe. I Just put 1+2 together to include God.

God ( T ) = 1 + (T3 +T2 + T1) The Trinity, Down to its simplest

expression. Then add 5D Tm / Te / SM / SE  with EMC2.

I don't know how to put them all  together yet. Need some help.

Tom gives 3 sign
Cosmic Background
Page 23
AC DC Tesla Edison War

What really set Tesla apart from Edison.


Not that he beat Edison in the AC DC War, but his selfless love for humanity. Though not very religious, he bore the best fruits of good works like my irreligious father. When he invented AC Electricity the ways of the world ate him up and spit him out. Tesla gives away his royalty patent rights for cheap to save westinghouse his company. Bringing Light and AC electricity to the world meant more to him than all the money and fame. 



He Dies Poor Alone. BUT... He is Very Wealthy in Heaven. AMEN



So all the Clues were Encoded in me throughout my life, and in so many others lives too !!!


Did Nikola Tesla ever receive the Nobel Prize? NO!  Talk about getting the shaft !!! 


Mathematics was born. It is the Universal Language and Law. No matter where in the Universe you are, 1 + 2 will always equal 3. Everything in the universe obeys this law. Laying in my bed all day looking at the round clock next to the Cross of Christ, watching it go round and round...around...

In a sense he was another similitude example of Christ as the Light of the World,

along with Edison, making it possible to Energize the World, bringing it out of the dark ages twice, during the cosmic dark and earthly dark ages by DC & AC electricity. Then I recognize all the 3’s planted and encoded everywhere as clues to come forth during computer age to Prove He exists and can communicate and influences US.


I went to the Source. Tesla Himself. Oh PS Always seek truth by going to the source.


“So we find that the three possible solutions of the great problem of increasing human energy are answered by the three words:

“Food, peace, work. Many a year I have thought and pondered, lost myself in speculations and theories, considering man as a mass moved by a force, viewing his inexplicable movement in the light of a mechanical one, and applying the simple principles of mechanics to the analysis of the same until I arrived at these solutions, only to realize that they were taught to me in my early childhood.”


“These three words sound the key-notes of the Christian religion.

Their scientific meaning and purpose now clear to me: food to increase the mass, peace to diminish the retarding force, and work to increase the force accelerating human movement. These are the only three solutions which are possible of that great problem, and all of them have one object, one end, namely, to increase human energy. When we recognize this, we cannot help wondering how profoundly wise and scientific and how immensely practical the Christian religion is, and in what a marked contrast it stands in this respect to other religions. It is unmistakably the result of practical experiment and scientific observation which have extended through the ages, while other religions seem to be the outcome of merely abstract reasoning.”  Work, untiring effort, useful and accumulative, with periods of rest and recuperation aiming at higher efficiency, is its chief and ever-recurring command. Thus we are inspired both by Christianity and Science to do our utmost toward increasing the performance of mankind. This most important of human problems I shall now specifically consider.” Nicola Tesla

Although he gave us the clues as 1,2, 3, 6 and 9, he personally had no clue how they would actually unlock universal mysteries. Why? Unlocking the numbers requires scripture study and understanding with spiritual eyes. A literal 3rd eye. Like OUR Brothers and Sisters The Hindu People. Plus clues only found in restored LDS teachings.



Insert edit 1/30/19 I figured out why Tesla was obsessed with ritual 3’s in his life doing things in three’s !!!  Easy to understand in context of t theory. 

IT WAS HIS SUBLIMINAL REVERENCE FOR GOD given him through T3/E transmission


I HAVE THE NEXT GREAT NEW FORM OF ENERGY PRODUCTION IN MY Minds POSSESSION. It is called The Thomas Airflow Generator for AIRFLOW POWER. I need a Westinghouse, an Elon Musk Type and a whole lot of money to Bring it to LIGHT. 12 Million will work just fine to make it a reality...100’s of Billions it will grow into and give more power to the people right on  !!!

But I can talk to God easier than I could talk to Elon Musk.


Bar None Tesla was the most influential inventor of ALL TIME.  A Hero, He Gave Us ENERGY and I believe he was Born of Energy. Plus He gave me the key to understand it in context of The Theory of Everything including God T3 = Science + Religions + Politics as T1.

T (cross) Represents God  T (3) + 5D ( Spirit Matter / Thought Matter / Energy / Matter / Gravity) = God ™ Te Intelligence - Thought Matter Energy Transmission Proves He Exists Via All the 3’s connections throughout history leading up to this Information Tech Age.

Insert Edit 12/19/18 Turns out I picked the  T  in T theory because I FELT that it could represent God in the Math. Little did I know it was picked by Jesus Christ Himself >>>

>>>>> (t) tau, is God's Mark, in Hebrew. Way Cool a !


Look... Jesus is hiding in plain sight in the very first word of the Bible.

Jesus in Genesis: 1. The First Word of the Bible   In Beginning (Bereshit)

tau yod shin alef resh bet (Hebrew is backwards.) ​There are pictographs for words too.

When you read the pictographs of Bereshit they read as follows;

Bar the son, ala, a god, is destroyed by his own hand, willingly on a cross t (tau)

Tau (God's Mark) = t  This confirms and is a 3rd witness to me God indeed Inspired T theory.



First, we do understand that we did not create mathematics, we discovered them.

Page 24


The Secret and Sacred Numbers 3, 6 and 9,  “We find nature uses threefold and sixfold symmetry, including the hexagonal tile shape of the common honeycomb. However, there is something strange once you start doubling them. 3 doubled is 6; 6 doubled is 12 which would result in 3; in this  pattern there is no mention of 9. It’s like 9 is beyond, completely free from both patterns.”

9:00 pm Home ( Paris just got up on my printer ) Take care of your family first before all things!!! My fourth cat Paris, was given back to me by my daughter whose husband Joe was allergic so I took her back and now I have four. One big happy family. Time to take a break and charge up the phones etc etc. I'll keep working, I still have more written signs and wonders to get to word process. Any more revelations (updates and personal) between now and midnight, they go here (on left side monitor) and then I'll get them back here in the complete timeline of signs and wonders (center monitor) and when that's all done will take it and transfer it all to the final book of T on the 3rd right side monitor. 

(I’m Multi-Media-Versing) Michio that was for you my friend.

I need you to help me fine tune the expressions.


Now I will become a fisher of men using the Internet  <<< My Bobble Head...

Here kitty kitty kitty. Come on baby boy come on come and get it, eventually he came in an gobbled it up. Are you going to pay me a visit to Paris? “down Paris, you guys want some food”  

Back… work. It’s a labor of love.   Like all my caregivers at Saint Peters Hospital. Peter who we all know as Peter the Rock, a fisher of men, Leader of the first Authorized Church of Jesus Christ, which did after centuries kind of like lose its way a little bit, like the dark ages. That was the reason for the reformation. People searching for light and truth.They would only get bits and pieces and fight and kill each other to this very day. The POPE'S are Good men of GOD. Bearing Good Fruits. A few were not.

(DNA ?)  <<< (Blew me away) Got this shot at the Apple Orchard 1st day home.

The spiraling brussel sprouts I thought looked more like a triple helix instead of the double. Maybe God has a third strand of immortality in his DNA I pondered. We being created with just 2 when we die and are reborn with 3 Immortal DNA? That would account for total recall of our premortality? Removal of that strand would explain our not remembering our pre existence? Thats some real Twilight Zone Stuff A !

God's Fingerprint→ The Fibonacci Sequence - Golden Ratio and The Fractal Nature of Reality“  "These are super naturally occurring patterns in our Universe, patterns that we have discovered in life, galaxies, star formations, adaptation of all life, and almost all natural systems." 

Some of these patterns are the proportion of sacred geometry. One really important system that nature seems to obey is - Golden Ratio and The Fractal Nature of Reality  


The Powers of the Binary System” in which the pattern starts from one and continues to double the numbers. Cells and embryos are developed following this sacred pattern: 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256,.... Mathematics, by this analogy would be God's fingerprints.”

But it couldn't have stopped there and had to have somehow developed into more advanced systems for intelligence to grow into trinary 3,  6 ary, 9 ary, 2 ary, I imagine. 


THERE ARE MANY MORE.This documented preponderance of evidence leads me to this Conclusion;  11/3/18 I do hereby proclaim  BIG BANG DEAD - LONG LIVE...  

Pre Universal 5D Transfiguration To 4D Space Time  (T Theory)

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