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Are Aliens the Gods

Gods or Aliens

 Who are the Real Extraterrestrials?

By Tom Barrera

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Is there intelligent life on other planets? If not, pretty big waste of space a? Yes there is probably life throughout our galaxy and in most other galaxies as well. I believe there is a Ruling organizer Godhead and a Black Hole for Most Galaxies.

Michio Kaku is an American theoretical physicist, futurist, and popularizer of science. He is a professor of theoretical physics in the City College of New York and ...Doctoral advisor‎: ‎

Stanley Mandelstam Nationality‎: ‎American Fields‎: ‎Theoretical physics His web site is


Michio Kaku states, “One in 200 stars has habitable Earth-like planets surrounding it half a billion stars have Earth-like planets going around them - that's huge, half a billion.

So when we look at the night sky, it makes sense that someone is looking back at us."

Does planet Earth have a twin out there somewhere? Dr. Michio Kaku visited with Kennedy on FOX Business to talk about exoplanets and new discoveries advancing the startling prospect (and growing probability) that intelligent life all but certainly exists beyond Earth. In the vastness of the cosmos, Dr. Kaku asserts, it is increasingly clear that "we are NOT alone."


You would think so mathematically right. There is intelligent life on many other planets but it's limited and we can't find them with our current understanding. But it is our ultimate destiny to go on and be the organizers / designers of those worlds without end, our future playground.


Albert Einstein, Why should earth be the only planet supporting human life?asked the physicist in 1920. “There is every reason to believe that Mars and other planets are inhabited,” answered the professor. “Why should the earth be the only planet supporting human life? It is not singular in any other respect. But if intelligent creatures do exist, as we may assume they do elsewhere in the universe, I should not expect them to try to communicate with the earth by wireless [radio].

Light rays, the direction of which can be controlled much more easily, would more probably be the first method attempted."  

Neither one of these methods are likely to find intelligent life. Until we master what has been given us and become an enlightened civilization. They communicate through a form of Thought Energy Transmission. We will not be able to communicate with other worlds within our place in space and time unless we have the exact coordinates. And even that would not be real time. Thats Physics.

In 1920, astronomers didn’t yet understand the nature of interstellar dust. The father of relativity theory may in fact have been right. Optical SETI searches by teams at Harvard and other places are enjoying a kind of revival, even though they have the disadvantage of searching only for light beams that would have to be aimed deliberately in our direction, as opposed to radio signals that spread out like ripples in a pond. By the way, searching for the word “Mars” in Einstein’s digital papers also turned up this perhaps uncharacteristically misanthropic line from a letter sent in February 1917:   


“It is a pity that we do not live on Mars and just observe man’s nasty antics by telescope.”

But the trillion dollar question is can we visit them? What the mind can believe and conceive it can achieve RIGHT?  We will get to Mars probably. But No we can't get to the stars. Whaaaat? 

Sowwy! I am a sci fi fan too. Grew up on Jules Verne and Tom Swift so that's hard for me to say, NO. But it's reality and blame Einstein not me. The only possible way to get there would be achieving light speed and beyond ala Star Trek. Other than that it will be like an ant crossing the atlantic on a leaf just to get as far as the moon. 


We have to die and enter the 5th Dimension. Then and only then will we be children of the Stars. Once there, travel will be I hate to say it, like Beaming Around. There is much Biblical Proof of this phenomena Ie biblical transfigurations. That is far more exciting to me than being frozen for a 10,000 year journey at sub light speed just to get a few light years away. Sowwy! But we can still try!

We can build that tower of babel to the heavens before we even become one in unity on our own Planet. Maybe when we become ONE we will be given 5D knowledge we can use in 4D.

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Alien Beings ? Spirits ? Angels ? Fallen ?

Ancient Astronaut Theory   

Who Are The Real Extraterrestrials?


The Good News for alien enthusiasts is this;  I and many others along with the LDS Church do believe there are many other worlds created by God with life on them. We also know life was created in the image of God. So they would have bodies of flesh and bone that has the same general form as God and all of us. We will eventually make contact with them but not until we become more enlightened with knowledge and unity. And the medium of communication will be entanglement, and thought energy transmission. I think will be as easy as a cell phone call.  


YOU have never been visited by them !!!  Ancient Astronaut Theory is a convenient way of explaining away God. Period. When they say extraterrestrials or aliens just substitute Heavenly sent Spiritual + Glorified Physical Beings both good and bad.

That's how I approach it. 

This is the premise of the Show Ancient Aliens. Is it possible, and IF SO the Burning Bush was an Alien, Ezekiel saw an Alien Ship and Von Donegan invents the theory, Chariots of the Gods. I must admit I was fascinated by it when I read it as a teenager. I still am. I like the show and at the same time I don't. It Keeps people away from truth. I like the show for being thought provoking. Probably some truth mixed in there depending on the subject matter. The Anunnaki and Puma Punku, Tiwanaku precision of ancient civilizations.

Way cool! BUT………….. 

It is the opposite of what we should be looking for, the existence of God's Messengers and Listening to them, instead of claiming that they were really Space Aliens sent to help us all along our path through history. But they can easily switch gears with a new calling...if they choose to accept it? I doubt they will.


The cool thing is they are compiling more evidence for God and T Theory than they realize

Again mixing truth with unintentional lies. Truth, Yes, Angels messangers visit to help us, No, they’re NOT ANGELS, BUT Aliens they claim. It’s just the OPPOSITE. Any Alien types would in reality be anti beings, the fallen and cast out. And there all around us. ROSWELL? Weak Little Greys. Rebellious cunning, and deceptive. The Leftover brothers and sisters cast out of Heaven so violently they took out the dinosaurs.  

There is only one logical answer to what UAPs and UFOs are. They are ALL Spiritual beings both good and evil. Some are pure spirit, good angels, light orbs , 3d light projections. Ever see a cat go after laser lights, they are messing with us like cats with those orbs a? Many are physical 5D beings with 5D Physical Travel Phenomena.


Humans exist throughout the universe and they were created by God. 

The laws of physics do not allow them to get to earth by Gods design. So that eliminates most ideas about aliens visiting earth and astronaut theory is the opposite of truth. Aliens, the ones who evolved from Space monkeys (they must have evolved too) are fallen angels just like the bible says. Truth is just the opposite of what ancient astronaut theory suggest, that biblical angels and aerial Phenomena as in Ezekiel are misinterpreted technology.



"According to these traditions, these were none other than special heavenly messengers who were sent down to earth to restore respect for the name of God among the degenerate human race but instead yielded to temptation, misbehaved with the daughters of men, and ended up instructing and abetting their human charges in all manner of iniquity. They are variously designated as the Watchers, Fallen Angels, Sons of God, Nephilim, or Rephaim, and are sometimes confused with their offspring, the Giants. Other candidates for this dubious honor have been suggested by various scholars, the trouble being that more than one category of beings qualify as Fallen Angels and spectacular sinners before the time of the Flood. The Bible uses the title sons of God—were they different from the Watchers of tradition? “The sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose." THEY WERE NOT ALIENS.

The Council of Nine Egyptian Gods. The Good Guys or Bad?

Gene Roddenberry would find himself confronted with a real-world galactic Brotherhood. The ensuing drama would serve to be one of the strangest episodes recorded in the life of major Hollywood figure." "In early 1975, a broke and depressed Gene Roddenberry was approached by a British former race car driver named Sir John Whitmore, who was associated with a strange organization called ‘Lab-9.’ Though unknown to the public, Lab-9 were ostensibly a sort of an independent version of the X-Files, dedicated to the research of paranormal phenomena. However, Lab-9 had another, more complex agenda- they later claimed to be in contact with a group of extraterrestrials called the ‘Council of Nine’ or simply ‘The Nine’, who had been communicating through ‘channelers’ or psychic mediums. The Nine claimed to be the creators of mankind,

and had informed the channelers that they would be returning to Earth soon. Lab-9 had wanted to hire Roddenberry to write a screenplay based on the Council of Nine’s imminent return. THEY ARE NOT ALIENS BUT MAY PRESENT THEMSELVES AS SUCH. 

STP - Spiritual Travel Phenomena. How do spiritual Beings Travel?

Any interpreted spacecraft is easily explained as STP'S that could be interpreted and may even look like various shapes and sizes of crafts. They arrive in our 4 D time with 5th dimensional capabilities, balls of light/energy. Understand this, it applies to the good and bad guys too. 


But calling them aliens doesn't solve anything or answer the questions I am asking and answering so NO ALIENS. Everything attributed to them is explained away in T THEORY, Not Astronaut Theory. The question remains, if Alien, Where did the Aliens Come From? How did they EVOLVE? FROM SPACE MONKEYS?


Now all they have to do separate aliens (The Fallen) from truthful servants from GOD.

I’d watch that show, wouldn’t you? When Spirits and Angelic Beings did visit earth they were interpreted to be just what they were, Messengers God Sent and is Proof Of God !!!

Isn't that far more glorious to behold than grey aliens with big heads and eyes.  


But, those spiritual beings both good and evil are interpreted today to be of Alien Contact by OUR INTERPRETATIONS, NOT GOD CENTERED Just the opposite in FACT.

Why is it so easy for many to believe in Space Aliens but not Angels and their Messages from Celestial Kingdoms? The Later being more Glorious. Again more deception, the cause of all strife throughout the ages. Misinterpretation of Scripture. The big problem I have with Ancient Astronaut Theory is they say everything, I mean everything sent by God was an Ancient Alien. Space CRAP.  I think that they think extraterrestrials is more sensational than a real species of real Gods not aliens. I am not going to spend a lot more effort on this subject. But I do like the series. They get a lot right but more wrong most of the time. 

Understand and rejoice that all the real spiritual events and visits from God's Messengers and Angels are proof of God, not space Alien Life Forms Visiting us.

I'm a syfy buff and and would welcome benevolent aliens but like I said before unlikely.  Reference War in heaven. What is commonly attributed to good and bad angels are correlated in modern terms with aliens. 


If so they are very likely to be from the other team of fallen Angels.

Some are disembodied, some have eternal bodies and use STP craft, (Spiritual Travel Phenomena) or USPs, (not the post office kind but (Unidentified Spirt Phenomena) and can travel inter-dimensional and unlike God, cannot travel without a physical mode of travel.. God is not allowing them to make official contact.....YET. When he does it will be sometime during the END TIMES Tribulation period.

They will easily deceive the masses worldwide and will be hailed as space gods that will assist humanity as false prophets with AI.

Ancient astronaut theorists will be jumping and shouting for joy. I suggest you start with not accepting aliens as gods, but Jesus's Christ as you Lord and Savior. Amen.

I Had an encounter with Aliens Myself. While I was Flying My Glider

Off Mount Everest. It was the First Ever attempt to Fly Mount Everest then survive the flight and the -30 temperature and then landing at the World's Most Dangerous Airport, Lukla, Nepal.

Here is part of that adventure. I actually Got Abducted. Then got into a dog fight with one. What a Flight.

This is the full length FSX movie on my youtube channel.

Run time 31 minutes.

Page 52

Crop Circles Not Made by Man   




Answers to the phenomena of crop circles.


It’s really very simple to understand within the context of T theory for this day and age many are and were man made  “False Signs and Wonders.”


The really incredible, complex math ones are by messengers creating this phenomena using ™ Te. Thought Energy Manipulation / Creation. The rest are from the fallen ones messing with us. The Nazca Lines too are also early examples of signs and wonders some of them man made by the nazca people with many more complex mathematical geometric ones made the same way as modern crop formations, by Spiritual Beings.  


Here are 3 amazing clips from the Ancient Astronaut Theory Show. One of the better ones.

Just substitute 

Extraterrestrial Aliens for 

God's Means of Communication to Open Our Eyes.


Oh!!! on at 6:00 PM too. I screen captured and edited these 3 clips together with my commentary in titles. The problem with watching shows is its one way. This is my way of putting in my 2 cents. Thought Energy Creation.

Thought Energy Creation. This evidence adds more probability in witness of T Theory and is proof of 5 D Tm Te Communication and Matter Manipulation Meta Spiritually and physically through and between 5D and 4D time and space. God is real so this is a very plausible truthful likely answer. 

1. World Wide Phenomena UNEXPLAINABLE ? Scientific Proof. But Don't Know from Who?

2. Real Eye Witness Recorded Sightings of a live crop circle formation. AT EXACTLY 3:00 AM

3. Real Scientific Proof of Binary Intelligent Communication from 5 D Space and Time.













This Binary message came as a warning of the single most divisive force God allows to challenge us to know and learn right from wrong. This one issue far outweighs everything else. One of the most direct God Given Crop Circles Warnings Signs to learn how to know truth from deception. Far more important for our present time than anything else. T Theory states that the most important truth and proof of God is his opposition. As it started in our premortal state. 


The purpose of our existence? To learn. The purpose of Religion, to teach good (Learning and Obeying the Gospel and or the appointed Prophets to all the religions) and not falling prey to evil (rejecting truths from God's messengers). How to know the difference between the two is our challenge all along our highways back home to our premortal existence.

Plain text without any hidden codes.

Beware the bearers of false gifts and their broken promises. Much pain but still time. Believe. There is good out there. We oppose deception. Conduit closing.


Plain text with hidden codes. (original binary to text message)

Beware the bearers of FALSE gifts & their BROKEN PROMISES. Much PAIN but still time.  BELIEVE. There is GOOD out there.  We oPpose DECEPTION. COnduit CLOSING (BELL SOUND) 

Heavenly Beings not Aliens. Using Universal Mathematics that They Created. Confirms T theory. Some ask why use simple binary? Not something more direct?

It has 3 layered meanings, seeing the 3 's pattern again. 

1. The Politics of Lies and Deception. A strong warning of where the majority of earthly strife and deception originates. The 9th commandment. Remember, the fallen can make these crop circles too, to deceive. Deception can be identified when it warns others about deception and says, trust me. Clasic Projection.


2. Mankind confusing, believing in and accepting aliens not God. 


3. It confirms a binary start of intelligence that developed to organize creation not a big bang without God in the mix. 

You could call them aliens but still the question, how were the aliens created.

T answers it all. Although the series gives God or Spiritual Beings NO credit, they do document and present it all very well. Unfortunately if what they say about the Government, I bet it's not seeking to find God in the messages, they are probably seeking Alien Threats or who knows what else. All the most recent releases of Aerial Footage capturing UAPs and releasing it public is softening us up for a possible 1st contact.

This Sacred Geometry and the numbers 1,2,3, 6, 9 back up T Theory.

Bottom Line: Continue to believe in Messengers from God. The Real Extraterrestrials.

Do you know what this really means? YOU ARE NOT WORM FOOD!! Rejoice !!!



Answers in Genesis is a good one also.



What do my Pals, Hawking, Kaku and Tyson have to say about Aliens. Not sure if any of them attributed Aliens as god's messengers or not. Please don’t misunderstand me, I like all these guys. 


The real challenge is working out what aliens might actually be like.  “Hawking says that they could be microbes – basic animals such as worms which have been on Earth for millions of years, but suggests that extraterrestrial life could develop much further.”  "We only have to look at ourselves to see how intelligent life might develop into something we wouldn't want to meet, if aliens ever visit us, I think the outcome would be much as when Christopher Columbus first landed in America, which didn't turn out very well for the American Indians."   Correct if not God Sent.   


As I always do, I try to go to the sources whenever possible. I went to Michios web site and read this. (3’s again to my surprise)  He knows something. He Probably studied Tesla as he wrote about what Kaku talks about it below. But like Tesla hasn’t put it all together in the context of GOD. HE told me to set him straight in this book. I would love to work with him. WE need his support.


 Physics of Type I, II, and III Civilizations.

“Specifically, we can rank civilizations by their energy consumption, using principles":


And you need to factor in T Theory 3 Civilization types within 5th Dimensions. 

The 3 Degrees of Glory.

1) The laws of thermodynamics. Even an advanced civilization is bound by the laws of thermodynamics, especially the Second Law, and can hence be ranked by the energy at their disposal.


2) The laws of stable matter. Baryonic matter (e.g. based on protons and neutrons) tends to clump into three large groupings: planets, stars and galaxies. (This is a well-defined by product of stellar and galactic evolution, thermonuclear fusion, etc.) Thus, their energy will also be based on three distinct types, and this places upper limits on their rate of energy consumption.


3) The laws of planetary evolution. Any advanced civilization must grow in energy consumption faster than the frequency of life-threatening catastrophes (e.g. meteor impacts, ice ages, supernovas, etc.). If they grow any slower, they are doomed to extinction. This places mathematical lower limits on the rate of growth of these civilizations.”  

So that is Michios 3 types of Physical Civilizations.

These 3 laws apply to temporal living over time in 4D and are not the same after death and rebirth to the 3 degrees of glory afterlife in 5th D and beyond.

There are hundreds of NDE's that closely describes the spiritual realm.

Alien Image and Binary Code
Page 53
Jesus hiding in first word of bible.

Insert edit at this point in a read through...(3:00 AM 10/5/18 )   Got HIS Thoughts !!

Come Home To Me Israel. Jewish people returning to the homeland. This Wonderful Video I was prompted to search and find it.  HAD 3 Comments.   My searches are finding the heart of faith and beliefs of all religions. Again, I am in awe of it all !!! There is no doubt I am being guided here to show us. WE ALL MATTER. TOGETHER. It to has a multiple meanings and a sign of 3 witness of God's wish for Religious Unity. 

Come Home to Me Israel does not mean only to the Land but to ME there Messiah.. 

Most latter day end time events all lead up to Jesus being finally accepted by the Jewish. 


The sacred Scriptures of Judaism consist of three groups of documents: the Law, the Prophets, and the Writings (such as Psalms and Proverbs). These Scriptures also form the Old Testament of the Christian Bible. Judaism does not accept the inspiration of the New Testament or its account of the fulfillment of the Old Testament prophecies.

Christian Zionism in America.  

Samuel Goldman on C Span today. Recorded it as it is relevant here.

Is Jerusalem God's Chosen people? Or the LDS America with Working Temples?

People try to figure out how the jewish people can be chosen but america can also be.

The LDS church solves that tension in a very interesting way and says they're both god's country and at the end of times there will be two zions, two jerusalems, a new jerusalem in N. America and the old Jerusalem, so in LDS theology there is no contradiction between the two. One of the tasks that Joseph Smith the LDS Prophet set to his apostles was to travel to the holy land, then under ottoman control and anoint the ground so that the jews could return there. There's actually a plaque in jerusalem set up by the lds church where this happened and as a result of that view mormons have always been hesitant to direct missions at Jews  because they they do believe in an ultimate reconciliation. It’s a double reconciliation."  Interesting so Joseph Smith fulfils prophecy. 

Planet Earth is God's Chosen People!! What was revealed to me.

Christians, Muslims and Jews each now separated added together equals 3. When you add up this additional missing piece to God's point of view, it all points to >>> T1 = God. 

Add to E = mc2 and vawla you have T 3 / TE / E = mc2 = T1 


Always go to the source for truth. I have been saying that throughout this work.

The SOURCE for Genesis 1 would be HEBREW. By doing so and getting to see the Hebrew definitions and translation I Just discovered to my great joy more proof of T Theory and that all the revelations I have been receiving are confirmed. This is more proof for the Jews that Jesus is there messiah. And of course for all 12 major Religions of Planet Earth.


Look... Jesus is hiding in plain sight in the very first word of the Bible.
















This confirms and is a 3rd witness to me God indeed did Inspire T Theory and he did prove it by the second witness of the spirit during my simitude experience (HIs Experience) through me during my 3 days of inspiration, signs and wonders after my surgery at St Peter's Hospital.   See page 11 My first witnesses were the Bible, Book of Mormon and Baptism for the gift of the Holy Spirit.

This also backs up 100% the Prophet Joseph Smith's translation of the Book of GenesisJesus Christ—Jehovah—is the Only Begotten Son, the Creator of heaven and earth.  (JST, Gen. 1:2.)  This translation was planned to come forth in the latter days for a mathematical reason related to his bible encoding of the Torah which was maintained as written accounting for every Jot or tittle  for the perfection of his word encoded to come forth as proof. Joseph Smith's fine tuning of the translation would have put a monkey wrench into the entire code structure had it been written as Joseph fine tuned it clearer but was not necessary for God's plan.

My elderly neighbor in my room has been separated from me by a veil he just left and came back from a restroom break with the coolest walking cane that looked like the staff rod of moses it was amazing, NO PHOTOGRAPH.  I wanted to get one, but he had since been dismissed and went home.  This is another direct similitude given to me at this time. JEWISH  Faith without seeing.  God is ONE  (1)


5:23 I heard it through the grapevine catheter coming out on day 3 just the way I thought it would happen, another similitude of Christs Freedom from Suffering and Rising on the 3rd Day.


6:15 I press my button on my bed for assistance to get all the pages I’m writing. I asked for a clipboard and he brought me a three-ring binder. I thought of the binder Mitt Romney was viciously criticized for having binders full of women which also criticized him for romneycare which was by the will of the massachusetts people. It was a good thing in development. But as usual politics got in the way. Looking forward to Mitt Romney's  Run again.  3 TIMES the Charm !!?


7:24 blood pressure 127 over 84 Nia stops by to do BP woke me up again.

I asked her how many rooms on this floor she said 3 nurse stations 1, 2 and 3 with 29 rooms.

Jesus hiding in first word of bible.

Jesus in Genesis: 1.

The First Word of the Bible.  

In Beginning (Bereshit)

tau yod  shin alef resh bet (Hebrew is backwards ) tau (God's Mark) = 

Bar the son, ala, a god, is destroyed by his own hand, willingly on a cross t (tau) Tau = My (Gods) Mark  =

Astrogy 54
Page 54



I am Aquarius, but not interested in all the fine details of analyzing astrology, what's the point of it all. But there are similarities in signs. I want to know how it fits into T theory.  And its effects our life on this planet and on other worlds too?


What do you think or believe the essence of Astrology is?

I ask, How, When, Where, and Why We were Born into this Earthly World. 

These questions presuppose a premortal existence. 

The Baha'i Faith. Baha'i Writings refer in a number of places to at least three four key dimensions of pre-existence.


Hinduism In the Bhagavad Gita, considered by Hindus to be a most holy scripture, Krishna tells Arjuna; "Never was there a time when I did not exist, nor you, nor all these kings; nor in the future shall any of us cease to be."

Islam In Islam, all souls are believed to have been created in adult form (before earthly life) at the same time God created the father of Mankind, Adam. 

Many of us were Preordained to be at Different Times and Points Along this Timeline of Earth's Development and History.

For example ever wonder why the traits of various astrological signs are so similar amongst people now and throughout our history? We all have. There is something wonderful attributed to it right? Some of us seem predisposed to differents likes and interests. Like a child fascinated with art or music. How many of us loved to design all manner of plants and animals. One of the misnomers of God the creator was that HE created everything. NOT SO. More like an organizer. Many of us helped him along the way. BY DELEGATION!!!

When it was time to enter mortality they knew our character our dispositions.

We were not programed to do certain works, but more likely to. They chose the times and places of our entry points into our earthly life. So when we entered this our time line from pre-mortality, it can be corelated with the time cycles of the astrological signs and seasons. That I think is the deeper essence and meaning of it all.

A Time Portal From Premortality? Maybe it went something like this... 

Example, let’s say me, I’m Aquarius. My Heavenly Parents thought I was likely to fail over and over and over again because of circumstances I could not control. But I would never give up on trying, like Edison and the light bulb, a fellow aquarian.             


(Rare!) Thomas Edison (1931 Fox Movietone Newsreel) The exact quote by Edison: "I speak without exaggeration when I say that I have constructed  three thousand different theories in connection with the electric light, each one reasonably apparent to be true.


So I too will complete a great work someday and that day is now, Connecting all the Dots and clues and piecing it all together like a puzzle in the form of a special type of Multimedia Book of Life On Earth From the Beginning. My Heavenly Parents knew I wouldn't stop until it's completed. And a few 24 hours a day in my case!  Many creative people lose all track of time when creating, inventing, writing, working. Edison,Tesla, Musk, Einstein, President Trump, and many more. I may fail at getting this work published like many of my inventions, (NO YOU WON'T !!!) but it will be written, thank you Lord. 

Because you are reading it now means I must have succeeded. Thank You 


Aquarius Sign Traits Overview. I am Aquarius, So is Michio Kaku and my political inspiration Rush Limbaugh. Aquarius is the eleventh sign of the zodiac, and Aquarians are the perfect representatives for the Age of Aquarius. Those born under this horoscope sign have the social conscience needed to carry us into the new millennium. Truthfulness, Just, Curious, Affectionate Personality, Frank and Imaginative. 

I’m reminded of the Age of Aquarius Song by the 5th Dimension.

Page 55

Does god speak to us now through music? He Does in Heaven! He Does Here To!


The Music of Heaven

February 17, 2017  By Nancy Rynes, author of Awakenings from the Light

"It's the moment after you leave your earthly life and you're about to take your first step in that spiritual realm some call "heaven." Perhaps a loved one is beside you, or maybe an angel, or even God. But you stop for a moment, totally entranced by what seems like a glorious sound. Music, but music unlike anything you've ever heard on earth. It's as if a billion beautiful and harmonious voices sing an ethereal melody that overlays an orchestra of gentle-sounding instruments that you cannot identify. Each voice in the chorus harmonizes with the rest, yet each is subtly different, too. Each individual, yet each a beautiful part of the whole. You can't make out the words they sing but somehow that doesn't matter. The music carries with it incredible love, peace, and joy that gently enters your spirit-body and cradles every bit of your being in its embrace. You know without a doubt that you are home. What IS the music that so many people report hearing during a near-death experience?" 


If you ask Michio Kaku, Absolutely in string theory. I believe him. I want to help him prove that it fits into T theory. T equals God in the mix, E = Energy, T = God plus some new math expressions. Throughout our musics history, old testament psalms, we can see patterns and spiritual insights that were inspired by Heavenly Creators to Writers Musicians and Artists. Cosmic Inspirational Musical Connections?


What lies beyond our 4 dimensions? Hyperspace and a Theory of Everything."

Michio: But the theory, once considered the province of eccentrics and mystics, is being revived for a simple reason: it may hold the key to the greatest theory of all time, the “theory of everything.” For the past decade, there has been furious research on merging the four fundamental forces into a single theory, especially one that can meld general relativity (which explains gravity) with the quantum theory which can explain the two nuclear forces and electromagnetism."

Problem is you can't merge the four fundamental forces into a 1 theory without God.


"Einstein was searching for an equation, perhaps no more than one-inch long, that could be placed on a T-shirt, but was so powerful it could explain everything from the Big Bang, exploding stars, to atoms and molecules, to the lilies of the field."

Michio closes, "At present, no one on earth is smart enough to complete the theory.

The theory is perfectly well-defined, but you see, superstring theory is 21st Century physics that fell accidentally into the 20th century. It was discovered purely by accident, when two young physicists were thumbing through a mathematics book. The theory is so elegant and powerful, we were never “destined” to see it in the 20th century. The problem is that 21st century mathematics has not yet been invented yet. But since physicists are genetically predisposed to be optimists, I am confident that we will solve the theory someday soon. Perhaps a young person reading this article will be so inspired by this story that he or she will finish the theory. I can’t wait!"  


Well Michio I was Inspired but not by this story, but by God who gave me the keys.

There are 5th and 6th Dimensional Forces not in the math yet.

And it WILL FIT ON A T SHIRT when the final expressions I have are figured out.


But I Ponder (n arys) the Binary to trinary start thesis of T1/2/3 Theory and all the amazing encoded math in Genesis 1-3. It would seem to be pointing to everything starting from 3 dimensions of eternal Time and Thought Spirit Matter (TM) and Te (Thought Energy) within an eternal 5th and 6th Dimension before the birth of Gravity or the Transfiguration to our 4D  E=MC2 Universe. 

Age Of Aquarius


James Rado and Gerome Ragni (lyrics), and Galt MacDermot (music),

Play in Background if your Wish


When the moon is in the Seventh House

And Jupiter aligns with Mars


Then peace will guide the planets

And love will steer the stars

This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius

Age of Aquarius,

Aquarius!  Aquarius!


Harmony and understanding

Sympathy and trust abounding

No more falsehoods or derisions golden living dreams of visions


 Mystic crystal revelation

And the mind's true liberation

Aquarius, Aquarius, Aquarius.

Let the Sunshine   Let the Sunshine In  The Sun Shine In

They had to be inspired to write that incredible spiritual insight.

And I Had to Be Inspired To Put It All Together.

Coincidentally? Sung By


The 5th DIMENSION ?????

Here is a list of the top 100 Aquarians in addition to Myself and Michio Kaku.


Abraham Lincoln    Frederick Douglass    Galileo Galilei    Kim Jong-il     Ferdinand Magellan

Thomas Edison    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart    Charles Darwin     Franklin D. Roosevelt    

Jackie Robinson   Boris Yeltsin  Ronald Reagan   William McKinley  William Tecumseh Sherman Michael Jordan   James Joyce    John Hancock   Tunku Abdul Rahman  Douglas MacArthur

Wayne Gretzky   Mickey Wright   Nolan Ryan    Yoko Ono    Charles Dickens   Cristiano Ronaldo    Charles Lindbergh   Jack Nicklaus    James Dean   Bob Marley    Bill Russell Rosa Parks  Ernie Banks  

Dmitri Mendeleev   Alicia Keys   Farrah Fawcett   Wilhelm II   Manuel Noriega  Aaron Burr    

Stonewall Jackson   Nicolae Ceausescu     Mike Bossy   Garth Brooks Byron Nelson    John McEnroe    Sharon Tate    Oprah Winfrey    Jennifer Aniston    Colette Henry   Morton Stanley   Tokugawa Ieyasu    Louis Buchalter   Frank Costello   Clark Gable   Susan B. Anthony   Eddie Van Halen    Lord Byron   Buzz Aldrin    Paul Newman    Jim Brown    Lewis Carroll   Virginia Woolf   Frederick Henry    Shakira    Thomas Paine    Qin Shi Huang    Lisa Marie Presley     Frederick the Great    Ellen DeGeneres   

Joy Adamson    Francis Bacon     Donna Caponi  Franz Schubert    Elizabeth Blackwell  Neymar   Cesar Romero   Harry Styles   Corazon Aquino   Kidd83  William Kidd    Anton Chekhov   Jules Verne   

Justin Timberlake    Lana Turner   John D. Rockefeller Jr    Boris Pasternak    Grigori Rasputin   

Ernest Shackleton    Joseph Banks J.E.B. Stuart   Billy Bishop   Emperor Norton   Mariska Hargitay    Brendan Behan   Emma Bunton Nikola Tesla was a Cancer. And many more…...


This is the Essence of Astrology


We can trace it back to our premortal state. Constellations and star patterns are just ways we try and understand, explain and to express the underlying meaning of it all. Without the context of premortality, makes no real sense, why many don’t believe it means anything.


Albert Einstein was born with the Sun in Pisces, the most romantic, imaginative and dreamy sign of the zodiac. Legend has it Einstein's Theory of Relativity was prompted by a dream.


Thought Matter and Energy experiments like is happening to me? I believe one practical application for our dreams may lie in multiverses postulated by many including Tyson, Kaku, many more. I think its space crap. Maybe our dreams are placed into a reality somewhere and be in a sense like a multiverse. Sometimes when I imagine things, just daydreaming as we are all prone to do sometimes, I wonder if they are coming true somewhere in time and space. In a sense we can imaginatively create our own kingdoms of worlds and be as Gods, in this context.  But they are not in multiverses but 1 universe many kingdoms. If we are God's Children we certainly will grow up to be just like him. LOGICAL RIGHT?

Age of Aquarious - 5th Dimension
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Let’s start with the likes of the focus of this work, unification of science and religion

with Hawking, Einstein, Nikola Tesla and all the Science greats. Same goes for Adam, Moses, Noah, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and all the greatest spiritual men and women of the ages. Like Gedun Drupa was considered posthumously to be the 1st Dalai Lama. Sri Ravi Shankar, a humanitarian and ambassador of peace. Ramakrishna, who was born in 1836 and passed away in 1886, represents the very core of the spiritual realizations of the seers and sages of India.  Buddha, prince, warrior, meditator, and finally enlightened teacher. Early Mohamed, the heart of Islam, Billy Graham, among the most influential Christian leaders" of the 20th century.  Buddha, was an ascetic and sage, on whose teachings Buddhism was founded. Many Popes of Catholicism. And last but not least, Joseph Smith and the Presidents of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, all preordained to be the teachers.





Take note of Chapter Numbers. This is More Proof Of Pre Mortality in 1-2-3-6-9 Tesla Code




5 Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations.

( 3 statements 1 Truth)

Joseph Smith said, “Every man who has a calling to minister to the inhabitants of the world

was ordained to that very purpose in the grand council of heaven before this world was.”


Then the Prophet said of himself,

“I suppose that I was ordained to this very office in that grand council.” 

(I believe I must have been too!)


Confirms Our Heavenly Parents Knew US Before Being Physically Born.


“Thou wast chosen before thou wast born.”

The Book of Abraham is Not in the Bible, Unknown, Left out, Lost.


When living in premortality our heavenly parents raised and taught us.



CHAPTER 3     

23 And God saw these souls that they were good, and he stood in the midst of them, and he said:  These I will make my rulers; for he stood among those that were spirits, and he saw that they were good; and he said unto me: Abraham, thou art one of them; thou wast chosen before thou wast born.

The Book of Abraham is Not in the Bible, Unknown, Left out, Lost.
When living in premortality our heavenly parents raised and taught us.
That knowledge and experience was veiled from us when we were born.

It’s simple How all this was accomplished ! God rigged the Game.
He had Inside 5 Dimensional Information that created the Jesus Code. Way Cool!

Isaiah 46:10 Declaring the end from the beginning, and from ancient times the things that are not yet done, saying, My counsel shall stand, and I will do all my pleasure:

Just Like it says in the very first words in Genesis 1.  


Bottom Line Truth of All Things:

Only a Real God Knows the End from the Beginning. 

The Theory of Relativity was part of LDS Translated Writings Before it was Einstein's.


"There shall be the reckoning of the time of one planet above another, until thou come nigh unto Kolob, which Kolob is after the reckoning of the Lord's time..." maybe albert read it?


Did God just tell Abraham about gravitational time dilation? Planet of the Apes 1968.

Yes He did. So now the Lord is indicating that the reckoning of time on each planet is different, and if one planet is greater than another, it’s observable reality of time is greater as well. The author is talking about gravitational time dilation. (So is Astronaut Charleton Heston in this clip...Look at The Clocks Time in the Scene!!!  AT 30 seconds into the clip…) The part of the theory of relativity which informs us that the greater the gravity is in an area, the slower time flows there. Greater gravity comes where there is greater mass, so a larger planet would have greater gravity and slower time than a smaller planet and really really slow around a Black Hole. HELL

CHAPTER >>> 33 - 3  Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and a shew thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not. So true Lord, so True, thank you.


Why Does the World Seem to Always be in Turmoil or Division?

Convincing people using scripture verses only, without a complete picture of everything else can be fruitless. This is where interpretation comes into play and what has been the results of that? There are hundreds of translations of the Bible now and many preaches and evangelists like to make scripture salads of interpretations.   

Plus; There are now 33,000 denominations of Christian Churches and Dozens of Religions, most claiming that there way is the way, the highway to heaven. The problem is, using a modern day analogy, they are using Windows 1 in a 10 World. And they all lead there followers only part way home because they are missing a big piece of the map. That's the KEY!!! 3.


Why, because good wants unity evil wants division. Just like in Politics of Left and Right. By virtue of the Name Right, Right is Right. One of the easiest way to understand this is what haunts us to this day, mixing truth & lies. Nobody does it better than The New Democrats of the progressive left. Another reason for this book. Why I was directed and inspired to write it by the Spirit of Truth. The single most divisive force he allows to challenge us to know and learn right from wrong. This one issue far outweighs everything else. God does take sides. The Rights. The Left is Pure Symbolism over Substance.


One of the most direct God Given Crop Circles Warnings Signs Ever. Page 52 #3

 "Beware the bearers of FALSE gifts and their BROKEN PROMISES. Much PAIN but still time. (Damaged word). There is GOOD out there. We Oppose DECEPTION. Conduit CLOSING (BELL SOUND).

I have no doubt this is political in nature. The Single most divisive issue in history. 

It's a warning against all politicians who bear false witness to deceive. The Left mainly in this the last 12 years along with a deceptive media system and Fox news countering and exposing yet at the same time feeding off all the division. 

Page 58

Understanding RIGHT FROM WRONG. To many shades of grey.

It all started in the Garden of Eden Story with the Temptation. 


The Question of Why does Evil Exist?

Just follow the source of injustice and deception to identify anti forces.

The Holy Trinity consists of God the Father,! the Son Jesus Christ,!! and the Holy Spirit.!!!

The unholy trinity their counterparts are Satan, the Antichrist, and the False Prophet.

While the Holy Trinity is characterized by infinite love, and goodness, the unholy trinity is diametrically opposite with traits of deception, hatred, despicable evil and his favorite tool, mixing truth with lies. 


Here is where Lucifer mixed lies with truth. “He assured Eve that she and Adam would not die.” That was the lie. “but that they would “be as gods, knowing good and evil”. YES! YOUR DESTINY !! Eve yielded to the temptation and ate the apple?  When Adam learned what had happened, he chose to partake also. The changes that came upon Adam and Eve caused the Fall.

Bottom line, the fall was necessary and God used Lucifer to accomplish his plan.

If not for the fall which has always been thought of as bad and condemning us, the opposite is true. It saves us. 


“Adam fell that men might be, men are that they may have joy.”  (2 Nephi 2:22–25).


You won’t find that book in the Bible either, it was from the Book of Mormon that has been rejected by some of Modern Christianity. No wonder we have thousands of denominations none of which have this restored, not broken then reformed knowledge.


Picture This.  4 church's one on each corner of your Home Town Square.

You want to learn. What would you do? Which one would you choose? How would you really know? Or chose by tradition?


I want to be perfectly clear here. Every follower of good religions whether authorized by God or Not, have one thing in common. You can find it in the greatest lecture of all time.


Wherefore By Their Fruits You Shall Know Them.


18 A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit.

19 Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire.


Even if a Religion is Not Authorized by Heavenly Father, They Are Just as Valid As If They Were, If They Bear Good Fruit. PERIOD. Ie One Politician or Religion Sounds Good, Others Sounds Bad. The Bad Sounding One BEARS GOOD FRUIT, The Good Sounding One Not. That is why members of other non christian religions are not doomed to hell like evangelical pre rapture pastors say will. 


The Same With All Faiths. The Good News is simple and puts to rest that people who do not believe as Christians in Christ, or Born Again Evangelicals, All Other Religions, 

Peoples, Will Go to Hell. The difference will be those that do accept Christ will have more celestial opportunities than those that do not accept him and follow. John 14:6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

That is the narrow path to the Father. Most will inherit life with Jesus by his grace and receive all they hope for but still not have access to the Father and the Celestial Kingdom. Few be there that find it....reserved for the best of the best.

But in the end we are all judged individually, not by religious group.

Confirmed by the majority of legitimate NDEs.

For it is by Grace we are saved after all we can do. 


Faith Without Works is Dead.



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The Afterlife

All People will go to an Afterlife.  All roads do lead there.  

First Stop, Paradise or Prison. There are many mansions prepared for us, and that is way cool! But not until the Final Judgement. Where All peoples will inherit a kingdom (HOME ) suitable to how they lived in life.

The following clips are metaphorical to lighten the mood of such a topic as death, heaven and hell.



Families Can Be Together Forever In

Celestial Kingdoms Of Greatest Glory 

The Only Way to the Fathers Celestial Kingdom Is Through Jesus Christ 
Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leads to life and

few there be that find it.

The Way to Jesus Is By Grace !!

Most Everyone Else Will Go TO The Heaven Believed In

By Most of Christianity. 



The Spirit Paradise Waiting Area   or   The Spirit Prison Waiting Area


The Unrepentant Scum of The Earth...HELL and Black Holes.

What will Hell be like? Ask Bender He'll tell you! 


The Most Revered Scripture of the New Testimate

Jesus said I would go to heaven if I just have faith in him in John 3:16

The Faith versus Works debate. There both right. By Grace we are saved. Scriptures tell us that “God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” >>> John 3:16.<<< 


What is the difference between everlasting life and eternal life?

Every person that has ever lived no matter how good or evil, even Hitler and all the most vile, despicable villains of history, are predestined to have immortality. Or else, how could we be accountable and be judged to receive Eternal Rewards or Wish We Had Known and Listened. That was the UNIVERSAL ATONEMENT.  

Yea, everybody is going to Heaven Yippy.


Not So Fast My Children!

How do we get to the Fathers Kingdom after getting to the Heavens of Jesus.?


Invite 2 Missionaries to Visit With You!

Or Get a Free Copy of the Book of Mormon First


The Prophet Joseph Smith regarding worth of souls: “Remember the worth of souls is great in the sight of God; “ that he might bring all men unto him, on conditions of repentance.


Put simple, cut the crap, don’t do it again.  (For the Kids - Story of the Lost Sheep 1 of 99)

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Neil deGrasse Tyson Rejects Benevolent God, Intelligent Design

Neil degrasse Tyson. You are the Doubting Thomas PROVE it to me type of Physicist. Cool!  That's OK my friend. You will believe when you touch the side where the spear pierced Jesus, Mathematically speaking. What do you have to say about it? UFOs Visiting Earth? Neil deGrasse Tyson said “that even though there is increasing evidence pointing to the possibility that humanity is not alone in the universe, there still is not scientifically verifiable proof.

And when it comes to aliens piloting starships to Earth, where’s the proof?” 


THE QUOTE “Any time someone describes their understanding of God, typically it involves some statement of benevolence or some kind of kindness.”  “I look out to the universe and yes, it is filled with mysteries, but it’s also filled with all manner of things that would just as soon have you dead. Like asteroid strikes, and hurricanes, and tornadoes, and tsunamis, and volcanoes, and disease, and pestilence. “There are things that exist in the natural world that do not have your health or longevity as a priority. And so I cannot look at the universe and say that yes, there’s a God, and this God cares about my life at all.

The evidence does not support this.”

No evidence for God’s existence. Neil deGrasse Tyson says.

So his basic thesis and focus (at the time was) God allows bad things to happen to us, so he doesn't exist.” I understand your feelings on the matter my friend, How do I answer You  Big Fan.  Love Your Work BUT. NO EVIDENCE !   Now There Is. !!  Open Your Heart !!!


The question of "Does God exist" is one that has gripped humankind for centuries.

Doubt is OK! 


Another source I found for the same question showed his diplomatic good character.


Thousands of academics and philosophers have made it their life's work to study and contemplate this question, coming up with arguments for and against the existence of an almighty creator.” “However many theories are put out there, no one answer has ever come out as the universally-correct one, but the debate continues nonetheless." On either side are passionate supporters that attempt to convince one another of the flaws in their arguments. This can sometimes fall into a case of science vs. religion, but that's a simplification that doesn't bear much fruit.”  BINGO BINGO BINGO my friend. 


The Key ! The universally-correct one I am presenting in this God inspired T Theory.


I came up with and wrote it in 6 days, I'm resting tomorrow, sound familiar. I was used by God to show that Time is not Relative in Creation Yet it IS. Like in the writing of this work? A Prophet? Up until this very moment I never thought of it that way. But is it true. Am I a Prophet? Someone with this type of experience could think so right? Yes in my case, but think of it! That's why there are so many churches. Someone experiences the Spirit and legitimately wants to do good. Starts a Church, but it lacks AUTHORITY!


There is a call to serve to everyone Worldwide.

“And when people strayed from His Counsel and Destroyed His Church, He called more Prophets to help us because He does really care about us. Three of these prophets are Adam, Lehi, and Joseph Smith.” I am continuing to follow in his footsteps as he followed Jesus FOOTPRINTS!!!


I knew he was a Prophet directly called, I am just a Prophets Messenger.

Science is studying and sharing God's Wonders of the Universe expanding our understandings. I’m sure the Lord is Pleased.


Neil went on to say "In the West, two-thirds of scientists pray to a personal God….

on the expectation that they will intervene in their day's affairs. But I can tell you this - productive scientists do not bring their bible, their scripture, their holy books, into the lab, because they do not mix there. So they draw a line in the sand, and they do one in one place, and they worship on the weekend, their Saturday, their Sunday, whatever your religious tradition. NOW THEY NEED TO !!


So, to ask whether they can co-exist, the answer is yes, it is empirically yes"  

Triple Bingo my friend. WILL YOU HELP ME. DO YOU BELIEVE NOW ???  You do seek truth by going to the source. Many sources but the best would be someone who has proper authority.

Page 62

My source for answering Tyson's thoughts on God's existence? Because of his perceived notion that “benevolence or some kind of kindness” is lacking so no God ... Is Very well spoken by M. Russell Ballard, apostle of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He has the authority to answer as if it were your father speaking to you. I only reference the sources of authority, not from the writings of others about them.


Why Does God Allow Bad Things to Happen?  See also page 32 Prime Directive

M. Russell Ballard  Life’s most challenging questions seem to be those that begin with the word why. “Why is life so hard?” “Why is there so much sorrow, hate, and unhappiness in the world?”“Why does death take the young?” And “why must the innocent suffer?”


We all have wrestled with such questions from time to time as we struggle with the vicissitudes of mortality…. Sometimes I wonder if we really appreciate what that means and how it should affect our lives. We must give adequate attention to the doctrines of real happiness, infinite and eternal. 

“For example, we are moving into an era when the Information Superhighway will have the capacity to cut a wide path right into our homes. With fiber-optic computer technology, it can link homes to an incredible assortment of messages and influences. This highway will be the conduit of information that will have the power to change our culture and, thus, our very lives.”

As we consider the importance of nourishing our intellects with the promising potential of Superhighway resources, we must be ever cautious about the choices of programs and the impact of media in our lives.


(Interesting that the internet is now called, “in the cloud, where his minions of evil spirits, mix Truth with Lies, Alive and well on the Internet, remember that.)


Those who understand will be better prepared to make good choices as the Information Superhighway rolls across the world. The computer, television, satellite, microchip, and even the telephone, all can bless and enhance our lives—or can make them miserable. Now AI artificial intelligence is the future were told.


Much adversity is man-made. Men’s hearts turn cold, and the spirit of Satan controls their actions. The Savior said, “The love of men shall wax cold, and iniquity shall abound” (D&C 45:27). Violence, immorality, and other evils are running rampant on earth.”


There were 3 wars in Heaven and on Earth, We know of 2 before plus  WW 1 - 2 Now 3


1. "Matter and antimatter, the electron, proton, neutron and their more-obscure cousins has an almost-identical twin: its antiparticle. Equal amounts of matter and antimatter were made. These should have destroyed each other but somehow we ended up with left over matter." This is current understanding.


CERN is looking for the cause of this by smashing high speed particles together in super colliders. Freaky amazing but it won’t provide all the answers because there was no big bang. Particle accelerators smash existing 4D matter particles together. So I ask, how did the singularity smash into itself? To make it pop. Couldn’t have. But it’s cool to see what happens smashing particles into bits though. Discovery!

A New Song for the NO BANG THEORY

Sung to the Tune of the Big Bang Theory Show.


The whole of space was endless in a timeless state

with Eternal Matter never ending... 1. 2.. 3...

then intelligence grew, a neural net of spirit matter formed,

intelligence was born with mathematics too.


Positive and Negative. War and Peace, Black and White,

Yin and Yang, Pro and Con, ​Red or Black, Right or Wrong,

Good or Evil, Republican or Democrat,

Discovering God is no Mystery, 


 It ALL Started with the No Bang.

By Author Tom Barrera

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