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Politics of an enlighted people

The Politics of and Enlightened People.

 By Tom Barrera

Page 63-68

The First Impeachment

2 War in the Heaven Author: Top, Brent L. The premortal life battle that began when Lucifer, in a rebellion against God the Father and his Son Jesus Christ, sought to overthrow (impeach) them. This second war was after we were born spiritually when we all lived together as brothers and sisters of our Heavenly Parents.


Kind of like Trump Derangement Syndrome.  Lucifer was Teed off he didn’t get Elected.

In this great rebellion, Lucifers Anti forces the spirits who followed him were sent away from the presence of God and cast down denied the right to receive mortal bodies.


“A third part ( 33 ) were punished for following him and CAST DOWN TO EARTH. 

Do You Want to Know Another Perspective on What Killed the Dinosaurs? 

Listen to this Vision and Testimony as recorded by me of  Yolanda 



This is a short clip of some of what Yolanda was talking about. The video shows what appears to be Spirits Flying in Night Sky.  Real? Could be. Weird freaky things are happening with signs and wonders. They all can’t be man made, or natural phenomena.

Wolves in Sheeps Clothing Everywhere. Remember Cartman's authority, Deception the Hardest Part of Living, Choosing Good from Bad. Weeding out disinformation is not easy!!!


Many come in the name of God and claim righteousness.  So are politicians mostly on the left side of things. They are hidden and open among us and... Can Bend Your Minds seeking division. Most people are following with football team mentality and being deceived and don't even know it. 

Those prone to good versus bad are they wired that way?

3 examples is the yanni lorell debate stories recently seen on television,


CNBC    FOX NEWS Watters, where different people heard different interpretations of the same sound recording.  Gutfeld Show, Kids arguing over which name they heard 

I understand it in the context of this work. Something to ponder A?


See also Perspective on Page 81

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Yolanda and Tom

What Really Took out Dino and the Dinosaurs


Yolanda a Spanish Cleaning Lady who kept my room spotless who I met when she cleaned my room. She told me of her spiritual encounters and her love for Jesus and also described a vision she had of Satan being cast out of Heaven down to earth explosively. 

This is her vision of hell (beginning of clip) and what killed off Dino at 5:15 into the clip

Page 64


Which Leads Me To the Reasons For Polarity - Division

The War that Started in Heaven - Has been On Earth All Along.

The Politics of an Enlightened People




This is one of my coolest videos not getting presented on youtube. Wonder why?


( Be Forewarned, this video is not pretty. It applies to Everything Dishonest Not Just Politics)


No Other Subject Has Caused More Contention and Division - Politics.

It’s like picking a football team but everyone choosing the winner is in the game, not watching.


To many, the very meaning says its ok to lie cheat and steal, “it’s just politics.”

Elections 101 Choosing Our Leaders

By Tom Barrera - Talk Show Junkie.


Written in 2016 Never Published to late and was not to be. I am pleased and the Lord is happy for me to include these 6 pages in My Book.

This system of Government already exists, but it’s not yet here in its fullness.


I Made This for FREE to do my part for Mitt Romney 2012 Campaign.

This Beautiful Video got very few views and just 6 + my 3 Comments.

Presented here as it is still relevant.



This is a Promo Video I Made For Mitt Romney.

Wanted: Leaders of the United States of America


Qualifications and Skills Required For the Job


Demonstrated Leadership Skills, Strong Work Ethic, Must be Honest, Have Integrity, Wisdom, Character, Morality, Judgment and a True Love of God, Family and Country. Must possess planning, organizational and problem solving skills, and be able to work with all parties for We the People. Economic savvy a plus, no criminal record and be a US citizen.




What are you Tom, a Democrat or Republican, Left Right  other?

Neither they're incomplete separated. Like Science and Religion. This party doesn’t exist YET.  But it will someday as it is back home.


I am a liba-tara-tive.


The uncorrupted compassionate part of liberalism, blended with freedom loving libertarian principles. Add Honesty, Proven Fiscal, Conservative Principles,

Centered Around God Family and Country.

This Party is Coming in the Future, Hopefully the Not too Distant One.


There are 100s of millions of us hoping and praying just like me,

for not only a spiritual awakening but a political one as well.  


The Perfect Failsafe Voting System.


Created and written By Tom Barrera

Author of The Politics of an Enlightened People.


The Perfect Democratic Voting System would be safe, secure, easy to use, fraud proof and take place only on Election Day or During Election Week. This system of voting would not require any type of paper or machine ballots, mail in, or absentee. 

This system was conceived and written by a very concerned American (ME) for the betterment of all citizens of the United States. This is a world changing idea and solution for perfecting our Voting system once and for all. Its purpose is to be so easy and practical to use it will ensure every legal vote truly counts and it will save billions $$$ by eliminating ALL archaic and different types of voting machines, systems and manpower, with no more slow and tedious counting of ballots over days or weeks. 


One National System with no individual state or county incongruity. No machine software error mischief, ballet stuffing or harvesting frauds are even possible. No need for extending vote counting. Early voting limited to 1 week.

No mail-in voting so no comparison of signatures or postal mark dates are necessary if ever done at all. All nationwide states and county votes are tabulated live as they are cast showing all running totals making election day very exciting to see, participate in, and televise. The calling of the election results would be at midnight the election day voting deadline as it should be. The national electoral college could even be tallied automatically. Every vote is precisely recorded, who cast it, where and when they voted without any error. The heart of the system and the main reason for its success, will be a new Enhanced Social Security / Voter ID Card. I named it the EVC Card (Every Vote Counts) and it will not allow any type of fraud and can only be used once for voting during election week. One system, one card, one vote. GUARANTEED. Democrats always say every vote should count so they should be very happy about this new system don’t you think? If not, I wonder WHY? Maybe because all those illegal aliens being invited into our country won’t be able to vote!!! This will be a no brainer for Republicans. And a powerful incentive for legal immigration.

The EVC Card will be programmable each election cycle with Social Security # ID Card Reader / Writers similar to credit card terminals. They can easily be custom produced for convenient access at common locations nationwide. For example, Get a Big Mac / Cast Your Vote. They can also be available outside the country as well. 

Better yet, overseas voters and the disabled can get Electronic EVC Cards. When it's time to vote, insert your card, read the individual candidates platforms if you wish, check your choices, preview, then click the Vote Button. Your votes are now cast instantly and your card automatically records and uploads your votes, then deactivates the cards chip to prevent multiple votes. One Card One Vote One System. Nationwide terminals are all tied into the election mainframe servers during election week with read only media feeds out to the press.

Registering to get your EVC Voter ID Card would only require proof of a valid social security card and proof of your voting age. You can even register to vote at terminals that feature that capability. These smart terminals will replace voting machines, all forms of paper ballots and will be available everywhere. That is what truly makes the system totally FAILSAFE. If you don’t have a social security card, you are not a US citizen and you can not get the EVC Card. No Card NO VOTE, Period. Every US citizen is entitled to receive a EVC SS ID Card Free. 

This enlightened voting system needs to be created NOW and implemented by 2024 so we don’t repeat past election fiascos. The best thing we can do now is to start promoting this system to the politicians and citizens. Then no one party or group will ever be able to manipulate or rig the election system again. AMEN.

Unfortunately stopping any corrupt media bios from breaking the 9th commandment, Thou shalt not bear false witness and censorship is another matter. 

The Real Reason Donald Trump and Mitt Romney were beaten, was not by some illegitimate voter fraud but by 4 years of anti Trump propaganda. That is what deceived a lot of good people that were programmed to vote AGAINST Trump, NOT FOR Joe Biden. They will try to do it again unless we stop them. This system WILL do just that! The corona virus gave them an excuse to have hundreds of election days to get out the media's pre-programmed masses. That's the root cause of the take down of President Trump. If this system were in place then, Trump would have won. His error was hoping for a big one day voting turnout, it was not enough. Without this system in place, Election Week voting will only be possible with the EVC Card Voting System. Now that I live in Florida under the great leadership of Ron Desantis and Marco Rubio, I have a feeling that Florida could be first to adopt this system. I Pray we have the wisdom to get behind these historic improvements to the election process once and for all! 


God Bless You and the USA. 


Tom Barrera  


Page 65

11/6/18 The Democratic Wolves In Sheep Clothing Gets The House Back...Fun Fun Fun…..

2 more years of divided Government.


The Sheeples Prayer

BAD POLITICS is my shepherd;

I don’t have to work. He keepeth jobs out of the hands of

the people, Which leadeth country to class warfare and polarization.

He encouraged sloth; he leadeth the government to new heights in deficit.


Yea, though I walk in the shadow of Economic collapse,

I shall fear no depression: for food stamps are given me.


His handouts and monetary indiscretion supplement my income.

He maintainest spending increases in the presence of insurmountable debt;

He punished businesses with excessive regulations;


And giveth the hard-earned fruits of labor to the unproductive.

Surely, handouts and stimulus payments shall follow

all the days of his administration;



Hail Government Full of Waist


Deny ME Three Times

When Obama was with thee.


Reached art thou amongst Republicans

unblessed was the fruit of thy obamanation.


UN Holy Bureaucracy, Mother of Pallosi

With False Reed Direction For His Sheeple

now and at the hour of our demise.

Raise Taxes

Raising Taxes

Wouldn’t pay for free everything or put a dent in our deficit or change climate.
Take 90% of All the Wealthiest Peoples Money Solves Nothing


ADVICE and WARNING FOR 2020 Presidential Election.
Learn How to Spot Real Deception by Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing. 
When They Call what is RIGHT the Wolf. 

Classic Projection Techniques They Use Exposes Them.

EDIT 9/15/22 

Told You so. We Got Obama Bin Biden

Bottom Line Truth of All Things.
The Left Breaks the 9th Commandment. 

“False words are not only evil in themselves, but they infect the soul with evil.” 


Page 66

What are Elections 101 principles and how to get them into practice? It will not be easy but we will talk about it; what went wrong and how can we get the media both left middle and right to ad some of the basics to the election process by including and educating the general public in how to choose the next President and all our leaders. And for that matter, choosing more public servant type politicians especially in November 2020 and beyond. This is not being taught in most schools, not that I know of anyway but probably is somewhere in Texas or Utah.


How can we get election 101 principles into the mainstream media conciseness?

Is it possible? Not this Election ANTI is massing for 2020. We must start to promote honest ethical campaigning, not deceptive Chicago style gutter politics as usual? Insist on better campaigns?


Like Martin Luther King “But it really doesn’t matter with me now, because I’ve been to the mountaintop … I’ve seen the Promised Land. I may not get there with you.

But I want you to know tonight, that we, as a people, will get to the Promised Land” 

An open invitation to all talk radio. Rush Limbaugh, too many nicknames to mention here. OH What the hec. The Maha-Rushi" "Defender of Motherhood" “Having more fun than a human being should be allowed to have" "Serving humanity just by being here, and it doesn't matter where here is." "Half my brain tied behind my back, just to make it fair." "The view expressed by the host on this program documented to be almost always right 99.7% of the time" "On the cutting edge of societal evolution." "Titular Head of the Remains of the Republican Party" "Doctor of Democracy" "Your guiding light" "Don't doubt me!" "Meeting and surpassing audience expectations on a daily  basis."

And my favorite, "Harmless loveable little fuzzball and all around good/nice guy"  He IS RIGHT and Brilliant!  If you don’t listen to Rush, you should start. He really has  "Talent on loan from God"  

EDIT 9/13/22 Rush passed on. I miss him.


Sean Hannity, seeker of truth, what can I say, a truly great American, Mark Levin, the Great One and protector of the constitution, God Bless You. Ah Bill O'reilly  No Spin tells it like it is, Ann Coulter the liberals best friend, Megyn Kelly, Trish Regan, Jenna Lee, beauty and intelligence extraordinaire.

John Stossel the common sense libertarian, Charles Krauthammer the REAL doctor of Democracy. RIP  Frank Luntz who focuses on the pulse of the people. Here comes the Judges Napolitano and Jeanine, and the 5 and of course. I Rarely miss all of these shows. Glenn Beck, you fuse entertainment with enlightenment. These are COMMENTATORS and Journalists. Top Fox News Journalists.  There is a difference.

We the people want to hear more of your new ideas and solutions not just great commentary. Are you up for it? Presenting some new ideas and solutions? You are, keep it up. Michael Berry, can’t forget you. When I listen to you I want to move to Texas!!! Last but not least, the Savage Nation. Michael Savage a voice crying out in the wilderness like Jewish Prophets of old. You know what you have to do my friend. Talk radio is one of our greatest accomplishments of the information age and one the founding fathers would be proud of and have loved to hear. It’s at the heart of their vision for the political process of freedom of the press and free speech.


But sadly our election process has been morphed into something that they would not recognize or be happy with. Historians have something to say about the history of the election process too as it starting going negative early on. Hannity, Mark Levin, Glenn Beck, Judge Napolitano and Judge Jeanine have shed much light on this subject, getting back to Constitutional principles, brilliant historians and great Americans all...


How about a Presidency of 3.  So far ahead of its time it would be called idiotic by many.

3 Presidential Leaders 1 Unified Party of righteousness, together working for the country, people, business. economy, especially law. A supreme court of 12. Total Representation, The Ultimate checks and balances. Ah... I love to dream. Dreams ARE reality…. somewhere.

Page 67

Having a group of Quality Men and Women as a Governmental Presidency is not going to happen for a long time. This type of new world order will not be run my men alone.

We will be guided by and with spiritual beings right here on Earth.


I’m usually 10-20 years ahead of my time in most things. So in that sense I have always been a prophet. But it can happen, it WILL HAPPEN. Probably after WW3. (We are in it NOW ) Nuclear war can be averted. A distinct possibility with our current situation with the forces of evil around us.

President Trump is trying peace through strength, necessary, but being savaged by the anti forces.

The basic element of Elections 101 where HS and College students would actually be instructed in election 101 principles. Things like qualifications, experience, character and tract record, and all the other top Qualities a President or politician needs to be successful? Not Slinging Mud. Not just what the candidates’ political affiliation is or what he she is going to do or say to try and get your vote. “Don’t vote for him because” is not enough anymore….


Most Voters should want to know why they should vote for someone not why they should vote against them. But unfortunately it’s not working out that way so far is it. And so it should be. Somehow the process of electing our leaders has been morphed into what I can do for you, for your vote only, rather than what qualifications and characteristics are necessary for any given political office, particularly for the Office of the President of the United States.That sacred office must include and we as citizens must demand the finest resume, not it's going to be so cool to have the first Black, or a woman President. Unless the Resume Qualifies.

OR a insulting non politician who is actually a brilliantly savvy leader, to the Presidency. THE SMARTPHONE is not making a lot of people smarter. Some PEOPLE ARE FREAKING LOST and STUPID. Forgive ME for being blunt. They have to be taught without it sounding like there stupid. They really are if they keep electing criminals liars and thieves to offices.  Why? Money,  Self Interests, Deception and Ignorance. 

Strong minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, weak minds discuss people. Socrates 490 BC.


again…and again and again. I Was Right and Wrong About President Donald Trump…I too was influenced and did believe Trump would be wrong for us. (I Peed in My Toilet recording the sound effect to put in the Lies Video, Trumps Golden Toilet Bowl and on the Constitution, the Lord Loved It ) Truth is I was for Rubio and football team mentality had me saying and believing Trump Bad. My 101 advice was...listen to what they say, watch what they do, that is far more important. Problem was he had to get elected by beating the left using their own tactics, total politics. Cool!!! not ideal.


Brilliant, but Trump was vulgar and not my cup of tea. But in his defense he did what he had to do to win. In his heart and in his actions he really does Love America. His record so far has been exemplary. The lord uses imperfect people to achieve his ends. You will know them by their fruits. President Trump says what he means and does what he says, rarely lies. President Obama was a master of mixing lies with truth. Sowwy! Listening to what Candidate Trump did campaigning, was not cool, but after watching what he did and does is wonderful to see. Trump Repents  Obama Did Not.


He is Taking Credit For Trump's Success. He is bearing the fruits of accomplishments For All Americans. We are prospering as the forces pile on against him like it has done forever since the dawn of times fight with matter and antimatter annihilation……It's hard for logical honest people to fathom why they would sacrifice the good of the country for the partisan politics of bad governance.

The Answer goes back to the forces of deception that is alive and well.

Page 68

I was devastated when Mitt Romney Lost, Like those suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome after Hillary Lost and deservedly so, based on Election 101.


Let’s again set the record straight Mr. Trump, News Media, Fox too.  Mitt Romney did not lose the election. He was beaten. He was flogged by the press, by everybody including his own party that abandoned him and stayed home thus helping the election of a symbolically great President that bore little fruits, far from it. He was beaten by

“Rules for Radicals.


He was beaten by false narratives. He was beaten by deception. He was beaten for being rich. He was beaten by dirty politics. He was beaten by a master projectionist.


Projection: Accusing others of what you yourself will do or does. <<< Right from the horse's mouth.  Another Example. Like the guy who cheats on his wife, goes home and Beats Her and accuses HER of cheating on him.

The solutions I propose is you defeat the left's deception by not playing into it.

If it is truly is wrong, ignore it, don't perpetuate it. Easier said than done because the system as it is benefits from the deception living. It's a catch 22. Ie Mueller Investigations witch hunt against President Trump. Now exonerated with no appologies.


Listen carefully, Mitt Romney is not and never was a politician type at heart.

He was a PUBLIC SERVANT. He is what the people needed, but maybe didn’t know they needed him. WHY?  Now the opposite is happening. PROGRESSIVE SOCIALISM RAH RAH Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. When Millennials SEE T they will all embrace it’s truth and mission.


When all along it was Mitt Romney they needed. 

He and only he at the time was the best candidate we have ever had! Based on Election 101 Principles. Ahead of your time Brother Romney!!!  Three Times The Charm ! You know I would Vote for Him. Maybe 2020 now that we're back on track by President Trump's strong leadership


Or probably better in 2024? As long as it’s one or the other I’m cool with it !!!

Insert edit 7/13/23  But its probably going to be Trump VS Obama Bin Biden.


What we don’t need and get now are more false narratives again. More mind control.

Trump who supported him, called him a loser. Shameful. He was beaten for not being an attack politician like Trump. He was to good for that. Why? Because he was the perfect applicant that answered the CALL TO SERVE. A Mormon Virtue flipped into something not virtuous. Deception.


And he was rejected twice. Shame on you all who stayed home. Shame on you who participated in his being beaten in the election. Shame on you all so blind to not see it.


The Obama KOOL AID remember. Are you going to let that happen again?

Are you going to drink the KOOL aid of lies again in 2020? 

YOU DID....We Got Joe Biden??? Are you going to do it again in 2024?

A real life similitude of this was Jim Jones Mass Suicide.  


Edit 9/16/22 But also: Looks like corona virus represented the kool aid excuse that locked down everything so the media censorship and deception used the programed masses to vote against Trump, Not Vote for Biden.


Learn all the techniques, con artist dishonest at heart type people use to time warp the truth that bends your minds. They are wolves in sheeps clothing. Pretending they care yet show by deeds they don't. Don't trust them. Listen to what they say watch what they do.


The Answer is SO SIMPLE - Don't make it personal


Just Ask for there Resume of Accomplishments...for Everyone !!!


No Good Resume, No Vote, It's that simple...

It's the Peoples Business!!

Everything Else is Irrelevant !



An Enlightened Election Process would be;

A Shorted Election Process !

The whole system is based on self interests of everybody in the game.

The longer the better for them but not for the Country as a whole. 

We have election day. I propose an election season of 1 - 3 months MAX.

The rest of the time do the people's work, not blowing OP money campaigning not doing your elected job. 

Campaign Finance Reform Opening Up Best Qualified !! 

Take the Money Out of The Equation Eliminates *Barabas Effect !!! 

*Barabas Effect...The odds were stacked in Barabas favor forcing Pilot to give him freedom over Jesus.


A Democracy without a moral code is no more than a mob.


We Now Live With Un-freedom of the Press.

Need Journalistic Law of 2-3 Source - Verification Witnesses for News Reporting.

This Honesty label would verify to the viewer the truthfulness factor of a story with 

a clear distinction between Commentary and Investigative or bias Journalism.



New Election Campaigning Media Commercial Guidelines

Based on Election 101 Resume Principles.

Adopt the 9th Commandment as a Moral Law.

Ending "its ok to lie and cheat, it's just politics."

Until that day they have to be defeated. 

Time to Go postal (not with guns) on the media and dishonest politicians.

Time to start busting them with endless investigations, lawsuits and perjury violations. Beating them at their own game, but with truth!!!





Basically Enlightened Politics Will Probably

Piss Off Most Everybody. 


At First...

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