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Grand Unification

Science, Spirituality, Sci Fi and God 


The Books of T Theory By Tom Barrera

Page 25-36

Grand Unification - Unified Field Theory

Is it even possible and can it be solved without God in the Equations?  Answer, No. Not without God.

But Because God Exists in T Theory; 

There Can Be No Grand Unification.

Whaaaat?  Why? Ask Humpty Dumpty.


Once Born Can Not Be Re Unified.

All the King's Horses (Physicists) and all the King's Men (Scientists)

Couldn't Put Him Back Together Again.

 But if you use a little bit of Glue (include God in the math) You Can Understand Why. Unification existed as One Cosmic Egg in the Pre Universe. 

Pre Universal 5D Transfiguration To 4D Space Time  (T1 Theory)

OR (M / String Theory) < Is this the True Theory of Everything?  

OR  More Likely A Combination of ALL  >>> 3 <<< ?

Spiritually, The Gods and Science were connected as 1.

But You Can't put a Cosmic Egg  Back Together After its Birth.


Stephen Hawking now know these truths, God bless him and he doesn’t need a wheelchair or that computer voice now. Although I think God probably is keeping him in the chair, then saying to him, “Oh ye of little faith.” I am sending you to a Black Hole*. He will probably be thrilled until he learns what's in there. Don’t fret for him though, he won’t be sent inside a Black Hole Hell or some purgatory for punishment.

We get what we deserve after judgement. The Judge of All Things  Ouch!


We are ALL Dead Men Walking. One fact we are ALL united on. 

ARE YOU WORMFOOD? Or Do you believe in some form of Life After Death?

What and Where is Hell Really? Answer.


It's the Absence of God and His Influences. The Final Realization they screwed up big time. Its interesting to note that hundreds of credible NDEs attest to life reviews and feeling hell of sins they committed. But ALWAYS RECIEVE LOVE NOT JUDGEMENT !!


Good Defeats EVIL sent to Black Holes?  But there is another type of a not so nice realization and it’s in Paradise…How can that be? In Paradise ? YES...


Picture this, you get to Paradise and after judgement end up in say the Good Place……Your Happy… Life is great there by comparison. Then You Discover other Doors to Celestial Glories. You figured you were a generally good person..went to Church occasionally...let's go in. But you have no KEY to the Father !  You didn't go through Jesus.

So you get to the door to enter and this happens. <<< Another realization expression of …Crap you mean I could have gotten in but … didn’t, excuse, reason, learn the key?” Right, good, but not good enough for Celestial Kingdoms and God Hood.


Best of the Best! 1%

Not everyone can be the best. And that's ok different strokes for different folks. 

Where it's at in Heaven ! Includes Your Family Doesn't it? What if it didn't?

We were all brothers and sisters in premortality. So Your family turns back into your brothers and sisters as it was from the start. But we want to be together forever?

You Can!!!


Homer in Heaven was cute an all but what Homer went through without his family being with him would be hell to most so I present some old fashioned gospel truth with the following; All marriage is till death do you part. But...

Families can be together foreverOne of the most beautiful of restored Gospel Truths.


Eternal Marriage. Russell M Nelson President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

"Heavenly Father’s great] plan of happiness enables family relationships to be perpetuated beyond the grave. Sacred ordinances and covenants available in holy temples make it possible for individuals to return to the presence of God and for families to be united eternally." 

Many Christians claim this is not biblical. It is in part. It is restored knowledge meant for Latter Day Saints and for only those that accept and live it. All others will not have these blessings nor could they have them based on there biblical knowledge alone without accepting Joseph Smith's Canaized Revelations in Book of Commandments and Doctrines and Covenants and Pearl of Great Price. I call them to repentance and respect for Gods methods of communication to us.  


Page 26

Where will you end up?  Everybody is not going to share the same domains

of and with Heavenly Father and Jesus. Just Imagine Woodstock 1969 for 3 Days Peace Love times 3 zillion people trying to get close to His Personal Stage Grounds.

Would be pretty huge don't you think?.


More likely life there will be similar to Earth. Different strokes for different folks. 

For example, I can't Imagine Opera loving people that don't like rock and roll living with and being comfortable around people at woodstock for 3 hours let alone 300,000 years.

Which Kingdom Can You Inherit? Invite 2 Missionaries +1(spirit) to Your Home Learn Which One. WHY? To get Baptized. That is the plain and simple step you must take, the rest Christ did for you. You may be a great and honorable person and will have a reward, but you will miss out on much more if you do not follow the plan of salvation and accept and follow it. This is the Gospels simple truth of all things. Everything else icing on cake.

The Best of the Best Go To Our Fathers Presence the Brightest. Next the Best Place, the realm with and of Jesus, Like in the suburbs. Then the Not So Good, particularly bad clergy, politicians and denyers of Christ and his followers. Oh can't forget all the lawyers. Correction. Many of. Off the Grid in the Sticks. Still wonderful but compared to 1 and 2, not. That's a reality they have to live with FOREVER. Now you see why so important to learn all you can now. Then act!!! We reap what we sow, Do or DON'T Do. 

Final judgment <<< See where Top 10 Evil Men of History Probably Go. 

To the Tune of Highway to Hell, “A mortal person would have to be really truly evil in a very special way to end up there; essentially, you have to have a firm knowledge that Christ is your Savior and a full understanding of everything that that entails, and then Willfully Reject Him”  Many will end up there.. You can call it the ultimate real hell.


All others will receive a kingdoms of wonder suited to how they lived their lives...after

Final Judgement. All Faiths.. All Peoples.. These kingdoms lie in the 5th Dimension, all around us and some beyond...then the New Heaven and New Earth, dwelling in the mansions of the incredible New Jerusalem.


The Way to Happiness Sing and Dance For The Lord  


Let them praise His name with dancing (Psalm 149:3)  Respect Religious Beliefs of Everyone that Respects and Honors a Creator God with Faith and Good Works. ! !! !!! 

FUNNY LOOKING CREATURESDo the Creators Have a Sense of Humor. Evolution couldn't do all this. A few are Photoshopped. Pretty easy to spot some of them.

Curious how deception works, a?

Eventually Hawking will get his working body and voice back, only better!

And it will join up with and become a Glorified Spiritual Physical Being. Never to suffer disease again. Eternal. From then on the Universe will be his playground. Like it will be ours. But because he was an atheist he couldn't figure God into the big picture and has a very gloomy forecast for mankind. 


But don’t go ending your life to get there sooner  Serious consequences for that. Me I would go to a World Nikola created…...Where would you go? Glorified spiritual beings back home I imagine can travel at Godspeed via entangled points throughout there domains. I can only imagine where you are heading Profesor. Probably to a Black Hole just to see one in person. Godspeed Stephen. 


Just realized I did not include Hawking in my thought inspirations probably because I needed to disprove him. Sowwy Steven !!! Reflecting on it more I think he may have sent inspiration back to me.  


Like in the Movie Interstellar. <<< Listen to the profound realization he has about the Watch as a communication medium through time and inter dimensional space. That is happening to me FOR REAL around the clock. Not quite like shown, similar nonetheless. EUREKA Tom..


So Hawking, Christ, me you and everyone ever born, or will be born,

will go home to that premortal state of existence we were born in before our birth into the physical universe. Everything we do and build grow and create here on earth is our attempt to remember a representation of OUR HEAVENLY HOME. “We were born in and of the realm of the spirit world's first before we were born physically then materialy into our world that once resided and will again in kingdoms we cannot see or touch now, only by Imagination, Prayer through TE. Thought Energy + TM = Thought Matter

(intelligent spirit matter energy) T3.

Page 27

THOUGHT ENERGY TRANSMISSION (Communication) (Prayer) ( Inspiration) (Revelation ) In that premortal period we didn’t have physical bodies, BUT, we could create (Organize) anything our hearts desire with TE / Tm.


Like the Holodeck on the enterprise. But these holograms could exist outside the holodeck in (spirit kingdoms.) That’s the 90% of Our Universe UNSEEN or TOUCHED BUT CAN BE FELT by faith and our imaginations until we PASS ON…meaning YOU GO BACK HOME.  


Life After Death: 6 Insights into the Spirit World

by Brent L. Top | Nov. 03, 2018

Enhanced Communication Elder Orson Pratt spoke extensively of the mode of communication in the spirit world. There, he said, communication isn’t dependent upon sound waves and auditory nerves in our ears. Instead, we communicate mind to mind, spirit to spirit. In my research I came across many accounts of non-Latter-day Saint near-death experiencers who spoke of this telepathic communication. That may sound like something out of Star Trek, but in reality the scriptures and prophets describe it as the “spirit of revelation”—that is, God speaks to our minds and hearts (see D&C 8:2–3).

That is perfect communication.

Said the Son, “If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you” (Matthew 17:20).  


Anti gravity or something else before gravity? Here is where Hawking gets it right with believing in spontaneous creation, but not in the context of singularity theory being spontaneous and born in trillionths of a second but it was Transfigured. Maybe it was you the reader imagining something into spirit form we now or once did see in the past here on earth. Butterflies, Birds, Sea creatures, wild wacky bugs, and lions tigers and bears oh my! And I bet the spirit kids wanted to create big dinosaurs.


Think of us pre mortals having coloring books of the mind to draw anything your 

imagination would allow and it would come to pass.

How and why we were born to this earth? I imagine it Got boring being immortal.

This clip presents a point of view about immortality we just don't know but can understand it in this context.  Science Fiction?  We wanted physical bodies and the joys and sorrows of having one. This immortal Q wanted to DIE.  PS I wrote most of this work and its thoughts before I found most of these clips.


To know Joy is to know pain and suffering. The symbolism of the cross. 

It was a pole actually.  I carried your yoke on my shoulders. It was then fixed to the pole !!   Irrelevant !  HIS DEATH WAS REAL HE LIVES !  !!  !!!



Cross or Stake? By HaRold Smith  

The entire cross, which weighed 300-400 pounds, or more, was simply too heavy for anyone to carry or drag any distance); the cross beam, with the condemned man attached, was then simply lifted up (as Yeshua spoke of before it happened. i.e. "even so must the Son of man be lifted up" John 3:14) and set into the notch or joint at the top of the upright post. Thus, it can be stated accurately either way - cross or stake.


Matthew 11:29  Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.

But aging and all kinds of illnesses, diseases, growing old, coping and being influenced by evil and deception, followed by death would be the result of living in a material world. Like Madonna's ? Not Quite ??? But materialism doesn't guarantee happiness. This is how and why we were born. Think of it! God the Father and Mother has all their spirit children, millions of them at a time, like sprouting seeds floating on the winds, traveling great distances and taking root everywhere.


To Know and Unlock the Secrets of Creation Just Look at Nature.


Scattering seeds on the breeze is nature's ways to ensure plants spread widely across the planet. All beings being born throughout the ages of man. Like leaving off to college, they have to navigate life, learn from it, grow and mature. I imagine and would like to think that some of us were preordained, and others predestined, had a choice as to when and where on the earth that we would be born into. If you had a choice what period of our history would you want to be born into? From their perspective with never experiencing physicality before, they couldn’t know what to expect! Like we can’t easily know what is ahead of us going back to there realm, our eternal home.

The crux commissa, shaped in the form of a capital T, was actually the commonly-used device used by the Romans for crucifixions. The upright post, which was notched at or into the top, was already in place. The executed man was tied and/or nailed (nailed through the wrists, not the hands which would not hold) to the cross-section (which was often carried to the place of crucifixion by the condemned man, as with Yeshua -

Page 28

WE LIVED WITH GOD <<< See...Meet John Lewis in this short clip...My name's John Lewis, formerly professor of planetary sciences at the University of Arizona, and before that, at MIT. And I'm a chemist basically. And I'm interested in the chemistry of the universe, especially the solar system where we live.  


The Creation  Russell M. Nelson  

President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints


"Phases of the Creation. Each phase of the Creation was well planned before. The Lord God, created all things spiritually, before they were naturally upon the face of the earth.”

"It is difficult for mortal minds to comprehend the majesty of the Creation. It is much easier for us to think about good things to eat or fun things to do. But I would like to stretch our minds to think of things beyond our easy grasp. The creation of man and woman was wondrous and great. So was the creation of the earth as their mortal dwelling place."

Did Aliens Terraform Earth, not God in Genesis? According to ancient astronaut theory Aliens Terraformed Earth NOT God in Genesis 1-3. See how I Bust Ancient astronaut theory, page 50.


The entire Creation was planned by God. A council in heaven was once convened in which we participated. There, our Heavenly Father announced His divine plan. The purpose of the plan is to provide opportunity for the spirit children of God to progress toward an eternal exaltation." 

But I think of all those before us. Not everyone premortally were sure about the plan coming here. The wishy washy may have entered as cavemen or entered the period of our dark ages.

Point is it all worked out and will continue to. No matter when we entered, we all go back to the start. Life is an Eternal Round. Just look at the clock, it's round. I spent three days looking at it. This clock going around and around and around, time is eternal. It has always been and always will be just like the bible says. Men of science try looking at it from this point of view going forward.


Some of them had a choice I bet some didn’t.  We live our earthly lives, then graduate and get a degree and die to return home to celebrate our homecoming. When we get back home, all memories and knowledge from our premortal past will return to us. It was hidden, veiled from us when we were born for many reasons…. mostly to test and challenge us. To figure it all out for ourselves here and now and throughout history. What do you think so far? Make sense? I agree! What a plan!

Got some thought on politics at 8:15 when nurse comes in to take my ivs out of my two wrists where Christ was nailed to the cross. But one was needed to stay in, in case of emergency, so which one should I take out?  I told the nurse take out the left one.

Right Is Right.


Coming Up Later Politics of an Enlightened People, Pages 63-68  

(11/7/18 Dems Get the House)

Home, 9 p.m. on the dot, I LOVE YOU the 3 Most Powerful Words in OUR Universe.

The Power Of Love  This is a must see fun and entertaining video.


Back to the future save Grandma ...a demo tape to the shark tank. This incredible experience all started with the Love My Family have for our Dad. When the Lord saw this work he hired me on the spot. Unfortunately the tape didn't get past producer screeners to the sharks.

So Sad, should it have been?

God works in mysterious ways through music.

These three songs come to my mind that proves God works in mysterious ways through music and art to inspire and keep his children happy. And he loves to dance just like my father does.  You Can open and play in background while reading.

 Number ONE  Turn turn turn, by the Birds,    I HAVE A PLAN FOR YOU

It’s straight out of ecclesiastes old testament. Ecclesiastes >>> 3:2 << To Everything There is a Season. The name Ecclesiastes is a translation of the Hebrew word qoheleth, which means “one who convenes an assembly” or simply a preacher “Ecclesiastes”). “Throughout this book, the writer presents a series of questions in search of the purpose of life. The purpose of mortality and discover with the writer that everyone will one day have to stand before God and be judged.”

Number TWO  Age of aquarius.  Song Clip On Astrology Page  SPIRIT LOVES CREATIVITY.


I and Michio Kaku are both brothers in this special sign. Sung by the 5th Dimension.

Think the writers were inspired? 


“Number THREE, Let there be light  (That Casts No SHADOW )

Spirits Dancing in the Flesh by Carlos (my dads name) Santana who through his music was a lifelong inspiration to me and is a very spiritual man. LOVE YOU CARLOS.

I hereby Proclaim, BIG BANG IS DEAD, GOD LIVES.

Page 29

But of all those before us, we all had the privilege to enter... NOW!

I believe misunderstood reincarnation may be an expression of this truth.

HOW LONG BEFORE YOU REINCARNATE ? Hindu Academy | Jay Lakhani. (any truth in this? Maybe ?)

You're Sleeping on my writings Spunky. Time to get down. I need to take a break too.


Friday 10:25  got an email from conservative intel do you support Brett Cavanaugh's supreme court nomination questionnaire? Of course, anyone not supporting him is anti good. Plenty of them around.


Some of them had a choice I bet some didn’t.  We live our earthly lives, then graduate and get a degree and die to return home to celebrate our homecoming. When we get back home, all memories and knowledge from our premortal past will return to us. It was hidden, veiled from us when we were born for many reasons…. mostly to test and challenge us. To figure it all out for ourselves here and now and throughout history. What do you think so far? Make sense? I agree!!! What a plan!


Friday at 11:12 Rang my buzzer, Roderic Rice, a muslim fixed my phone plug that fell out of the outlet. Blood pressure taken it was 109 over 68. 


1:13 Spirits dancing in the flesh all around me doing good works around the Clock. I witnessed it all first hand. Time to Change something in the catheter tubing. Three beeps warning. 


3:00 Coptic Orthodox.  Enter Tsige Hamilton to take blood work in 2 vials.

A similitude of the Blood of Christ leaving his body.


3:57 Roderick Rice needs to change IV bag. It was 9% solution. 4:13 We talked about caring for old parents he bears witness to that. They took care of us we take care of them. One eternal round.   


Enter Timothy at 8:30.  



I sound recorded his voice. Got some zzzsss. But hard to do in a hospital.  

He focuses mainly on reading the red. Always seek truth by going to the source

we both agreed. See his pic, what a great guy and a smile. 9:15 blood pressure

106 over 71. Then 91 over 60 at 9:49 then 87 / 60 I was concerned switched arms

blood pressure 110 over 69 perfect.  Right is right is right.


Lisinopril is the #1 bad drug and should be stopped taken ASAP, I stopped !!!  10/12/18 My blood pressure is 126 over 80 not taking any pharmaceutical drugs, all natural solutions available. NO SIDE EFFECTS!


Words of wisdom - how to quit smoking... Switch from tobacco to vaping, only in this way can it be done without gaining weight. Go cold turkey and you will get fatter. I gained 66 pounds that way.

Cigarettes with hundreds of cancer-causing ingredients is what kills you not nicotine.  

The positive effects of nicotine  Published: 11 January 2014


THIS IS FOR QUITTING CIGARETTES. Efforts to keep kids from starting vaping is wise.

Step 1 Replacing the bad stuff with only what the body needs or craves, nicotine which in and of itself is not that harmful, just addictive. (Patch) It also has application in alzheimer's. Decide on a timeline of

choice for quitting and stepping down doses or milligrams of nicotine  9 6 3 0 over length of time. 

3 days, 3 weeks, 3 months it doesn't matter choose smokeless vape plan and go from there.

Unfortunately the e-cigarette industry doesn't want them to stop. They want them addicted for life buying their product and that is where the true compassionate side of liberalism is right. But we all have free agency to kill ourselves if we want to. That was the plan from the get-go.


DON’T BE FOOLED ANYMORE!!  Do your HOMEWORK !!!. Step 2 and 3, take only 3, 6 or 9, puffs 3-9 times during your day. You can't do that with a lit cigarette. Stepping down dose ideally to three times a day this will satisfy cravings. Even if you don’t completely follow this routine, you will be far safer, healthier than sucking on THE CANCER CAUSING CIGARETTE with hundreds of crap chemicals in them. Plus save thousands of dollars and not smell like an ashtray.

Back to Science. Does this feel right to you so far? Joseph Smith postulated through personal revelation from God about Spirit Matter, what science now calls dark matter and energy that I call Thought Matter and Energy, dark meaning scientists just don’t know what it is. NOW THEY DO!!!


No nobody no how, can see T  (The Father) except through all the factually testimony of witnesses and faith in Jesus. Many will try to rip T Theory to shreds like the theorized big rip (not going to happen). Like Joseph Smith and the Church was savaged. That’s good, it means I’m on to something. I'm in GOOD COMPANY NOW. MOST WILL BELIEVE and expand the BIG BANG of their minds,


Others Believe but but may not ACT, a few will still not believe that God exists because it makes them accountable for their actions. So they may not want to put there hand into the side of Jesus, but it's highly more probable someone will prove it. 


And I DID!!! A High School Dropout Divorced 3 Times. Failed Math!  We have the key a mathematical answer from God the ONE who is many!!!


Timothy -
00:00 / 00:00
Page 30

Science, Spirituality, Sci Fi and God 


Page 31

“Spirit Matter” Author: Jensen, Jay E. Spirits are intelligent, self-existent, organized matter and are governed by eternal laws. Moreover, all living things had a pre-earthly spirit existence. Spirit matter is identified with intelligence or the light of truth. Joseph Smith taught that elements were not created or made, but can be organized into a spirit being.


This spirit, intelligence, or light has always existed, being coeternal with God. It can act and be acted upon; it can be organized, but it cannot be destroyed."


( This remarkable insight In the 1800s ? )  I was inspired and years later I would expand on those thoughts to offer a biblically correct interpretation into current understanding. 


Spirit Thought Energy Pre Matter Kingdoms, where being born of Heavenly Parents,

we could have had a part in creation and organization of pre planets and

all life forms on them before and after 5D to 4D Transfiguration. 


Maybe it went something like this?

Think of the Enterprise and Crew as a Metaphor for Spiritual Beings.

In these video clips Spock, (Jesus Christ) , gives up his life for his ship (all of mankind.)

Comes back to life and takes a voyage home back to the Father. 

The Genesis Device?  

How God and the Universe Was Born

Spock Dies Saving Ship and Crew.

Needs of the many Out way the Needs of The Few, or the One? 



COMES BACK TO LIFE and Satan's Fate is Sealed

The Crucifixion - Resurrection dooms Satan to Lake of Fire.

The Voyage Home

Back to Heavenly Father.


At 6:00 pm 10/6/18 on my read through At this page at this spot,

I got these Genesis / Roddenberry / Tesla Connections.

I believe that Rodenberry received TE that helped him develop a deep spiritual connection.

Original Star Trek Movies 6 !!!!!! + Generations (1) brought them together.


There were 3 Next Generation Movies + 3 Star Trek Movies.


"Star Trek: The Motion Picture" (1979)


"Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan" (1982)


"Star Trek III: The Search for Spock" (1984)


"Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home" (1986)


"Star Trek V: The Final Frontier" (1989)


"Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country" (1991)


Connection point >   "Star Trek VII: Generations" (1994)                            


"Star Trek VIII: First Contact" (1996)


"Star Trek IX: Insurrection" (1998)


"Star Trek X: Nemesis" (2002)


"Star Trek" (2009)


"Star Trek Into Darkness" (2013


"Star Trek Beyond" (2016)



6 +  3 + 3 =  ? + 1  I have to go get my calculator… lets see… 12+1=13

12 Apostle Witnesses with 1 Christ?

The Entire Series was Inspired to Roddenberry, writers, to Show The Plan of Salvation

Through The Symbolic Storylines and Numbers in Star Trek 1-3 (Genesis)


      TV SERIES 5  (5 D)


Star Trek September 8th, 1966

Star Trek Next Generation  September 28th, 1987

Star Trek Deep Space 9  January 3rd, 1993)


Star Trek Voyager  (January 16, 1995)


Star Trek Enterprise  (Summer of 2016)

I AM GOD!  The Mathematics !! We EXIST !!!

They Can Organize and Influence Anything.

Just Look at Some of The Real Crop Formation Signs. Page 52. It is like some form of

Spiritual Thought Energy Mind over Matter Manipulation and Control. 


Not Aliens with Fancy Technology. 

But it certainly could look like it without viewing through spiritual eyes.

Page 32

Science, God & Sci Fi is like a 3 sided coin,  I grew up on Tom Swift and Jules Verne. I looked up at my bookshelf and behold I find my only surviving Tom Swift Book of my youth !!!


Tom Swift and His Rocket Ship.  Uploaded 2 pics at 3:13 am. 

Guess what the books number was ?

Book Number to see!!!

"There is a fifth dimension, beyond that which is known to man. It is a dimension as vast as space, and as timeless as infinity. It is the middle ground between light and shadow, between science and superstition, and it lies between the pit of man's fears and the summit of his knowledge. This is the dimension of imagination, it is an area which we call, the Twilight Zone." Rod Serling


This is like real Twilight Zone Shit Happening Here...Check this out.

Total Versions = 6 + Twilight zone the movie + Revival 1985-1989 + Revival 

2002-2003  = 9

Twilight Zone Pilot One 1959 Unaired.

Season One  Version Two 1959-1960

Season One  Version Three 1960

Season Two  Version Four 1960-1961

Season Three Version Five 1961-1962

Season Four & Five Versions Six 1963-1964

Probably Coincidence.

Why Does God Let Bad Things Happen. How come God doesn't interfere? 

I was watching Star Trek Next Generation, having lunch break at 2:30-3:00 pm. 

Timed for ME to see at Times I do not plan and I seem to Be Ready to Record for showing as examples people can understand and analyze. The episode In this case was the Dilemma Picard (Heavenly Father) is faced with upholding this directive. The same as Gods. Why Bad Things Happen.

Here are 3 Thought Provoking Clips About 1. The Prime Directive

 (Free Agency Interference)

Picard and the Crew of the Enterprise have to uphold or break the prime directive in whether  to interfere and save a child and a dying Planet.  2. God is bound by that agreement we all made in being born on Earth but he does deliver messages... Data and the Singing Stone. 3. When we all came to earth we agreed to be veiled from our premortal existence. (DR Polasky wipes her memory)


So Tribulation Shit Happens but it's not All God's doing. But looking at it from the Lords perspective, not interfering, is because he knows our life is but a moment in our eternal timeline no matter how our lives turned out. We will all realize that when we pass over.


In The (NOT SO) Grand Design,

“Hawking explains that according to quantum theory, the cosmos does not have just a single existence or history, but rather that every possible history of the universe exists simultaneously. When applied to the universe as a whole, this idea calls into question the very notion of cause and effect. Hawking and the authors further explain that we ourselves are the product of quantum fluctuations in the very early universe, and show how quantum theory predicts the “multiverse”—the idea that ours is just one of many universes that appeared spontaneously out of nothing, each with different laws of nature.” 


There it is again Lord, You and you’re creation came from Nothing. 
NOTHING ! More Space Crap !!  Asteroid Coming... Repent !!!  


Give God His Props in the Science or he may not Change It’s Course !!


Stephen Hawking’s remarkable life. Hawking believes Climate Change is more Dangerous than Terrorism. On Unification "They conclude with M-theory, an explanation of the laws governing us and our universe.” They believe it to be the only viable candidate for a complete “theory of everything.” If confirmed, they write, “it will be the unified theory that Einstein was looking for, and the ultimate triumph of human reason.” 

​Misguided !!!  Flawed !! WRONG !  Tom Listened To Me ! HE Discovered IT !! Climate Change is Natural !!!  Terrorism is NOT !


And I Discovered it. Because I believe in God, Premortality, and Eternal Life and That View Without God in any form WAS unacceptable to me.


It is not at all comforting to the Millions and Billions (as Carl Sagan would say it)  of Believers in God.  It was not a triumph of human reason. Far from it. It’s atheistic. It is Not a theory of Everything! IT Does Not Explain ME !!

I can personally testify that God is not happy about it.

Truth about Climate Change / Global Warming. 

The buying and selling of CARBON CREDITS. Now the biggest freaking ponzi scheme of all time is being considered. ​Taxing the very air we breath. I will tell you the bottom line right now it is so important, Dicaprio and all Hollywood types, are jumping on the bandwagon of deception. You’re all being deceived that believe them. Yes there is climate change going on. But the lord is in charge. You can't alter that.

Some day we will all be toast when the sun turns into a red giant.

Normal Universal Law. As for now and the future 1000 years the earth will change.

It always has and alway will.  We have to adapt to it, not try and fix it. We can’t fix or change it. It’s a con. A long con. Only symbolically can it be fought, like everything that is Progressive and far left. Illusion and Deception designed to garner money and power over us under the pretext of world compassion. Pure Symbolism over Substance as Rush Limbaugh so precisely Coined it.

Take a break, have dinner... on the couch to watch some TV more nice shows I’m seeing lately, and commercials, to much evil and destruction is not cool in media not that it’s all bad but it just doesn’t invite the spirit in. That's why I turned everything off during my hospital stay and at home the next few weeks.

I recommend you do as well from time to time !!!.

Prime Directive
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Is Life On Earth a Simulation and we being controlled and unaware?

7:20 ish during the airing of (Mr Deeds,) I saw 3 commercials with 3 and 6 and 12 in that order….put the DVR in pause ….grabbed my tripod, with eye shooter smartphone holder and my G7 Samsung…got this; MR>DEEDS Adam Sandler at dinner break when watching tv and in the movie,  Now understand that all this is happening right after my pentecostal hospital experience after recognizing the Tesla 1,2,3 code and Genesis and New Testimate 3's encoding. I then start seeing the following;

#1..Scene. Guy lifts up 3 sticks of OLD Spice   Notice the 2 sets of dogs at opening scene?


#2 Rhapsody Queen a typical 30 ( 6 minutes is forever) (6 days) (6000 yrs) followed by this one…


#3 Bakers Dozen +1 = 13!!!   Am I going nuts? Seeing all this happening over and over all around me and like clock work? Is Elon Musk right were living in a simulation? No, but it could seem so from our perspective, not there's. Seems I know why and how these encoded signs are coming but not when.  I Have to keep on my toes, all the time. I believe there use of thought energy transmission, call it (spirit ESP, Mind inspiration and other forces of the mind are one in the same. There has to be spiritual beings via the holy spirit that have the power to influence in this case all the writers and producers guiding the smallest details. The same thing happened during New Testament times directed by Christ Himself. The gospels were not written by the apostles them selfs but by others. Jesus made sure of the accuracy in the inspiration to the gospel writers who actually wrote it all down. Or this is one hell of a coincidence. 

BE LIKE MR DEEDS. <<< Let My Love!  Open The Door !!   To Your Heart !!!

I hope this feeling stays with you in the name of Jesus Christ,  Amen. 

Or You can Do Bad Deeds and Say, “the Devil Made Me Do It”


Close Encounters of the THIRD KIND (The 5 Tones = 5 D) + T1


40 years after its release, Close Encounters of the Third Kind remains one of Steven Spielberg's most personal and acclaimed films.”  I have no doubt whatsoever that he was directly inspired by Heavenly Forces. Although fiction, there is much truth embedded throughout.

I and many others are experiencing it all FOR REAL. These embedded signs are going unnoticed by most but picked up by many like ME and those in the film being drawn to tones and imagery stuck in their heads and going to extremes trying to find the SOURCE of it all. Artists, musicians, writers, multimedia talent all creating there expressions of our inner instinct to know. 


I am seeings and recognizing inspired three's everywhere. <<< Clip from Astronaut Theory. Just substitute Aliens theory to Spiritual T Theory and it's all very credible. 

Trying to figure it all out and find answers. But what this really means is, there influence over everything, centuries of time and history through 5-6 D to 3-4 D SPACE and TIME IS;  Truly Astounding !!! and Breathtaking !!!!!! and Wonderous !!!!!!!!!!!!!


We are just an advanced breed of monkeys.

Throughout the years, Hawking has made many statements in opposition to religious beliefs. Here are a few”: “We are just an advanced breed of monkeys on a minor planet of a very average star. But we can understand the Universe.


That makes us something very special.” >>>* OH REALLY STEVEN, 

That makes Us SPECIAL ???


I respect you professor but no it does not. It totally proves you were  misguided by your own intelligence as an atheist. You really teed me off ! So I asked God.



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IS GOD, the most important premise in T Theory.

Yes the Recipe for Grand Unification !!  Include God in the Mix !!!


I Did Not Come From Monkeys, you did, if you believe Science and Science alone.

God didn’t create (organize spirit) into monkeys first just to have them evolve after being born into the physical realm !!!.  If so why are all types of monkeys still around?


Let’s ask this monkey >>> Are you going to turn into a human Mr Ape?

Well there you have it right from the mouth of a Monkey. Can’t argue with that answer a?


Albert had something to say about that, “The man of science is a poor philosopher”


The Big Bang is Theory not fact, IT'S BUSTED BIG TIME!!! BY GOD AND ME > But I do really Love the Show and it’s Opening Theme Song. Jim Parsons plays a genius and is one as an actor. So is T a matter of faith at this point? It will to many I’m sure, but, but, but, DUH if anyone doubts now!!!  


I was planning to send invitation to do a 3 part series where the guys led by Sheldon, Prove God Exists. He is encouraged by his Baptist Mother who shows him how to pray for guidance to solve a math problem!!! He gets a revelation when knocking on Penny's door

3 times as usual. The Lightbulb goes off in his head!!! 

3 = T  Reads Tesla code...All the Guys Join In to Prove It to The World!!! They all receive Nobel Peace Prizes. Bummer 2/13//19 Just heard series finally is already in the works. Oh Well. It would have been great. This is one of the moments I hope is happening on a parallel world somewhere.

WHAT DO YOU THINK AND IS T Theory more likely to be true based on this fresh new perspective that really does include everything? It’s so simple, ASK HIM. Just Like Joseph Did, He answered him in person. He answered me. (Read my Testimony) Find the Book! Read the Book !! Live the Book !!!. I found the Book of Mormon, Read and Lived it.  But to answer the question, Absolutely Positively YES YES and YES.


Science is wonderful and has been magnificent to observe and I have full faith in it.

But Science could not have observed anything before the (no) big bang or during the cosmic dark ages.


To postulate what happened during those ages and the cosmological chronology leading up to it, we need the Key (1,2, 3 ) to understanding and unlocking it. I have some problems with the science and explanations of what happened after the dark ages too. The creation of stars and galaxies and the elements. Star stuff as Carl Sagan coined it. What is all observable now and when the transformation actually happened is to be determined. It was pre baked so to speak..before transformation so the 14 billion year time frame needs correction too as it was calculated from a false extrapolation back to a singularity.

T theory is about thinking of the creation as a 3 step process, before during and after creation. It was the only way to figure it all out !!! Outside the Box!!! THIS Book of T Of Everything is not all mine, It’s HIS and Science + Religions + Governments and Politics too. Not Theory, REAL.  It is ALL of Us... Every Peoples. 

We are more than Stardust.!!!

1 eternal spirit matter and time within infinite void. Pre matter formed quantum binary intelligence that would develop into thought energy and the organization of spirit matter.

2 These Intelligences formed into the first spiritual beings who then went on to organize Galactic cosmic eggs and Spread them out to grow in this Pre Universersal Period with no speed limit. 

3 Let There Be Light transformed from 5 D into 4 D Space Time. The Transfiguration of that pre made universe to the Physical universe we see all around us born of intelligent design. This will have 5D Time Dilation to 4D space-time effects on our perspective of a 14 billion year old universe too. Before  I mentioned that it was possible for Young Earth and Old Earth therrist to both be right.

But if you use a little bit of Glue (God in the Math) You Can Understand Why. Unification #1 and # 2 existed as One Cosmic Egg. When Born Never to Be Re Unified Again #3  Humpty Dumpty.  

Mathematics is not one of my gifts. I’ll acquiesce to you fine men of Science... continue forward...with some of these ideas...if you do, just give some props to God, T in the math. Compliment / respect / credit to ME Tom Barrera, Author of T Theory if I, WE help in solving unification of all things that does indeed includes a creator designer Gods.

As far as the Lord is concerned, I solved Grand Unification, not the complete math picture, YET. That I need help with. Alberts words of wisdom from 5D.


That is all WE ask for.

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Hawking and followers blew up God in favor of a flawed theory to millions of people needing truth by saying, “We are each free to believe what we want, and it’s my view that the simplest explanation is; there is no God. No one created our universe, no one directs our fate. This leads me to a profound realization that there probably is no heaven and no afterlife either.”



”Well Stephen you now know the answer to the grand design. God be with you my friend.


How Does Science and Hawking Explain the Universe? Well, except NO GOD!

No intelligent design? Then there is the opposite positive side. We will find out together in this book of thoughts and all the knowledge available to anyone with computer access through our earthy god called Google / Internet Search.


First of all we haven't figured out or comprehended this universe let alone multiverses.


It’s a wild theory. Something from nothing? It immediately doesn’t make sense. Hawking goes on to say; “We have this reaction because, at the level that humans experience the universe, we see cause-and-effect. But cause-and-effect does not exist on the quantum level in the same way that we experience .”Hawking sums everything up by saying: “Spontaneous creation is the reason there is something rather than nothing, why the universe exists, why we exist. It is not necessary to invoke God to light the blue touch paper and set the universe going.” 


Yes it was professor ! by Divine Design !! You didn't listen to me !!!


I ask, is that type of thinking a scientific revolution? In this mechanical universe, there is no longer purpose? Screw that!!!  No accountability for tomorrow we die? WE ARE WORM FOOD!


He said “Time didn’t exist before the Big Bang. So there is no time for God to make the universe in.” Well looks like I am proving you wrong, what I originally started out to do. He said, ”It’s like asking directions to the edge of the earth; The Earth is a sphere; it doesn’t have an edge; so looking for it is a futile exercise.”  True but false premise. What if Hawking is misguided, not all his work by no means no, but some.? I believe he was.

A lot of others as well. Not my problem.

And that’s OK. That's How the Game of Science is Played…….


The natural question would be how was God made or created to go on to create the universe? The Chicken and the Egg again, remember. What if there was time? Notice in this Twilight Zone clip he talks about Time to read all the books he wants, but alas, he becomes like Saul who on the road to Damascus, could see, but was Blind, but after meeting Jesus he was Blind but he could See.


Don’t break your glasses. Tom Barrera   Speaking of Books…

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“How The Heavens Were Made”

a Parable by Tom Barrera, Inspired by Joseph Smith.


The Making of The Universe Can Be Likened To a Writer of a Book.


The author writes his down thoughts to paper.

At first in letters, words, sentences, in no order and with no meaning.

No Meaning    No Story Line.   No Completed Book


It doesn’t express the writer's ideas until more thoughts

come to mind and he writes those down.

With more thoughts and sentences he begins to organize them into a cohesive chapter.


The words begin to flow faster now as more chapters are written.

Finishing Touches added Expressing Feelings and Emotions of the Truth in the Words.

Soon the Book is Ready for Publishing.


The Book is Distributed Throughout the Kingdoms.

There is a new beginning but no end to the Books they Posses.
And the Story Being Written Will Never End. So is it with the Universe in the Heavens.


In Our Father's House Are Many Libraries

So Hawking deduced how could there to be a God before time, so he concluded there is no God and time had a beginning via a singularity. I find no fault in him, only his lack of asking more questions that could explain it all better. But he took us on one hec of a wheelchair ride didn’t he. That is how science works. Building upon great men of science building on itself. Space is infinite, so is time. What is the expression for that mathematically?


So emptiness and time could co exist in a total void, time being eternal with no beginning or end. The singularity then could represents the birth of embryonic cosmic eggs that could have formed in this void as God tells us in the Bible, before Let there be Light. I believe hawking to a point, and that point is not a singularity but spirit matter not bound by gravity, with no speed limits, could go on to grow like water droplets turning into snowflakes turning into stars and galaxies. 


God gave us some real clues in parable as to how the universe came to be.

 “The kingdom of heaven is like a mustard seed, which a man took and planted in his field.  Though it is the smallest of all seeds, yet when it grows,  it is the largest of garden plants and becomes a tree, so that the birds come perch in its branches.”


Not in an instant, but over TIME Premortally. Let's be clear, Hawking and science has not disproved the existence of God. There's plenty of religious proof but not accepted without more evidence. No one yet has proven HIM in a way as to convince. I'm pretty close, no I’m there, I solved it and it’s so simple to see all the 3’s everywhere as the key,

IN SCRIPTURES and Living History.  

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