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The Jesu Code 1+2=3

The Code Is 1+2=3


The Jesus Code Web Book

Page 1  This is My Story of The Writing of the Book of T And My Spiritual Contact from 5th dimensional sources. The Book and Reasons I wrote it.

Page 2  My Mission - Make Know and Show Plainly The Truth of All Things TOGETHER AS ONE. 


Page 3  Gods or Aliens   Would Proof of Aliens or Proof of God connects us all ?


Page 4  How I solved the Biggest Puzzle in the Universe. Unlocking Tesla code 1, 2, 3, 6, 9, 12.

Page 5  How and why I Developed T 3 Theory. 


Page 6  Going Up the Stairway to Heaven. <<< amazing roller coaster ride to heaven video. 

Science, God, Religion with Enlightened System of Governments Can Co-exist.  Exposing sources of all deception and how to recognize it. Why evil lives.

Page 7  Turning Darkness Into Knowledge  Let There be LIGHT  


Page 8  Astronomer Carl Sagan.  If God wanted to send us a message, and ancient writings were the only way he could think of doing it, he could have done a better job.” I did send YOU (the key)


Page 9   God DID Organize the Universe, So what came before the Big Bang? A No Bang?

TIME always Existed - OPEN YOUR MIND  The New Translated Genesis Chapter 1 T 3 Theory.


Page 10 Did We Evolve From Monkeys. Darwin's theory of evolution…Busted!!!

What came first chicken or the egg? Getting communication through SPACE and TIME during my stay at St Peter's Hospital.


Page 11  3 The Jesus Code - How Jesus Christ proves to the world he IS God. 

Page 12  Where Heaven and Hell is! According to T3 we know. God Is Real !! He does Love US !!! 

Page 13 Einstein said “I assert that the cosmic religious experience is the strongest noblest driving force behind scientific research.

Page 14 Proof of Transfiguration of the Spirit.  Shroud of Turin backs up T Theory

My Hospital Experience Continued…. 


Page 15  Information overload. Too many choices and internet... (Data streams 4 pieces of music at same time. My Similitude Experience Photos.  Has God stopped talking to his children?

Page 16 World War 3   Quantumly,  Spiritually,  Physically  Here on Earth and in Heaven. And that war is still going on NOW. The ultimate authority? 


Page 17 It is our destiny and drive to go back home like salmon do. How the trinity is explained. 


Page 18 Joseph Smith murdered by a mob (of so called christians) Words of Wisdom on quitting smoking, obesity, drugs. At 12  Mary called said, “I was prompted to call” My Dad facetime.

Page 19   How God Created the Universe in 6 days. What is T3 theory? What came before the Bang? Did the universe begin with a NO Bang?  

Page 20  The chronology of the universe is incomplete. Which came first, the universe or God?


Page 21  Singularity logic, retracing expansion backwards was wrongly extrapolated.

First day home from my 3 day metaphysical experience in hospital.

Page 22 Who am I? Where did I come From, Where am I going.  Remember the chicken or the egg? Which came first?


Page 23 Tesla Helped me CONNECT ALL the DOTS to solving the mystery of 3 The Jesus Code.

Selfless Love of Humanity Sets Tesla apart from Edison.

Page 24  The Secret and Sacred Numbers 1-3, 6 and 9. The Sacred 3 Code. 

Page 25 Grand Unification of Science, Spirituality, Sci Fi and God. 

"Super naturally occurring patterns in our Universe, The Powers of the Binary System. The Secret and Sacred Numbers 3, 6 and 9 unlocks the truth of all things.


Page 26   Final judgment. <<< See The Top 10 Most Evil Men of History Go Into a Black Hole. 

Where will you end up?  Everybody is not going to share the same afterlife domains. 


Page 27  THOUGHT ENERGY TRANSMISSION (Communication) (Prayer) ( Meditation.)

Scattering seeds on the breeze, natures way of propagating itself.


Page 28   Living Premortally. A MUST SEE HEART WARMER. The Power of Love.

Three songs come to my mind that proves God works in mysterious ways through music and art.


Page 29   Continued Hospital Care by people of all faiths and religions. Enter Timothy.


Page 30   Science, Spirituality Sci-Fi  and God  Real, fantasy, made up, ?


Page 31   The Genesis Device?  Spirit Matter and Thought Energy Creation.

The Wrath of Khan?  Spock DIES?  SHIP OUT OF DANGER. Then. Back To LIFE  Voyage Home…

Sound familiar?


Page 32   Star Trek's Prime Directive is the same as God's Free Agency Interference Law.


Page 33  Mr Deeds = Let God's Love Open the Door to Your Heart. 



Pages 34-57
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Gods or Aliens

 Who are the Real Extraterrestrials?

Page 34  The Big Bang Theory and Evolution, more and more scientific evidence for creation.


Page 35  Hawking and others blew up God in favor of a flawed theory. He said “Time didn’t exist before the Big Bang. So there is no time for God to make the universe in.” Absurd !!!

Page 36 “How The Heavens Were Made” a Parable by Tom Barrera, Inspired by Joseph Smith.

Page 37  GOD Proves HIS existence, a Being of Premortal Invisible Matter (at His Birth) 

In the beginning, was the infinite void of Darkness and Time. 

Page 38 Was God Born Before, During or After the Universe was born? The seeds of intelligent spirit beings were developed by them, programmed Celestial eggs. The first being the alpha and omega God the Father 1. 

Page 39  The Cosmic Background Radiation or echo is real. “Chapter 33: Appearing in Glory: The Transfiguration,” God is talking to us in MATH IN the Scriptures Our Movies, Music and Arts.

Page 40  More Space Crap !!! So the massive start of everything in the universe all happens in planck time*? Ridiculous! *See NASA Planck time chapter that mathematically lays out the chronology of the big bang in a trillionth of a trillionth of a second. More Space Crap !!!

Page 41 How Was God and the Universe made. Planting seeds of Cosmic eggs? 

Page 42  First day home. My dream, what unifies E= MC 2 with T3.   September 29 2018  

Solving the 1,2,3, 6, 9 Tesla Code? Tesla couldn't. I did. 

Page 43 Hindu tradition holds that all people have three eyes. Day 1 at home from the hospital, 

Page 44  Let there be light a third time...the beginning of more awareness,

Love Come Down (Live) -- North Point Night of Worship.  The Mormon Tabernacle Choir - World’s Largest Worldwide Virtual Chorus. Wonderful!

Page 45  The Plight of all Called of God. Evan almighty. You want me to build a whaaat?

An Ark ( Write A Book?)  People aren't going to believe me Lord, who cares?  

Page 46  “Imagination is more important than knowledge.Are Black Holes Where Galaxies are born? Ready for some form of transfiguration to our four-dimensional space time continuum after a time? No Big Bang. 

Page 47  Religions and Beliefs through the agesEggs and Emptiness  Several mythologies, including one developed in China. The Egyptian story of creation.  Indian story involves the god BrahmaGreece Zeus, ruler of the sky. The Japanese story of creation.


Page 48  A MUST READ for Understanding Islam. Scandinavia that the Germanic legendsIn Polynesian culture, mana is a spiritual quality considered to have supernatural origin. 

Page 49  The 3 Lily Pads, A Parable. 

Page 50  Is there life on other planets? Do they have a God who created them? Does planet Earth have a twin?  Albert Einstein, “Why should earth be the only planet supporting human life?” 

Page 51   Ancient Astronaut Theory - Who Are The Real Extraterrestrials? God's Messengers? 

Alien Beings - Spirits - Angels -  Spiritual Travel Phenomena. How do spiritual Beings Travel? 


Page 52  Crop Circles.  A FEW OF MY REAL SIGNS AND WONDERS ! !!  !!!  

Answers to the phenomena of crop circles.  TRUE and False Signs and Wonders.” 

Page 53   Proof of Jesus in the very first Hebrew word of the Bible. Absolutely amazing !!!

I was prompted to find this, Come Home To Me Israel. Got HIS Thought !!

Page 54  What do you think or believe the essence of Astrology is? I ask, How, When, Where, and Why We were Born into this Earthly World. Dots clues and piecing it all together like a puzzle.


Page 55  Does god speak to us through music?  5TH DIMENSION  Age Of Aquarius. 

Page 56  List of the top 100 Aquarians in addition to Myself and Michio Kaku.

Page 57  PREMORTALITY Take note of Chapter Numbers. This is Proof Of Pre Mortality in

1-3-6-9 Numerology. Confirms Our Heavenly Parents Knew US Before Being Physically Born.

The Jesus Code web Book Index Pages

The Jesus Code Web Book


Page 58  Understanding RIGHT FROM WRONG. Why does evil exist?

Page 59  Sermon on the Mount  Listen to what they say watch what they really do.

Page 60  The Afterlife. Do we all go to an Afterlife?  Do All roads lead there?  First Stop ?

The Unrepentant Scum of The Earth...HELL ?  Black Holes?


Page 61  Neil deGrasse Tyson finds no evidence for God’s existence. So his basic thesis and focus (at the time) was, God allows bad things to happen to us, so he doesn't exist.” The question of "Does God exist" has gripped humankind for centuries

Page 62  Why Does God Allow Bad Things to Happen?  See also page 34 Prime Directive. 

Life’s most challenging questions seem to be those that begin with the word why. “Why is life so hard?” “Why is there so much sorrow, hate, and unhappiness in the world?”

Page 63  The 1st Impeachment The premortal life battle that began when Lucifer, in a rebellion against God the Father and his Son Jesus Christ, sought to overthrow (impeach) them. 

Page 64  The Politics of an Enlightened People THOU SHALT NOT BEAR FALSE WITNESS.

Reasons For Polarity - Division - The War that Started in Heaven - Has been On Earth All Along.

Page 64 cont...The Perfect Failsafe voting System, The EVC CARD (EVERY VOTE COUNTS) Smart Chip SS Voter ID Card system will be a monumental step forward in a Godly Democracy.


Page 65  The Sheeples Prayer BAD POLITICS is my shepherd; 11/6/18 The Democratic Wolves In Sheep's Clothing Gets The House Back...Fun Fun Fun 2 more years of divided Government. 

Page 66   What are Elections 101 principles and how to get them into practice? An open invitation to all talk radio. How about a Presidency of 3.  So far ahead of its time it would be idiotic by many.

Page 67  Governmental Presidency of 3 Having a group of Quality Men and Women is not going to happen for a long time.   I’m usually 5-10-20 years ahead of my time in most things.

Page 68  Suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome. Election 101 principles.  “Rules for Radicals,  Projection: Accusing others of what you yourself do. Spotting Con artists and deception.

Page 69  Which Religion Faith or Church has Divine Authority to Teach his Children Truth?THOU SHALT NOT BEAR FALSE WITNESS  In Politics IN Government - EVERYTHING.

Page 70   Imagine you're a young boy wanting to know God. There were literally four churches, one on each corner of the Palmyra NY town square.  Imagine that. What do you do? Which one do you choose? How do you choose?

Page 71  The greatest gospel dispensation of all time was ushered in. ”With the appearance of the Father and the Son to the Prophet Joseph “Smith, in the early spring of 1820,

Page 72   It's Not the End. We are Experiencing the Beginning of the Second Coming. It brings us knowledge we all need for what's coming next. How can we all prepare?

Page 73  Check out day. Dr.Taggart to look at my staple stitches. The personality of the Father and his Only Begotten Son was again revealed that mankind may know them as they are” 

There are three degrees of Heavenly glorys awaiting us.  

Page 74  Day 3 Home writing, transcribing pages written in the Hospital. 2:00  Finally my catheter was removed and what relief. The Love Care that I received should be the model for our Health Care Services.

Page 75  What Really Killed the Dinosaurs?  The War in Now On Earth...


Page 76  “Something Wonderful Is Going To Happen” The Something Wonderful is...

Proof of God's Bible, Its Development and HIS Existence. 


Page 77  I Started getting queasy and disoriented, tired, dizzy weak, and felt bad. Last words of Jesus on the Cross. 

Page 78  I'm still a similitude off his experience. It's day 3 and our lord was resurrected this day.


Page 79  Set up a follow-up appointment with Dr. Taggart to remove my staples on all my incisions.

Page 80  Stock Market really tanking big time, worst month since 2008  Cat 3  hurricane wreaking havoc in Florida... The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away.  HURRICANE  MICHAEL 5 Dead. MICHAEL THE ARCHANGEL.   This Trinity of 3 Butterflies


Page 82  I HAVE and WILL PROVE to the WORLD I LIVE But.  Danger...Warning…...Danger. 

"In Search of Treasure" by Thomas S Monson

Page 83  Prophecy being fulfilled along with the earthquakes, tidal waves and Hurricanes. (Michael) But the boy who cried wolf (every disaster has someone saying “the end of the world”) is coming ...but this time it’s real, fits right into this similitude experience and warning but no end of the world YET though. 

Page 84 Santa Claus vs Jesus Christ, His Birthday was Not 12-25 but it was.....

Page 85  This Work is Ready for Publishing? Not Yet 10/13/18 OOH Man! Ok Lord what did I miss?

Page 86   God's View On Abortion? His Final Word on the Subject.

Page 87  The Symbolic Egg of All Life. How God and the Universe Was Born.

Page 88  Why Do Most Civilizations and LDS Christian Mormons Build Temples?

Page 89 One More Thing ! What's That? Show Our Temples and There Meaning !!


Page 90 The Second Temple I Went To In Washington DC. Today there are 315 temples that have been dedicated.


Page 91 My Third Visit to a Temple was Colorado  On a two part visit to see my new internet Mormon Friend Maryanne And My Son Who Lived in Colorado.

Page 92  Divine Time !! The Bell Tolls for Thee !!! My Dad Passes On .

Page 93  Closing Evidence for Proof of God and a Spiritual Existence. 

YOUR Mission to Make Know and Show Plainly The Truth of All Things TOGETHER AS One.  

Page 94  Top 10 Men and Women of Science.

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